8 Best Monitors for Eye Strain in 2024

Although virtual working is inevitable, it can be detrimental to vision. It is because pervasive work timings and low-quality displays are potentially evil for the user’s eye. So, eye care monitors are the only left option to resolve this hassle. The best monitors for eye strain are widespread. A lot of renowned labels are working on upgrading the eye-safe display. However, there is always room for improvement.

Here is the thing, with lots of eye care monitors, it won’t be easy to choose the most phenomenal one. But we will help you with it. In this article, you’ll explore the most extraordinary monitors for eye strain   Scroll down to find out more. The details are mentioned next.

What is an Eye Care Monitor?

An eye care monitor is well-built to reduce eye strain. In case of prolonged screen exposure, these specially designed displays will cater to better eye health. Not only that, but they also alleviate the chance of CVS, i.e., computer vision syndrome. The blue light from the screen is the definite cause of eye fatigue; thus, the eye care monitor contains in-built filters to cut off blue radiation. As a result, it relieves headaches, insomnia, and eye damage. An eye care monitor is essential in the current world as we spend considerable time with the monitor screen. Hence, it is benefitting the vision too.

How Does It Work?

The eye care monitor works by filtering the harmful blue light tradition. Thus, the monitor setup has a specific filter mode. Users can adjust the light filtration mode just by the on/off option. Moreover, some monitors have a night light option to diminish the blue light effects. Users can also modulate the filter up to desirable levels, depending on how warm they want it.

Furthermore, the eye care monitor does eliminate the flickering screen wholly. This way, the user will perceive a precise image with zero glare rate. Also, the light sensors within eye care monitors provide automatic display brightness.

Why Should You Use An Eye Care Monitor?

The prime reason to use an eye care monitor is to have a comfortable working experience. Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, your exposure to the display monitors is beyond recall. And it won’t be vain to consider your vision conditions while working or staring at the display. The unhealthy and unprotected screen time is imposing severe computer vision syndromes.

On that account, eye care monitors are reliable to cope with vision disorders. These high-performance displays cause less stress on the eyes and won’t damage the retina lining. Furthermore, they also have a well-built blue light filter mode that is ideal for eye protection.

What Are The Benefits Of Using An Eye Care Monitor?

Eyecare monitors come with a plethora of benefits. Everything is available in just one display, from less eye fatigue to a softer image appearance. Begin with the blue light blockage, and this feature will filter the harmful flashing lights and give a warm presentation instead. Moreover, the anti-glare technology is ideal for upkeeping the image crisp. With the less-flicker display, the eyes won’t bear much pressure, and ultimately there will be less or no eye strain.

Additionally, if someone has more prolonged exposure to the monitor screen, these monitors will halt the possible eye distress. As a result, eye care monitors are the best monitors for eye comfort.

What is Blue Light Filter Mode in Monitor?

Any monitor with blue light filter mode is meant for lowering the blue light out of the display. It makes the image more vibrant and smoother when we view that. In addition, this filter mode alters the harsh blue light into comfortable viewing signals.

Consequently, the image will ultimately be warm and comfortable. The primary function of the blue light filter is to sift any unpleasant blue radiation. This filter mode isn’t only in the eye care monitors and iPads, iPhones, and smartphones.

Top 9 the Best Monitors for Eye Strain

The best monitors for eye strain are as follows. These monitors come with high-quality vision and image crispiness. If you’re going to upgrade your display or get a new monitor with eye care features, check the below-enlisted monitor. We have tested these products in person. You should thoroughly go over these monitors and choose what suits you best. Spare a minute and read out the description.

1.  BenQ GW2480 24 Inch IPS Monitor

BenQ GW2480 24 Inch IPS Monitor


Brand: BenQ | Size: 23.8 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Response Time: 8ms – 5ms(GtG) | Brightness: 250 nits | Ports: HDMI , DisplayPort , VGA Inputs | Eye Care Feature: Yes


  • Ultra-slim bezel
  • Built-in speakers
  • Zero flickering
  • Wide viewing angles


  • It can be too bright sometimes
  • No free syncing

Prolong use of the monitor screen isn’t safe for you. Why not go for a better monitor display aided with eye care features? For that, it is better to opt for BenQ IPS Monitor. It comes with a 24-inch screen. The ultra-wide display provides an in-depth image, even the minute detail.

Moreover, the 1080p resolution gives off more crispness to the pictorial display. So, we heard about the high-performance BenQ and its A1 quality and decided to test this monitor. Speaking of the monitor, we still aren’t over it. The remarkable design plus anti-glare display makes it a perfect choice for gaming, programming, and personal use.

