12 Best Monitors for DOTA 2 in 2024

DOTA is a MOBA game, which means there is a lot of movement involved in the gameplay. Thus, that is where the smoothness and crisp visuals affect your gameplay.

In this article, we wish to provide you the precise information on the top products we found on the basis of our personal experience, customer feedback on various sites, and expert analysis of thousands of monitors.

This guide includes a list of the best Monitors for DOTA 2. We are sure that you will find the one that suits your needs. These monitors stand up to the recommended features. However, each of the monitors varies significantly in price.

Read along with each product’s descriptions and pros and cons to understand whether it matches your requirement and budget. Let’s begin.

Top Monitors for Dota 2

There are a variety of monitors available for use with Dota 2, so it is essential to choose one that is comfortable and meets your specific needs. Some quick factors to consider when selecting a monitor for Dota 2 include the screen size, resolution, refresh rate, input options, and features.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional player, here are some of the best gaming monitors for Dota 2.

1. Acer Gaming G-SYNC Monitor (XFA240)

Acer Gaming G-SYNC Monitor (XFA240)


Brand: Acer | Size: 24 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 75 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 350 nits | Ports: DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, DVI , 3.5mm audio input


  • 144 Hz refresh rate
  • 4K wide display
  • Easily adjustable screen
  • Value for money


  • With low Pixel Density

We initially had low expectations for this monitor due to its relatively lower price, but we were utterly surprised by its performance and viewing experience. It is a 24 inches full HD (1920×1080) with a 16:9 widescreen display. Its most significant selling point is its 144 Hz refresh rate which can be used using display port I, and with a 1ms response time, it c port can do wonders for your gaming experience.

Once you start gaming at 144 Hz, there is no going back. Users can tilt the monitor screen to their preferred angle. But its Led power light can be a little bothersome. You have to change some settings to bump it to 144 Hz because the standard settings are only for 75 Hz. If you have a limited budget, then it’s the best budget monitor for Dota 2.

Also, you need a DP cable to use 144 Hz; HDMI can be set to 120 Hz. It also has 2× 2 watt speakers and supports G-sync compatibility, but we suggest wearing headphones for a better overall experience. Some people have complained about receiving faulty monitors, but the company changed them under warranty.

2. Dell Gaming Monitor (S2421HGF)

Dell Gaming Monitor (S2421HGF)


Brand: Dell | Size: 24 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 350 nits | Ports: HDMI 1.4 , DisplayPort 1.2 , 3.5 mm Audio Out


  • AMD-free sync premium technology
  • Height adjustable
  • Versatility of functions
  • User-friendly interface
  • 3-year exchange warranty


  • Viewing Angles not Great
  • No MBR

 Dell monitors do not have the same reputation in the market as some other companies. But this product might change your point of view. This monitor is 23.8-inch with FHD (1920*1080) display. Its most significant selling point is its AMD-free sync premium technology which makes your gameplay seamless, and you can enjoy your stream stutter-free.

The monitor has a unique stand that is also height-adjustable, but there are no vertical or clockwise adjustments. It also contains a 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate, making your viewing process very smooth, but its functionality and user interface are much more versatile than some 240 Hz monitors. This is a great gaming monitor for Dota 2. You should buy it without a doubt due to its performance and picture quality.

And above all that, there is a 3-year exchange warranty on its panel, which gives you peace of mind as a consumer. One common complaint this monitor received was about the packaging. It does not have a protective layer, leading to many customers receiving broken monitors.

3. ViewSonic OMNI 32-Inch Curved Monitor (VX3268-2KPC-MHD)

ViewSonic OMNI 32 Inch Curved Monitor (VX3268-2KPC-MHD)


Brand: Viewsonic | Size: 32 Inches | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 250 nits | Ports: HDMI 2.0 , DisplayPort 1.2 , 3.5 mm Audio Out


  • 1500R curved viewing experience
  • 32-inch QHD screen
  • VESA compatible
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Comes with accessories


  • Bad ergonomics
  • Poor gaming performance

Let us start by saying that the picture quality is stunning overall. This one has a curved 32-inch screen with a QHD and 1440p resolution. Its immersive 1500R curved viewing experience is second to none. A few years ago, a curved 32-inch 2K display would have been impossible to find in this price range.

