Samsung q60a Vs. q70a: which one is better?

We might not know this, but we all are increasing our electricity bills due to a lack of awareness about screens. Our TV or PCs, be they a monitor or a laptop, come with various screens, and each type of screen consumes a different level of energy.

So if you wish to save your money, and cut down the electricity bill, then the best way would be to buy a QLED.

It is known for the energy saving quality, and one does not need to spend a lot of money on power with such smart screen qualities. However, at the same time, there are many companies manufacturing some of the best QLED screens and monitors. Samsung is one of them; most of the time, people complain that this plethora of QLED and other screen types have made it really hard for them to choose.

Samsung q60a Vs. q70a

So here we are with a review and comparison between the top seller Qled monitors of Samsung; the Q60a and Q70a.

Samsung Q60a QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung Q60a
  • Sizes: 32 , 50 , 55, 75 , 85
  • Panel Type: QLED
  • HDR Compatibility: HDR10, HDR10+, Hybrid Log Gamma
  • Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160
  • One Billion Color: Yes
  • Ports: 3x HDMI TYPE A, Coaxial F-Type (RF Antenna), 2x USB

Samsung Q70a QLED 4K Smart TV

Samsung Q70a
  • Sizes: 55 , 65 , 75 , 85
  • Panel Type: QLED
  • HDR Compatibility: HDR10, HDR10+, Hybrid Log Gamma
  • Resolution: 3,840 x 2,160
  • One Billion Color: Yes
  • Ports: 4x HDMI TYPE A, Coaxial F-Type (RF Antenna) , 2x USB
  • Variable Refresh Technology: FreeSync Premium Pro

As the surname of both these screens is the same, so you can easily understand that they are of the same kind, but still, there are a few significant differences.

So let us start the comparison. We will describe each of the screens with respect to their features so that you may get a better idea about each of them.


The first thing which will be very obvious and apparent about a TV is the design. Many people choose TV screens that go with their indoor decor. If you are among such people, then finding out the design difference between Samsung Q60A and Q70a is crucial.

To be honest, the Samsung Q60A and the Samsung Q70a are very stylish. However, on the Samsung Q60A screen, you will get two stands. They are a bit tilted and give a great look. But in the case of the Samsung q70a, the stand is a single base at the bottom center. It also has four supports, but these are not separated.

The durability of the stand matters the most for users who will not mount the TV. In this case, the Q70a might not get a 10/10 score, and its stand looks a bit cheap.

On the contrary, the Q60A stand is well-designed and furnished. Even though the base of the Q70A TV looks very reasonable and safe, the material is not up to the mark.

Both these screens are quite slim, and you do not need a lot of backspaces to put these screens in the living room.

Overall, if your choice depends on the slimness or design, then both are great. Only the stands are different.

Screen Resolution

How would you watch your favorite movie with intense scenes if the TV does not have a high resolution? OLED screens usually come with high-resolution thanks to the technology of OLED.

Let us see what you have here in this category by Samsung. So the first one, that is the Samsung Q70A TV comes with a 4k resolution; it is great for TVs because most of the TV content is created while keeping in view a high resolution like 4K. The 4k screen will help you get a clear image of the characters on the screen, even if you are sitting a few feet away from the TV.

The Q60A also has a 4k UHD screen, just like the Q70A. The best part about these screens is their 4k upscaling. Both these screens come with a 4k processor that would upscale any image being shown on your TV through artificial intelligence to 4k. Isn’t it a great opportunity for people who rely on TV shows for their daily activities?

You might be wondering then where the difference lies. We already told you that it is the same series, so there are very minute differences. Let us explore more.

Color gamut

The wider the color gamut, the better it will be because you will get to see more colors on your TV screen. Here both these screens fall in the category of wider color gamuts. They both have color gamut, but in comparison, the Q60A has a wider range and greater percentage.

It is 10% more than the Q70A, even though this is a very small and minimal difference, but still, if you cannot compromise even on this, then it is better to go for Q60A television.

Flicker or flicker free

Flickering on the screen, be it your TV or the monitor, is very annoying. No matter how good the resolution of HDR is, flickering can be the worst thing sometimes. Unfortunately, the Q70A TV is not a flicker-free screen, while the Q60A is a flicker-free TV.

Freesync or G-sync compatibility

Who does not want to play their favorite games on the big TV screens? Once we have bought the TV, the first thing that comes to our mind is playing our favorite games.

So here is some good news for all the gamers, the Q70A is both free sync and G-sync compatible. You can play all your favorite games on this TV; on the contrary, the Q60A is not up to the mark for that purpose; it will not support any GPU or gaming device with it.

Variable refresh rates

You might need to connect your TV to various devices. It will be a need at this time, but the Q60A does not support any type of variable refresh rate. On the other hand, the Q70A will be a great option for that purpose.

Total number of inputs

To connect your device to any of the TV, it is important first to check the number of input ports. In this case, the input ports are also different. For example, the Q60A comes with three HDMI ports, while the Q70A comes with four HDMI ports.

It is the only difference; all the other input ports are the same in numbers.


Next, one of the main features is brightness. Many people love to watch their TV shows in the dark, while some will prefer having them in their well-lighted living room.

What would you do if there is so much light in the room and the brightness level of the TV is not right? It will be a total loss of money.

The ideal brightness level for TV is higher than 400 nits, but the higher, the better. With regard to brightness, Q70A is better than Q60A. It has almost 560 nits brightness while the Q60A has a 400 nits brightness. It is a very minimal difference, not something to worry about, but still, you should know it before buying.


Now, after having a close look at both of these TV screens, it will be easier for you to choose. In our opinion, if you are a gamer, who would have his friends over to play various games, then the Q70A is the screen for you.

Then again, if you are searching for a screen for office or work, then the Q70A will be more efficient, as it has more inputs and can change the refresh rate whenever required.

On the other side, parents can have the Q60A TV, and it is ideal for regular home-related tasks and activities.

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