First, the ultra-thin bezel offers an attractive finish and a full-fledged image view. It comes with audio speakers, so you won’t have to buy a new one. Further, it has a 60hz refresh rate and is hence highly responsive.

Secondly comes the eye care features, making you use them for a longer tenure. This monitor consists of zero-flickering technology that exhibits a clear image. In addition, the automated brightness intelligence will cater to lowering blue light effects and giving a more comfortable view.

Finally is the connectivity system of this monitor. The cords are in-built with a tangled-free pattern. However, they are arranged well inside the display strain. Consequently, if you’re looking for an eye-safe display, get this monitor without a second thought. We will 100% recommend it for the users having extended screen time.

2.  BenQ MOBIUZ EX3210U Monitor

BenQ MOBIUZ EX3210U Monitor


Brand: BenQ | Size: 31.5 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: Upto 600 nits | Ports: DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.1, and USB 3.0 ports | Eye Care Feature: Yes


  • Highly responsive
  • Eye care mode
  • Appealing display design
  • Free syncing technology


  • A little bit pricey
  • Continuous input lag

A feature-rich monitor display is none other than BenQ MOBIUZ EX3210. This monitor is ideal for your setup from eye protection mode to Ai-powered noise canceling. The while color display gives an appealing outlook. In addition, its 4K authentic HDMI port is significant for cross-connection. When we came to know about this monitor, we doubted its quality. However, we found it an incredible piece of tech during our testing period.

Begin with the response time; 1ms is quick to maneuver the applications or program. Also, the HDR 10 is great for smooth image display. Its 144hz refresh rate updates the screen instantly, fair enough for competitive gameplay.

Then comes the super-wide 31.5-inch screen. It delivers a detailed and precise image with warm-toned color. The anti-glare surface will halt the distortion in the display. Additionally, to diminish the ghosting, AMD Free sync is available too.

As a result, choosing a safe eye monitor packed with dynamic speakers, light tuner, and connectivity ports won’t be vain. As per our testing, we suggest you pick this remote control UHD monitor for smooth gameplay plus working.

3.  ASUS VL279HE Eye Care Monitor

ASUS VL279HE Eye Care Monitor


Brand: Asus | Size: 27 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 75 Hz | Response Time: 5 ms | Brightness: Upto 250 nits | Ports: HDMI 1.4 , D-Sub | Eye Care Feature: Yes


  • Frameless display
  • Matte coating with zero-flicker
  • Blacklight motion sync
  • IPS technology


  • Low-quality finishing
  • Not highly durable

We can’t snub the use of monitor systems in our routine. Whether you’re using it for work or fun activity, it is impactful. The human eye remains at stake during extended exposure to the screen. Any vision saves monitor will be an ideal choice indeed. On that account, ASUS VL279HE is meant explicitly for eye care. Since we have tested this monitor for a considerable time, we honestly love it.

Firstly, the most fantastic feature of this ASUS is the stunning image display. Its 178° ultra-wide viewing angle caters to a multi-directional view. Further, the Free sync technology provides a stable, smooth display with zero ghosting and tearing.

Secondly, it will be a phenomenal monitor in the gaming setup. The frameless display is another indelible feature. Also, the screen resolution is almost 1080p, which exhibits robust signals. This monitor is optimal to use when you’re in touch with the screen for a long time. It has a blue light filtering mode that casts a soft and comfortable image.

Lastly, the zero-flicker technology is exceptionally significant for a smooth viewing experience. We have tested this product in person, so a 27-inch screen with eye care mode isn’t bad for gaming and programming.

4.  BenQ EW3280U 32 inch 4K Monitor

BenQ EW3280U 32 inch 4K Monitor


Brand: BenQ | Size: 32 Inches | Resolution: 3841 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Response Time: 5 ms | Brightness: Upto 400 nits | Ports: HDMI 2.0 , DisplayPort , a USB Type-C | Eye Care Feature: Yes


  • Highly sharp image
  • Free sync along with Nividia Gsync
  • High-quality built-in speakers
  • Attractive IPS display


  • No adjustable height stands
  • Resolution isn’t good enough

Are you searching for a reliable monitor display that comes off a well-named label? BenQ EW3280U might be the one you’re finding out. This 32-inch monitor has a duly widescreen and 4K true UHD. Its eye care technology is top-notch, giving a smooth and sharp image. We also used this monitor for testing its efficiency.