It also has a 1ms response rate with AMD free sync gaming technology. But as a first-hand user, its gaming performance is not up to par with its competition.

Another complaint we have is that its stand is not adjustable, with no height tilt or clockwise adjustment, but the stand is compatible with VESA, so the adjustments might not be needed.

Its ultra-small bezel is covered with a big black rubber band, making it more prominent and distracting from the screen. it’s a great curved monitor for playing Dota 2 to enrich your visual experience. Another little upside is that, unlike most monitors, it comes with a Display Port cable, power cable, and a quick guide to help you with its functions.

4. MSI Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (Optix G24C)

MSI Curved FreeSync Gaming Monitor (Optix G24C)


Brand: MSI | Size: 24 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 250 nits | Ports: HDMI 1.4 , DisplayPort 1.2 , DVI-D Dual Link


  • Good Design
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Fast Response time
  • FreeSync
  • High Contrast & Color Gamut


  • No sRGB
  • Tilt Only
  • There is some ghosting in fast-paced games, especially when dark pixels are predominant

With a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a fast response time of 1ms, this monitor is perfect for gaming titles like Dota and also for everyday use. The curved screen provides an immersive experience that is sure to please.

The MSI Full HD FreeSync Gaming Monitor features a 144hz refresh rate and Adaptive-Sync technology to ensure smooth, lag-free gameplay. The wide viewing angle of 178° ensures that you won’t miss a thing.

With the Black Tuner feature, you can adjust the brightness and contrast to create the perfect gaming environment. The anti-motion blur feature ensures that your enemies won’t escape your view.

This monitor has a 144hz refresh rate, which means that images on the screen are updated 144 times per second. This allows for a smooth gaming experience with no blurring or ghosting.

The monitor’s 1920 x 1080 resolution results in 92 pixels density. This provides for clear and crisp picture quality.

The monitor from ASUS has a 178° viewing curve, so no matter where you are sitting, you will be able to see the image.

It supports AMD’s Freesync technology, which minimizes screen tearing lags and stutters for you to have a fantastic experience.

5. ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor (VG247Q1A)

ASUS TUF Gaming Monitor (VG247Q1A)


Brand: Asus | Size: 23.8 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 350 nits | Ports: HDMI 1.4 , DisplayPort 1.2 , Earphone Jack


  • Adequate size for gaming
  • Multi-adjustments
  • Versatile connectivity
  • ASUS eye care technology
  • Overclockable response rate


  • Unconventional power button situation
  • Low speaker quality

This ASUS monitor is one of the smaller monitors on our list. It is 23.8 inches HD (1920*1080p) display, making it perfect for gaming. Although its power button is in a very non-conventional position, it may irritate some users.

 It has a 0.5ms refresh rate which is indeed the lowest you can find on this list. In addition to that, the monitor is set at 60 Hz by default but can support up to 144 Hz and 160 Hz after overclocking. It has a versatile connectivity function and can be connected to HDMI, display port, and even dual-link DVI-D ports.

This model is equipped with ASUS eye care technology that reduces light flicker and blue light effect to avoid eye strain, which most gamers suffer from. Another upside is its tilt swivel pivot and VESA compatibility, which gives ultimate viewing comfort. It has its speakers, but they are not the best quality, so users prefer to use headphones.

If you love playing Dota 2 on dual monitors, ASUS TUF Monitor is the best choice for you.

6. Alienware 240Hz Gaming Monitor (AW2521HF)

Alienware 240Hz Gaming Monitor (AW2521HF)


Brand: Alienware | Size: 24.5 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 240 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 400 nits | Ports: HDMI 2.0 , Displayport 1.2a , a 3.5mm audio line-out , USB 3.0


  • 4 USB 2.0 Ports
  • Fast Response time
  • High Refresh Rate
  • Great Build Quality


  • No HDR support

A monitor of 240hz refresh rate works exceptionally well, but keeping in mind that the resolution is standard, people initially had concerns. The other monitors on the list have a pixel density different than this one due to the smaller screen size.

This monitor can incorporate AMD-free sync technology and the NVIDIA G sync technology to reduce any kinds of tears and stutters.

Moreover, the connectivity of this Alienware laptop is exceptional, with all kinds of ports. The bonus is the effective cooling system embedded at the back, allowing gamers to continue gaming and winning battles all day long.

