Upstar 28 4K UHD Led Monitor Review: why choose this?

Choosing the right monitor is not easy, especially when you are looking for professional gaming or some work. Usually, people prefer electronics from renowned companies, only a  few people would take the risk and leap on to the unknown ones.

If you ask me, then I would say that any brand that offers the best features that fulfill your needs will be the best for you. There is no such thing as a brand when you are getting exactly what you need.

Upstair 28 4k UHD Led Monitor Review

So here we are trying to review a not-so-common electronics brand, which is Upstar. In this article, we intend to give a review of the Upstar 28 inches monitor (M280A1). So let us get started.

Upstar 28 inches monitor (M280A1).
Size:28 Inches
Response Time:5ms
Refresh Rate:60Hz
Ports:2 HDMI, Display Port, DVI
Warranty:3 Years


So the first thing that will define if this product is ideal for you or not. Then you must know all its features. So let us carry on.

Screen size

So it is a 28 inches screen. The monitor size matters a lot. Many people only consider the display quality, which is also a very significant feature. Still, at the same time, the size of the monitor will also decide if you would get that display quality or not.

For example, if you buy a 4k screen that comes in a 22 inches monitor, you might not be able to enjoy the 4k screen.

However, you get a medium-sized, 28 inches monitor in this case. 28 inches is not too big nor too small. You can easily adjust it for the necessary tasks such as gaming, and design. It is not too small that it will cause stress, nor too big to make it an expanded monitor. For many people, it will, fortunately, be an ideal monitor size.

We say that a 28 inches screen would be great because it comes with a 4k resolution. So according to experts a 27 to 28 inches screen will be fine for a 4k resolution. As in 4k resolution, everything would come comparatively small, and to make everything prominent, the screen size has to be average.

4k resolution

Who does not want to have a 4k resolution, as it is the most available for monitors? So anyone who is into professional tasks, such as designing and gaming would happily take the 4k screen.

When you would go to purchase 4k monitors from other brands you might need to pay a heavy amount for that. In this case, you can easily get a  budget-friendly 4k screen. Anyone who has just started his career, and cannot spend a lot of money should seriously consider it; otherwise, he might be missing out on a great opportunity.

In designing, you will not get to see the pixelated images, which would make it difficult to follow precision. Therefore, 4k resolution is necessary, this monitor would be fine. Then panning, editing or cropping will also not give you the worst type of results.

60Hz refresh rate

The higher the refresh rate, the easier it will be to study the details of every image or video. It will be a great option for those who cannot compromise on the quality of their work. Even though there are several options available in the market like 90Hz or 120Hz, it would still be safe to prefer it.

If you are a student or someone who wishes to have a monitor for his work, and studies. Or a mom who wants a good quality high refresh rate monitor for watching movies or seasons with her family, then it will be a fine choice for you.

If you connect it with your PC, it is a great voice. Usually, people think that they can go with a higher refresh rate for the easy workflow. However, it is not the case, especially when you are using a battery-powered device.

A higher refresh rate will make it extremely difficult to hold the battery for a longer period. So to make things work for you, we will recommend this monitor, when your intention is to get it connected with the PC.

5 ms response time

The 5 ms would be a great response time for anyone who is searching for a monitor for work especially. The beginner gamers can rely on it, but the professionals might not like the idea of a 5 ms response rate, however, it will still be a fine choice for them. If you are not an esports gamer, then the 5ms response rate is exactly what you need. Anything lower than that will make it difficult for you to comprehend data.

300 nits brightness

If you are habitual of working in bright light, you must choose a screen with higher brightness. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to see and work properly. Even though you can easily get a 500 nits PC too, in monitors you might not get this high range of brightness particularly in this price range, thus, it is the one you must choose if your need is to get a higher brightness monitor.

Necessary Display ports

You do not need to worry about connecting this monitor with any of your machines. It has two HDMI ports, which would make it an amazing choice for your games. Then it comes with a DVI port too, and a display port. All these ports make it a perfect choice for you.

Display ports


As it is a new brand; thus, many people do not trust it easily. So to make them realize that it is a reliable product they have come with this policy of three years warranty. If ever the monitor gets destroyed, and you do not have money to fix it. Then you can get a new one.

UHD display

Who does not want to have a monitor with an HD display? But what I will tell you is that this particular monitor is four times the HD display. Which means that it is four times better.

Colour accuracy

You won’t feel annoyed while using this monitor, as it has an sRGB that is up to 99 makes the monitor an ideal device for anyone who is searching for a monitor for editing and videography.

There is no way to give the best editing results if the monitor does not have a fantastic color display.

side view Upstar monitor

Complete guide

One thing which really impresses me is the complete menu. Most of the time, people end up feeling lost while purchasing a new brand. This time, it will not be the case. They give you a mini manual that has all the necessary details to set this monitor or get some good results.

Why should you buy it?

Now, once you have gone through all the features, it becomes evident that you know the reasons. However, if you are new to this field and want to know more, then the best way would be to read our reasons.

  • So the first reason, which has made us think that it can be a better choice is the price range, you do not get to pay a huge sum for the 4k monitor. Here you are not supposed to spend a lot of money.
  • The next thing would be the warranty. Luckily, you do not have to worry about the reliability of this monitor. It comes with a three years warranty.
  • Then it has all the necessary ports to make connectivity easier for you. One does not have to think much while buying it for several different purposes. You can connect it with whichever device you want.
  • It is ideal for editors and videographers. As the 28 inches screen would compliment the 4k display.
  • Then it comes with complete guidelines, you do not need to think twice or consult any expert. You can easily install it at home.
  • Then gamers, or anyone who wishes to use the sound system can easily rely on it, as it has some amazing speakers too. Making it a fantastic choice for anyone who is into sound editing with videography.
  • It is affordable too.
  • You can easily use it in bright light, no need to stress your eyes.

What is the dark side?

Some people might not find it a valuable device for a few reasons. Let us have a look at those as well.

  • The screen is very reflective and glossy. It makes working hard for those who need to focus while using the monitor.
  • The material is probably not good for those who have allergies because it smells pretty awful.
  • The built quality is not very reliable. So if you want a sturdy monitor, then it might not be the best option for you.
  • The power cable connection is also not up to the mark.

Final verdict

So, we would like to consider this Upstar M280A1 as a fine choice for intermediate-level gamers, housewives, students, and those learning graphic designing. It will be a bang for the bucks. You do not need to splurge and still get all the necessary features.

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