Samsung un65ru740dfxza vs. Samsung un65ru710dfxza: What’s the Difference?

We often get confused when it comes to selecting between different models of the same brands, considering the specs that could let us decide better. This happens whether it is a smartphone, tablet, or even a television.

Today, in this modern age of technology that whether it is a Monitor or a TV, we want all the resources present, and all of them must be updated according to the latest trends.

This article is about two such highlighted smart TVs, and by smart, we mean ones you can expect excellent image quality. These include Samsung un65ru740dfxza and Samsung un65ru710dfxza.

Samsung un65ru740dfxza vs. Samsung un65ru710dfxza

Note: Both have the same features and are exactly the same size; the only difference is the name of the model.

Samsung un65ru740dfxza VS. Samsung un65ru710dfxza: Comparison

Let us see the various aspects of these two smart yet popular types of smart TVs, which are 4k UHD TVs.

Samsung un65ru740dfxzaSamsung un65ru710dfxza
Preview:Samsung un65ru740dfxzaSamsung un65ru710dfxza
Resolution:3,840 x 2,1603,840 x 2,160
Motion Rate:120120
Speaker Type:2CH2CH
Ports:3 HDMI, 2 USB3 HDMI, 2 USB
Smart TV:YesYes


The display is the ultimate source of entertainment. If your TV provides a great quality display with the powerful support of contrast in the various colors, then it is a must to buy.

There are also other factors included when we talk about the display, which will be discussed in the sections ahead. The display for the Samsung un65ru740dfxza belongs to the UHD 7 series, which refers to the ultra HD display. Both have 65’’ screen sizes.

Similarly, the  Samsung un65ru710dfxza is the UHD 7 series. As these smart TVs are 4k which states that their pixel quality will be four times more than those in the HD views.


It is vital for people who want a particular style and look for their Smart TVs to have a design that will be able to be fitted into their viewing area, whether it is a room or a lounge.

People work through plans, and so do the brands. They specifically look for the required specs that the customer would love to see in their designs. The design for both of these models of Samsung inculcates New Edge technology.

The color for the RU740D is Italian grey, while it is charcoal black for the RU710D. The stand types are also variants for both. You can get a V-type center lower one for the RU740D and a simple one for RU710D.

Refresh Rate:

The power and rate of refreshing the pixels truly matter when it comes to having a screen for yourself that you will hardly change.

Smart TVs are one of these kinds. As a variety of channels and streaming is done on them, they need to have a good refresh rate.

Both have the same 60Hz refresh rate and the same 120 Motion Rate.


The resolution determines the overall strength of the images and videos that you will be enjoying on your TV. It has to be good enough to meet the quality standards of different programs.

The resolution for the Samsung un65ru740dfxza is 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is, however, similar to the Samsung un65ru710dfxza as well.

Using UHD picture processors, both the TV models promise superb views for their viewers.

Response time:

The response time helps in knowing the speed at which your frames and images will move, and your colors will gather to form a clearer image for you on the screens.

The response time for the Samsung un65ru710dfxza is 19.5 ms and is sometimes, as per the load, 7.7 ms which is quite good for performing the transitions so quickly.

On the other hand, it is a bit late for the Samsung un65ru740dfxza and is around 9.3 ms for the most cases and can exceed 21 ms as per the performance is concerned.


Both of the versions of these Smart TVs are well equipped with variety. The Samsung un65ru710dfxza has 2 USB and 3 HDMI connectivity ports available. It also supports the Ethernet facility.

It provides digital audio out source with an HDMI port for audio return channel support. The ports for the Samsung un65ru740dfxza are in a similarity to the model discussed above.

However, if we talk about the overall weight of the two models, then the un65ru710dfxza is 56.2 lbs, and the un65ru740dfxza is 61.7 lbs. So, you can look according to your requirements.

Extra Features:

Both the models come with power cable support and e-manual along with the user manual. The DTV tuner and digital broadcasting support are present in these models for you.

There is a mini wall mounting option or compatibility present with the Samsung un65ru710dfxza, while if you look at the Samsung un65ru710dfxza, you can perform wall mount to 400 x 400 VESA level.

Both have Quad-core processors with digitally cleaner views, and you can easily use the game mode, which is present as an auto-game mode in these TVs.


Price plays an important role in getting your target selection done easily. For people who want a smart TV but they desire it to come at a reasonable rate, then it gets very easy for them to get one.

The price for the Samsung un65ru710dfxza is around $784.72, and it is around $922.64. These prices are with respect to the latest records for 2022.

You can see here the noticeable price difference between the two designs available. It is up to your requirements for the quality that you desire in your Smart TV, ultimately leading you to select a model for yourself.

Final Words:

This article summons up two smart TVs which are very much similar when it comes to their resolution and graphics quality etc. However, from a video gaming perspective, you can consider ru710d as your favorite.

The two models vary in their prices and weight. The quality of display also differs as per the ratings are concerned. You can learn about them in detail through the article above.

If you look towards  ru710d, then the HDR peak brightness is not good. And if you look at the ru740d, then the response time is too poor. You can pick as per your needs.

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