A speedy 240Hz refresh rate allows for fast performance, not even letting you miss the minor details going in the game. If you want a high-quality monitor for Dota 2 gaming, then this is a good option to consider.

7. ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz Monitor (PG259QN)

ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz Monitor (PG259QN)


Brand: Asus | Size: 24.5 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 360Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 400 nits | Ports: HDMI Port , DisplayPort


  • 360Hz refresh rate panel
  • 24.5inches display with 1080 resolution works great together
  • The box features all the cables
  • Good ergonomics


  • Some people may find the screen is small
  • Middling Contrast ratio

We had enough 144hz panels for you guys. Here, representing the first 360Hz pick, the ASUS ROG swift is a 24.5 inches IPS panel.

Now few of you might be surprised by this beast’s refresh rate panel. Yes, this is no joke. This features a lightning-fast display of 360Hz which means your DOTA gameplay will be as fast as possible.

The resolution of the ASUS ROG Swift 360Hz PG259QN is standard 1920 x 1080p pixels which are great compared to its display size of 24.5 inches.

For those of you, who find 1080p below the standard in 2022, the display quality might be a little low here. But the high refresh rate alongside the IPS panel. These features balance out that here and make it a considerable choice for esports athletes.

The monitor has a low response rate of 1 millisecond, which is fair enough for everyone. No complaints from that side.

For color accuracy, this monitor features HDR10, which makes sure that there are no viewing complexities when watching dark angles, etc.

If you are looking to get that extra edge over your opponents when it comes to competitive gaming, this option is worth considering.

8. ASUS G-Sync Gaming Monitor (VG248QG)

ASUS G-Sync Gaming Monitor (VG248QG)


Brand: Asus | Size: 24 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 165 Hz | Response Time: 0.5 ms | Brightness: 350 nits | Ports: HDMI 1.4 , DisplayPort 1.2 , Dual-link DVI-D ports


  • Ergonomic stand
  • Fast Response time
  • High Refresh Rate
  • With G-Sync Support


  • A lower quality image than IPS/VA panels

With a rapid overclockable refresh rate of 165Hz (supports 144Hz) and 0.5ms response time, this ASUS gaming monitor delivers an incredibly smooth gaming experience.

It helps you eliminate screen tearing with the NVIDIA G-SYNC technology.

Furthermore, the design of the ASUS BVG248G8 is very pleasing to the eyes, and it is ergonomically designed which means it allows great height, pivot, tilt and swivel adjustments.

With the ASUS eye care technology and flicker-free and blue light filter, the screen is built to minimize eye fatigue and let you play all day which makes us put the one on the list for Dota 2 players so they can game for hours in their comfort zone.

9. LG 24GN650-B Ultragear Monitor

LG 24GN650-B Ultragear Monitor


Brand: LG | Size: 24 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 300 nits | Ports: HDMI 1.4 , DisplayPort 1.4 , 3.5mm Jack


  • Low budget
  • 3-sided borderless view
  • Solid build quality
  • ADM free-sync technology


  • Non-Swivel Monitor
  • Middling HDR Performance & Contrast Ratio

This piece on the list is a low-budget monitor for those gaming enthusiasts who want to enjoy the whole gaming experience but cannot spend too much on a monitor. It is a 24-inch FHD (1080p) monitor with a 3-side borderless view and LED technology. It is an IPS monitor that is rare in this price bracket.

This monitor has ADM free-sync premium technology to make your gaming experience comforting, supported by a 1ms(GtG) response rate and 144Hz refresh rate. Some customers have complained about the ADM not supporting 144Hz, but it worked fine for us.

Contrary to popular belief about LG monitors, their build quality is quite solid, and this one also comes with a multi-adjustment stand. However, the vertical and height adjustments are pretty limited and cannot rotate left or right. This monitor comes with a very small-sized bezel which might look nice, but due to its smaller size, there is not much to grab on to if you want to move the monitor.

10. BenQ Zowie 144Hz Gaming Monitor (XL2411K)

BenQ Zowie 144Hz Gaming Monitor (XL2411K)


Brand: BenQ | Size: 24 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 320 nits | Ports: HDMI 1.4, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.2, 3.5 mm Audio Out


  • Dynamic accuracy technology
  • equalizer improves clarity
  • Flexible area of motion
  • Smaller base
  • Supports 120 Hz on HDMI


  • The colors are a little dull
  • Low build quality

This monitor, much like others, is 24-inches and has a maximum refresh rate of 144 Hz for seamless gaming. But unlike other monitors, it can support up to 120 Hz on an HDMI port too. Quite annoyingly, it does not come with an HDMI cable which gives it an edge in the market. The two most significant selling points of these products are dynamic accuracy technology and equalizer.

