Samsung Odyssey G7 vs G9 Monitor: What’s the Difference?

Need reviews on monitors for gaming and want to know which will suit you more when talking about the Samsung Odyssey’s monitors?

Well, you are at the right place as this article is about two spectacular curved-shaped monitors that a big known company has come up with which is Samsung.

These include the Samsung Odyssey G9 and Odyssey G7 which will be compared in terms of their sizes, resolution, and display quality so that you can decide on better options for your use, especially if you are looking for some great gaming machines.

Let’s dive into the great qualities that these monitors exhibit.

Samsung Odyssey G7 vs G9 Monitor

What Are the Differences Between the G7 and G9 Monitors?

There are several major differences between the Samsung G9 and G7, including the size of their screens and the resolutions they support.

Samsung Odyssey G7

The price difference states that you can get G7 for under $660, and the G9 version is available in QLED, 120Hz style for under $850 and with 240Hzz at under $980.

Samsung Odyssey G9

G9 can also be purchased in Mini-LED style with 240Hz for Under $1,890. Both have variant ratings as G9 is with HDR1000 as compared to G7, which is at HDR600.

Samsung Odyssey G7Samsung Odyssey G9
preview:Samsung Odyssey G9Samsung Odyssey G7
Size:32, 27, 28 Inches49 Inches
Resolution:‎2560 x 1440p5120 x 1440p
Response Time:1ms1ms
Refresh Rate:240Hz, 144Hz120Hz , 240hz
Panel Type:SVASVA
Brightness nits:Up to 320 – 600 nitsUp to 420 – 1,000 nits
Ports:DisplayPort 1.4 , HDMI 2.0 , 3.5mm Headphone Output , USB 3.0 PortDisplayPort 1.4 , HDMI 2.0 , 3.5mm Headphone Output , USB 3.0 Port


While discussing the differences between these two Samsung Odyssey’s the design comes at an initial place as they are pretty opposite in terms of design each other.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Up Down

The Samsung Odyssey G7 consists of the dark black color of the plastic which is at the back covered with the black shaded triangle openings that are tiny. On the other hand, G9 is made of plastic-coated in white color that is stuck to the back.

Samsung Odyssey G9

To keep these amazing monitors, you need a wide desk space which has to be deep so that they can set properly and the viewing angles are adjusted well.


Screen size becomes a very crucial factor to know before a monitor is bought. It has to be based upon your use and needs with the screen.

As gamers would need a big and HD quality view while a worker at home may or may not need a bigger screen and can work in a small setup.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Size
Samsung Odyssey G7 Back side

Samsung Odyssey G7 screen sizes are 32, 27 & 28 inches which as compared to the G9 is really less. The size of the G9 monitor is 49 inches. This size is what we can say equals bringing two 27 inches of monitors close together.


Resolution determines the sharpness and image quality that you can get on the monitor’s screen and plays a major role in the display features as a whole.

There is a resolution difference between these two monitors. This is primarily because of the change in their screen sizes.

The resolution of the Samsung Odyssey G7 is 2560×1440 and for the Samsung Odyssey G9, it is 5120×1440 with both having vertical alignment set for their pixel types.

G7 can be purchased in both 27 and 32 inches with a 16:9 aspect ratio while the G9 is supporting an aspect ratio of 32:9, defining differences.

Refresh Rate:

The speed or rate at which the screen resolution is activated or refreshed for bringing clarity to the view and moving frames on the screen whether in the forms of images or videos is what the refresh rate works in.

It is very important to know that the screen will not be at fault often and is continuously refreshing at a rate it’s been built upon.

The G7 has a refresh rate of 120Hz while it can go more in case of its maximum strength which is 240Hz in certain cases. The refresh rate of G9 is an absolute 240Hz.

Response Time:

There is no basic difference underlying when it comes to the response time of these two monitors. They both have 1ms of response time due to which the events are performed well and smooth enough on the monitors.

The native contrast ratio for the Samsung Odyssey G7 is 3,912: 1 while it is 2,866: 1 for the Samsung Odyssey G9. Despite the fact that the response time is the same for these two monitors they are not equally good when it comes to brightness.

The minimum brightness for the G9 is 46 cd/m² and for the G7 is 62 cd/m², respectively.

Panel Type:

Panel types help in producing image quality and ensure needed contrast and depth in them. Both of these monitors work on two different panel types in this regard.

Samsung Odyssey G7
Samsung Odyssey G9 Front view

The panel type for Samsung Odyssey G7 is VA or vertical alignment a sort of LED display. On the contrary, the panel type for the Samsung Odyssey G9 is SVA or super viewing angles included as a sort of VA panel type.

The SVA gives better and clear viewing angles for the stuff we see on the screen as compared to the VA panel types. Both help in bringing the best images.

Brightness Level:

The brightness level for the Samsung Odyssey G9 is rated better than the Samsung Odyssey G7 keeping in view of both the SDR (Static dynamic range video) and HDR (High dynamic range).

It is 9/10 in SDR quality and 8.6/10 in HDR one. The brightness level of the Samsung Odyssey G7 is near to these being 8 and 6.8 as mentioned in both categories.

The real scene brightness level is 785 cd/m² for the G9 in SDR brightness and is 794 cd/m² for HDR. The HDR 1000 in G9 and HDR 600 in G7 help in ensuring realistic looks and brightening effects.


Ports help in providing needed extensions to connect multiple devices for carrying out various tasks at any place and any time easily.

The ports present in the monitors help in ensuring a smooth transfer of data and allow data-sharing at a large scale. Both of the monitors have a display port in them.

Samsung Odyssey G7 Ports

The G7 has one headset/audio port with 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 port with power. It allows 1 network port of RJ-45 and HDMI port support.

Samsung Odyssey G9 Ports

The Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 consists of 1 HDMI port of 2.0 which can work under 144 Hz of refresh rate easily.

Which One Is Better for Gaming?

Both of the monitors are useful for playing games with their beautifully designed structures and build qualities. The difference in resolution and screen size, however, makes G9 more demanding.

With NVIDIA G-SYNC and Free sync capabilities, the G9 is a powerful gaming machine. Bugs have also been detected in its VRR, providing low input lag.

The G7 is a good gaming monitor and can be really a source of entertainment if you like to play in the dark as it helps in showing deep black themes.

It provides an immensely needed response time with a balanced contrasting ratio, making it more reliable.


The two monitors Samsung Odyssey G7 and G9 are discussed in detail in this article while putting in comparison of their major attributes to know the quality and use.

If you are considering them for gaming you can opt for any of these however, it depends on the viewing angles, price, and ports that you could differentiate them from.

The G9 can get brighter for you with the ability to show more uniform and deep black contrasts. G7 however is helpful in terms of handling motions because of its fast response rates.

You can decide on your needs and targets.

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