Consequently, to our surprise, it befits the performance criterion proficiently.  About the features of BenQ EW, there is a lot to discuss. First off, it has an integrated speaker system with a 5-watt subwoofer. For the quality audio experience, there are different custom audio options available.

Afterward, the connectivity ports include USB-C, DisplayPort, and HDMI to connect the monitor through various devices. It also contains proprietary HDRi control that keeps the image sharp and crisp. The automated brightness intelligence manages the color refinement for a better viewing experience.

This monitor has Free sync technology preventing the wear and tear of the image signal. The IPS panel with sleek design is attractive too. We will highly recommend this product for its multimedia display.

5.  ASUS ProArt PA329C Monitor

ASUS ProArt PA329C Monitor


Brand: ASUS | Size: 32 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 65 Hz | Response Time: 5 ms | Brightness: Upto 600 nits | Ports: HDMI , DisplayPort ,USB-C | Eye Care Feature: Yes


  • 100% sRGB color reproduction
  • Fairly bright screen
  • Extraordinary Image quality
  • Good color accuracy


  • it May have dead pixels
  • Dim IPS panel glow

Do you want a multi-purpose monitor that is safer for vision? You have hit it right. ASUS ProArt PA329C covers all edges of a top-grade monitor. The 32 inches ultra-wide screen offers a wholesome view of the image.

You could use it for gaming, programming, and editing. It has a 4K accurate UHD display with a 2160p resolution. Moreover, the HDR10 media profile induces special effects on the video signal. Following our testing results, you will love this high-performance eye care monitor.

Besides, this monitor comes with a height adjusting stand that is flexible. The ergonomic tilt and swivel support the monitor rotation at a large angle. You can connect this monitor through various devices like Macs and PCs with the USB-C port. Additionally, it also has HDMI and DP for instant data transportation.

Then, the brightness level is quite good as it offers a 90% color gamut. In addition, it has high color fidelity with uniform hue compensation. Hence, if you want to experience gameplay and application processing, ASUS fits the criteria.

6.  Philips 276E8VJSB Monitor

Philips 276E8VJSB Monitor


Brand: Philips | Size: 27 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: Upto 600 nits | Ports: HDMI 2.0 , DP 1.2, 3.5mm audio output | Eye Care Feature: Less eye fatigue


  • 1 billion color collection
  • Anti-glare
  • 4K UHD clarity
  • HDMI – ready monitor


  • Not VESA compatible
  • No free sync technology

Regarding top-quality eye save monitors, Philips 276E8VJSB is second to none. It comes with breathtaking tech features. First, the 27-inch monitor display includes over 1 billion color collections. The low blue mode keeps the image warm and soft. As soon as we heard of it, we decided to give it a go.

The 4K UHD monitor consists of dual DisplayPort, i.e., HDMI 2.0 for quick data transmission. It gives a crystal-clear image due to zero-flickering. Moreover, the screen surface has a hard anti-glare coating. Given that, there will be no image tearing.

Another fantastic feature of this monitor is the 4 years warranty. In case of a mishap, you can replace it easily. For that, you will be free from the hassle of repairing it repeatedly.

In short, the ultra-clear display delivers a super-wide view of the image. Buy a Philips monitor having a slim, narrow border, which is also great for lounge decor.

7.  Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24-Inch Monitor

Dell UltraSharp U2412M 24-Inch Monitor


Brand: Dell | Size: 24 Inches | Resolution: 1920×1200 | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: Upto 600 nits | Ports: DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.1, and USB 3.0 ports


  • High-quality adjustable stand
  • Durable
  • Good screen aspect ratio
  • Excellent Viewing angles


  • No HDMI ports
  • No in-built speakers

Out of all highly lit monitors, the Dell ultrasharp U2412M is above al . Begin with the screen size, which is wide enough for exhibiting a broad and detailed image. The 60hz refresh rate won’t only update the screen input but also prevents the monitor lag. Just to check out whether the hype regarding Dell ultrasharp is real or not, we tested this for a good time. Apart from the testing results, we are nuts about the image quality plus eye safety technology.

Firstly, the screen resolution is up-to-the-mark. Also, the screen aspect ratio,16:10, is high enough to give off a sharp image. This monitor also has wide viewing angles so that the display won’t distort due to rotation.

Secondly, the massive color collection, i.e., 16.78 million, provides a vibrant and bright image. It has an almost 8ms response time; thus, the monitor responds in no time. There are DVI-D, VGA, and USB connectivity ports for making connections with other devices.

