LG 27ul850-w vs 27ul650-w Monitors: Which is Better For You.

The LG brand has been around since you were a kid. With every new innovation, the company strives to make the device more user-friendly. This also applies to monitors. Although LG monitors are not very common, LG screens like TVs are quite common. LG’s smart technology when it comes to displays and screens is the reason for that.

Therefore, it is safe to say that LG has been manufacturing a good bunch of screens and monitors.

In this article, we will review LG 27ul850-w and LG 27ul650-w, which are very similar to each other. However, each one of them can be used for a different purpose. So let us find out when and where these monitors would be helpful.

We will see each feature one by one. That way, it would be easier for the reader to understand which device is best for them.

Furthermore, we will also suggest you do a needed analysis before reading the review so that you may understand the reasons for comparison better.

LG 27ul850-w vs. LG 27ul650-w Monitor: Comparison

When it comes to monitors, there are a variety of different options to choose from. Some people may prefer more features while others may prefer big Screens. Which monitor is the best for you?
The following table compares both LG 27ul850-w and 27ul650-w Monitors with specifications, features, pros, and cons to help you make a final decision.

LG 27ul850-w MonitorLG 27ul650-w Monitor
Preview:LG 27ul850-wLG 27ul650-w Monitor
Display:3840 x 2160 (27 Inches)3840 x 2160 (27 Inches)
Panel Type:IPSIPS
Refresh Rate:60 Hz60 Hz
Response Time:5ms5ms
Brightness:350 nits350 nits
Ports:HDMI 2.0 , DisplayPort 1.4 , USB 3.0 , 3.5 mm Audio OutHDMI 2.0 , DisplayPort 1.4 , 3.5 mm Audio Out
Color Support:sRGB 99sRGB 99
Pros:+ Cool & Ergonomic Design
+ With Fresync Compatible
+ Many USB Type-c Ports
+ 4K resolution
+ Lowest Price Compared to Competitors
+ very low Input lag
+ With Fresync Support
+ 4K resolution
Cons: Expensive
No DCI-P3 color
Low Contrast
No USB Type-c Ports
HDR performance is not Great
Price:Check PriceCheck Price
LG 27ul850-w vs 27ul650-w Monitors , Stand Movement


The resolution of any monitor is a sign of how much data would be shared on the screen. The higher the resolution, the clear and more informative the screen will be.

The LG 27ul850-w is a UHD screen, which means that it has 3840×2160 pixels. It is a good choice for both gaming and regular work.

Then the 27ul650-w is also a UHD with the same resolution. Thus, both these monitors have the same pixel rate. You do not have to worry about this feature.

Display type

Both these screens are LCD IPS displays. This means that these screens have excellent color accuracy. Then the viewing angles are also more than one. Thus, you can easily use both these monitors for graphic design and video editors.


Both Monitors come with an anti-glare display. So if you are searching for a monitor to put in a very bright palace, like in the living room, then it would be better to get an anti-glare screen.

Response Rate

A monitor’s response rate is crucial if you are to use online applications or play games online on the laptop. So here, the response rate is 5 ms. It is not as high as a gaming monitor, but 5 ms is the minimum range for any gaming monitor and is Good For Work.

The range of 5 ms response rate makes these monitors a suitable choice for various purposes as there are some advanced gaming monitors with this range. For example, you can use this device for gaming, and also for regular work.

Built-in speakers

No one wants to have a mass around their PC table. But somehow, people end up getting it. Thanks to the monitors without inbuilt speakers, to be hornets, it feels really odd to get monitors without speakers. Luckily the 27ul850 monitor comes with built-in speakers, and they are pretty reliable. If you don’t have a very big PC table, then you will not need any external speakers. It comes with two monitors of 5 W each.

On the contrary, the 27UI650 does not have any speakers. So those who want a PC without monitors, like most writers, then it is fine to get the latter.


Here there is a stark difference between these two models. Remember, if you are looking for a monitor for the workstation, then the 27UI850 is better than the 27UI650. The reason for that is the number of input and output ports.

LG 27ul850-w and 27ul650-w Monitors Ports

First, let us share the ports in 27ul650. It comes with 2 HDMI ports, 1 display port, and 1 3.5mm output port.

Then the 27ul850 has 1 USB C port and 2 USB A ports, and the rest are the same. The USB A and C ports are used to connect various other devices to the monitors. So if you are into connecting every other device with your PC, like a separate playing station, or a DVR, then go for the 27ul850 monitor.

Power consumption

Those who want to save power must go for the 2ul650 as it consumes lesser power than the 27ul850. It is a great issue for those who need to use their PC all day.


Are you into lighter monitors? As you often change your location? Then it is best to get the 650 version, as it is a few points pounds lighter than the 850 version.

Freesync Support

Are You into games? Then you should get a  monitor that allows freesync. Unfortunately, the 650 version does not have the freesync feature. So you might find it a bit difficult to play ebay online video games on that monitor.

Freesync Support

On the other hand, the 850 version comes with a free sync feature. This means that it is super easy for you to use it with a powerful GPU.

Video Review:

Before purchasing a monitor, users should see a video review to get a firsthand look at it. Having this information allows them to make a more informed decision about whether or not to buy the monitor and to determine which types of monitor would be best for them.

LG 27UL850-W
LG 27UL650-W


Both the 27UL850-W and 27UL650-W versions of the LG monitors are great. However, it depends on the users. If a user wants a lightweight monitor with a minimum number of ports, then the 650 version is fine.

However, we feel that it is better to get the 850 version. It is a bit expensive, but you get the dual inbuilt speakers and a free sync feature with more ports.


Can I use 27ul850-w for video editing?

Yes, you can easily use it for video editing.

Can I use 27ul650-w for photo editing?

Obviously, you can use it for photo editing.

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