The DyAc technology was exclusive to only under $650+ BenQ monitors, but now it is available in cheaper monitors. The DyAc reduces eye-tracking monitor blur in gameplay which improves performance. The equalizer enhances the color vibrance and enhances clarity. The monitor allows one to customize color brightness and contrast to one’s taste.

The monitor’s overall design and shape also compliments gaming. It has a small base which allows more space for a gamer’s setup and in-game motion. This monitor has free tilt motion and increased height adjustment which gives a user more area of flexibility to work with. This monitor also comes with accessories like a display port cable(1.8m) and a power cable.

11. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series WQHD Gaming Monitor (LC27G75TQSNXZA)

SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series WQHD Gaming Monitor (LC27G75TQSNXZA)


Brand: Samsung | Size: 27 Inches | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | Refresh Rate: 240 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 350 nits | Ports: HDMI 1.4 , Mini DisplayPort 1.2, DisplayPort 1.2, Dual-link DVI-D


  • 240hz refresh rate panel
  • High Response time
  • Perfect contrast ratio.
  • Low Input Lag


  • Viewing angles are worst because of the curve
  • Expensive

The SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 Series 27-Inch WQHD Gaming Monitor is one of the fastest, most impressive monitors. It has a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time, making it perfect for gamers who want the absolute best performance. The monitor is also curved, which helps to improve immersion and reduce eye fatigue. The build quality is awe-inspiring.

The picture is sharp and clear, and the colors are incredibly vibrant. It feels substantial and well-made. The only downside is that it’s a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth the investment for the features and performance you get.

Overall, I highly recommend this monitor to anyone looking for the best possible gaming experience for DOTA 2.

12. AOC 27G2 Gaming IPS Monitor

AOC 27G2 Gaming IPS Monitor


Brand: AOC | Size: 27 Inches | Resolution: 1920 x 1080 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 250 nits | Ports: HDMI 1.4 , DisplayPort 1.2 , D-Sub 3.0 , 3.5mm Audio Out


  • IPS display
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate & high Response time
  • Small bezels
  • Good design


  • Middlingpeak brightness

The AOC G2 series has been called the best budget 144Hz gaming monitor series out there in the market. Here in this list, we present you with the AOC 27G2 gaming monitor.

The main highlight of this display is its 27 inches IPS display. It is a 1080p panel, and you must be thinking how is the pixels’ quality of this 27 inches 1080p display but do not be surprised by this.

The visuals are quite crisp, and the monitor overall shows less input lag. In addition to that, it also features g-sync compatibility, ensuring that there is no screen tearing while you game.

While we write this guide for you, we are currently using the same monitor, and trust us. The monitor has very sharp bezels and great color accuracy. The icons do look blurry, by any chance.

If you are low on budget and looking to get the best value for your money, then look no further as this display has everything you could ask for

13. LG 27GN800-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor

LG 27GN800-B Ultragear Gaming Monitor


Brand: LG | Size: 27 Inches | Resolution: 2560 x 1440 | Refresh Rate: 144 Hz | Response Time: 1 ms | Brightness: 350 nits | Ports: HDMI 2.0 , DisplayPort 1.4 , 3.5 mm Audio Out


  • 1440p IPS display
  • 99% sRGB color gamut
  • Fast Response time
  • High Refresh Rate


  • Ergonomics could be improved
  • The contrast ratio is not good

This piece from LG is a27″ QHD (2560 x 1440) IPS display with 1ms (gtg) response time & 144hz refresh rate. It comes with Nvidia g-sync compatible with AMD free sync premium. RGB 99% color gamut with her 10. 3-side virtually borderless display.

Nvidia g-sync is compatible with AMD free sync premium this, sRGB 99% color gamut with her 10. 3-side virtually borderless display is all you need to rock the game. It has an efficient Power Consumption of the monitor is 45W – 48W, to go easy on the bill.

Plus, its ultra-wide screen is perfect for working with multiple windows side by side to increase your productivity or enhance your gaming experience.