The monitor comes with a swivel and easy-tilt arm. Along with that, a height-adjustable stand offers an adjustable rotating angle. On a final note, you should try this elegant flat screen monitor for professional working.

8.  ViewSonic XG3220 4K Monitor

ViewSonic XG3220 4K Monitor


Brand: ViewSonic | Size: 32 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Response Time: 9.5 ms | Brightness: Upto 250 nits | Ports: HDMI 2.0 , DisplayPort , a USB Inputs | Eye Care Feature: Yes


  • Less input lags
  • AMD free sync
  • HDMI & Display ports
  • Have audio speakers


  • No KVM built
  • The stand isn’t perfect

In the regime of gaming monitors, ViewSonic XG3220 is a prominent name. The ultra-wide 32-inch screen offers a very detailed image. Along with Free sync technology, the display is free from input lags. It has a 60hz refresh rate, which updates the screen every second. When we tested this monitor, the response plus image quality dropped our jaw. It includes a lot of incredible features.

As a cherry on top, the eye care mode is another optimal feature of this monitor. The blue light filter sieves out the harmful screen radiation, giving a protected image view. Thus, it makes the image pleasant to view. Moreover, the 4K UHD creates a clear picture of input signals.

This monitor is solely related to high-range gaming. You can have a quick view of the battlefield with HDR10 content. Additionally, the color accuracy is something you’ll love a lot. Because it has advanced matte coating on the screen surface, enabling high contrast ratio.

At last, the ViewSonic monitor is an excellent pick for gameplay. It has rich connectivity options like USB, DP for laptops, PCs, and even PS4. Hence, if you want to enjoy gaming combat with less eye strain, this monitor is the best choice for sure.

9.  LG 27UK500-B UHD monitor

LG 27UK500-B UHD monitor


Brand: LG | Size: 27 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Response Time: 5 ms | Brightness: Upto 300 nits | Ports: HDMI 2.0 , DisplayPort 1.4 , 3.5mm jack


  • HDR 10 monitor
  • Cost-effective
  • Great viewing angles
  • Wall mountable


  • Not durable
  • No in-built speakers

Another incredible display with eye care technology is the only one, i.e., LG 27UK500-B monitor. It has a 27inch widescreen for extended image display. On the other hand, the 60hz update rate makes it super-fast in the processing operation. Its onscreen control offers a widespread image configuration.

We have also tested this product and find it outstanding. The most exceptional feature of this monitor is the IPS display which enlightens the back display, i.e., LED. In addition, the screen offers an sRGB 98% color gamut. As a result, you’ll experience a warmer and more comfortable image view.

Furthermore, the Free sync technology provides a smooth signal display. Aided with AMD features, it won’t tear off the image, i.e., no dead pixel. Something significant regarding this monitor is that you can mount it over the wall. The easy-to-set display is VESA mount compatible too.

Aside from the image quality, the connectivity ports are also worthwhile. It has HDMI and DP for quick transfer of information. Thus, it will be an incredible choice for fun play and professional work.


In concluding the discussion, eye care monitors are the best option for prolonged screen time. They are highly effective in reducing eye pressure caused by the constant screen strain. Meanwhile, the blue light reduction is the most appealing characteristic of these monitors. Whether office work or assignment preparation, eye care monitors will work by far, causing less eye strain. Since they are packed with eye-saving features, they’re in high demand.

Following that, many PC production hubs are sparing no effort to create high-performance eye care monitors. Some of which have been listed above.


How long does eye strain last?

Eye strain doesn’t hold long enough. It alleviates almost an hour of screen interaction. However, it entirely depends on the eye condition. The eye strain will probably last longer if the screen starring tenure increases over the average period. Usually, it blows over with some self-care steps, including 20 minutes break, frequent eye blinking, and adjusting blue filter mode.

Our eye care monitors are worth it.

Of course, they are worthwhile. Eyecare monitors won’t only be specific for eyes but also display a crystal-clear image aided with warm color. These monitors consist of a differentially curved screen, making the image more accurate and brighter. On the other hand, they also have an automatic blue light filtering feature designed to lower eye strain.

Does eye care mode work?

Yes. Eye care mode has remarkable effects on users with long screen time. Any monitor with blue light filter mode will efficiently drop the blue radiation. Further, they provide more excellent eye protection than the typical PC display. These monitors are designed to offer warm toned image. The eye save monitors provides a dark theme for relaxing the pupils.

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