LG 27gl83a-B Vs. LG 27gl850-B Monitor: Are There Any Differences?

There is a burning desire for superior technology in the modern age as gaming popularity and complexity increase. Gamers demand the highest-caliber visuals, yet how is that conceivable with a display that seems to have mediocre hues and poor frames per second? Consequently, choosing a monitor with a high refresh rate and a rapid response time will empower one to experience a wonderful gameplay encounter.

Below, we will explore the rivalry between two top-notch monitor displays, the LG 27GL83A-B vs. LG 27GL850-B monitor. We shall analyze these two machines and delve closer into their features for a sounder choice.

LG 27gl83a-B Vs. LG 27gl850-B Monitor:

Here is a brief comparison between LG 27GL83A-B vs. LG 27GL850-B monitor. Let us just dive into it.

Lg 27gl83a-BLg 27gl850-B
Display:27 Inches (2560 x 1440) LED27 Inches (2560 x 1440) LED
Panel Type:IPSIPS
Refresh Rate:144 Hz144 Hz
Response Time:1ms1ms
Brightness:350 nits350 nits
Ports:DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0, 3.5 mm Audio OutDisplayPort, HDMI, 3.5 mm Audio Out
Sync Technology:YesYes
Pros:+ Affordable Price
+ Low Input Lag
+ FreeSync/G-Sync compatible
+ Good Factory Calibration
+ Affordable Price
+ Also Have Low Input Lag
+ With FreeSync/G-Sync compatible
+ Good Factory Calibration
Cons:Stand Quality is not Great, and no swivel
Low Contrast Ratio
Stand Quality is not Great, and no swivel
Low Contrast Ratio
Price:Check PriceCheck Price

Note: There is only a difference in the Model Number, but I prefer LG 27gl83a-B Model to LG 27gl850-B Model because LG 27gl83a-B Monitor is a newer and better model.


When it comes to the display of the monitors, both LG screens have 27 inches of display. The LG 27GL83A-B and LG 27GL850-B monitors have a border size of 0.4 inches. The total case weight is 4.2 kg or 9 lbs. When opposed to competing 144 Hz screens, the LG 27gl850-b’s image performance and animation outcomes are exceptionally sharp and detailed. The monitor has an extremely low lag during input and is perfect for both business and entertainment.

But then again, the LG 27gl83a, which comes with a 1440 p resolution, also serves as a fantastic monitor. As a consequence, the screen gives the player a superb playing experience.


Such as the majority of many other LG UltraGear displays, the LG 27GL850-b is similar in appearance. It comes with a red circle on the rear and is basically black in color. However, The LG 27GL83A-B also seems to have the same design as that of every other screen in the LG family.

Moreover, the platform showcases wide-set feet for standing and is mostly black in color with a red circle just on the backside. Even though it was intended as a gameplay monitor, it functions flawlessly in any workplace setting.

Refresh rate:

A monitor’s capacity to deal with movements is controlled by its refreshing rate; the greater the refreshing rate, the superior the monitor will be. The majority of gameplay screens have refresh rates around 75 Hz and 360 Hz. With respect to the main point, both the LG 27GL850-B and LG 27GL83A-B monitors offer a 144 Hz refresh rate, which would be ideal for gaming purposes.


The resolution of a screen display determines how much clarity as well as how vivid an image appears, but a bigger screen allows you to observe it in a more convenient proportion. Graphics, interface components, and textual readability is illustrations of the various kinds of gaming aspects.

The 2560 x 1440 resolution of the LG 27GL850-B and LG 27GL83A-B monitors tends to make them equally suitable for gaming. The 27-inch, 1440p panels offer a substantial amount of display room and are ideal for multiple daily tasks. This provides a rather more intense gameplay session and allows users to perceive smoother visuals.

Response time:

A monitor’s ability to respond to motion is also influenced by response time; the smaller the response time, the superior the display screen will be. Response rates for most gameplay screens generally are anywhere from one to 6 ms.

A comparison of LG 27GL850-B and LG 27GL83A-B displays. Both come with a 1 ms refreshing speed, which in itself is ideal for gameplay.


Both the monitors are identical when it comes to plug-in ports. Both the display screens have 1 1.4 display port for an amazing visual display. They also feature two 2.0 HDMI ports. Moreover, they also come with a 3.5 mm audio port. The thing that sets both monitors apart is that the LG 27GL850-B comes with 2 USB A ports, whereas its competitor does not have a single one.

Extra features:

These monitors contain very few advanced options. However, the best part seems to be that they both come with the same additional capabilities. Both monitors can display a simulated virtual crosshair on almost any game, similar to the other Ultra Gear LG displays.

Along these, there is also a “Black Stabilizer” option that alters the gamma in poorly lit situations to enhance the ability to see features in the darkness. The displays are verified by NVidia as G-Sync Compatible, enable Free-Sync technology, and flicker-free technology as well. Last but not least, both monitors include on-screen displays, offering a win-win situation.


Despite the fact that both are great options for professional and entertainment purposes and have almost similar functionalities, they differ in their prices. The LG 27gl83a-b costs under 280 dollars, whereas the LG 27gl850-b probably costs Under 380 dollars.

It is more advantageous to invest where your funds enable while also achieving all of your requirements after examining their specifications.


It will be easier for you to choose which monitor you would like to purchase by checking the intense battle of LG 27gl83a-b vs. LG 27gl850-b monitors. Both have similar features, such as refresh rates, response rates, and resolution. The performance level of the LG 27GL850-B and LG 27GL83A-B is relatively similar.

Compared to the 27GL83A-B, which misses USB ports, the 27GL850-B has higher input and output as it incorporates two USB 3.0 access points. There are minor tiny distinctions, but both are fantastic gaming monitors.

Yet, LG 27gl83a-b is an excellent substitute for you if you are looking to save money while also avoiding feeling disturbed by light fluctuation. It is less pricey and more useful. The unavailability of USB ports is the only downside.

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