How to choose the right monitor for playing Dota 2: Buyer Guide:

How to choose the right monitor for playing Dota 2


The most important consideration while choosing a monitor for DOTA 2 is nothing but the budget. All these features may be found in different monitors from multiple brands, but looking out for the one that fits your price range can be challenging.

No matter how exciting the features are, you cannot spend more than you have. DOTA 2 is a demanding game and monitors specialized for gaming do not come cheap. Set a fair budget before you begin the hunt.

Screen Size

The bigger the picture, the more precise the game elements are. Again, the screen size varies greatly with the price, but a minimum of 27 inches screen is required to enjoy the game and play it with total concentration. The more you increase the size, the better the experience keeps getting better.

Refresh Rate

Does not matter how many frames you get in-game. You will only be able to experience the numbers that your monitor’s refresh rate panel supports. The standard monitors out there come with a 60-hertz refresh rate; however, if you are a gamer then never settle for anything less than a 144hz panel.


Resolution refers to the number of pixels on the screen. The higher the pixel count, the clearer and sharper the image is. The resolution allows you to distinguish between two distinctly placed objects. The highest resolution available should be the ultimate choice for gaming unless it exceeds your budget.

G-Sync vs V-Sync vs FreeSync

If your computer’s graphics card is compatible with the game you wish to play, the sync matter doesn’t matter whether it is G sync, V sync, or Free Sync. However, this synchronization matters and have different effects on on-screen tearing and lags.

If you are a competitive gamer, we recommend you go for a monitor with Free Sync technology. It can eliminate tears and lags to provide you with the smoothest gameplay and enhance your gaming abilities.

When we talk about G- Sync, it must only be considered for DOTA 2 if it comes with a motion clarity option and a high refresh rate. G sync works best with the NVIDIA graphics cards, and that is also something you need to consider while purchasing a monitor or while purchasing a graphics card later.

In the case of V-Synch technology, even though it is a comparatively cheaper option, it is highly effective in minimizing screen tearing. It comes with an additional cost of not being able to cater to input lags and stuttering.


Ghosting can affect the picture quality and overall gaming experience as you get to experience highly annoying distortions. You can see the glitches while shooting on a target or simply switching between screens. These distortions are highly intolerable when it comes to competitive gaming. Anto ghosting features can be a bonus but a must-have for the gaming community. Make sure to check this out in the specifications.


Ideally, passionate gamers are gaming throughout the day, and thus brightness settings matter a lot. A friendly monitor to the eyes and a flicker-free has the edge over those that don’t come with these features.

After all, the visuals need to be crisp and clear and stutter and lag-free.

Panel Type

While playing competitive titles like DOTA 2, aspects like display, viewing angles, colors, and brightness should be spot on. It would be best to have an optimal response time and refresh rate.

The two types of panels are the IPS panel and the TN Panel, and we prefer the IPS panel concerning performance and image quality. The price is higher, but all good things come at a cost.


With thousands of options in the market, it may get difficult for you to choose the one that fits right in your budget, and the features live up to all that you had in mind.

Listed above are the top fourteen monitors that the gaming community loves. They all have unique features and designs and vary significantly with the prices.

All of them are well built in terms of quality and suit the DOTA 2 requirements well. We hope that these shortlisted picks help you get to the right monitor you have in mind. Let us know if you have more questions, and we will gladly answer them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a 144 Hz monitor for Dota 2?

Games like DOTA 2, which engage the user every second, a high refresh rate, and higher frames per second are essential. Hence, for a smooth gaming experience, we suggest you get one.

Is a 75 Hz monitor good for Dota 2?

This question is completely subjective to a user’s preference but usually for MOBA games like Dota 2, we suggest you to get atleast a 144Hz display.
A 75Hz display won’t cause any complications though.

Can you use a regular monitor for gaming?  

Yes, you are good to use any regular monitor for gaming as long as it does not cause fatigue to your eyes.

Is a curved monitor good for Dota 2?

Based on features such as resolution, refresh rate, frames per second, and response time, the curved screens are no different from flat screens, but they significantly differ in their prices.

The advantage of a curved screen is that they are easy on the eyes and provide a better radius of curvature, making the user indulge in gaming better than on flat screens.

DOTA 2 is a game based highly on imaginative characters, and having a curved screen gives an edge on the user experience.

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