IPS Vs. VA Monitor which one is best for you?

Suppose you had an exceptional PC but didn’t have a good monitor? What would you do? To my surprise, many PC users, including gamers, are unaware of the types of Monitors available.

Generally, one would either buy a curved or a flat monitor. However, according to some tech details regarding the view, PC monitors are either with an IPS display or a VA display.

To start, let us clarify one thing. Both these displays are fine. However, it is the need and use of the screen that will decide which one is better for whom.

Therefore, the buyers must do a needed analysis without understanding what you want and what you will do with a particular type of object. Things might end up in a mess.

IPS Vs. VA Monitor

IPS Vs. VA Monitor – A Quick Comparison:

IPS MonitorVA Monitor
Response Time:1-2ms4-5ms
Contrast:Good 1000:1Best 3000:1
Viewing Angle:178/178178/178

In this article, we intend to compare the IPS display monitors and the VA display monitors. First, we will give a thorough description of each one of them for you to understand their reality. Moreover, it will help the reader find which type of display will be the most ideal for them.

What is an IPS monitor?

First, we will address the most common one. That is the IPS display; you might have read about an IPS monitor. But have you ever thought about what it is?

Buyers mostly rely on the word-of-mouth policy; little do they know about the right choice.

IPS monitor

So an IPS display is the in-plane switching display created for the LCDs. In an IPS display, the manufacturers have placed the switches parallel to the glass. This way, the view each viewer gets is not affected by their position.

For example, if someone is seating on the right side of the monitor while another is seated at the center. Then through an IPS display, both the viewers will get the same angle.

It was introduced in the late 20th century, and gradually several companies have adopted the IPS technology.

Why choose an IPS monitor?

Now coming towards the main point, why should one choose an IPS display? So first things first. There can be several reasons to choose an IPS monitor, but for some, it might not be the one. When reading all these reasons, ensure that you are buying for the real issues.

Wide viewing angles

Are you building a separate space for your PC? Or do you need to adjust? If you are unable to find a dedicated space for the PC, then it is greatly important to get an IPS display.

The reason to buy an IPS monitor is to get a wider viewing angle. This wide viewing angle will enable the user to use the monitor from any position.

Similarly, those working on business projects might need to present sometimes. These representations would be done while they are not sitting in front of the computer. To ensure a full and clear view, an IPS display would be the final choice.

Higher color accuracy in IPS monitors

Then another reason would be the color accuracy. Suppose, compared to the Mcbeth24 color chart. It is obvious that an IPS display will give better exposure to each part.

Therefore, people working as an editor, videographers, or gamers must prefer the IPS display. It will give more color accuracy, which is crucial for their work.

No flashes

If you are using a touchscreen, then you might feel that the screen gets affected even with a slight touch. Touching the screen affects the color and display quality. But, this will not happen in an IPS display.

Unlike other displays, in an IPS monitor, you will feel the minimum effect of touch and pressure on the screen. So it is very safe to say that using IPS monitors will be a good option if you are a designer or an art student. The IPS display would not let you down as the IPS monitors have a fast liquid crystal recovery property. They will be all set within a fraction of a second.

Contrast ratio in IPS panels

A low contrast ratio will make the pictures very dull. In comparison to the available panel types, the IPS panel is way greater than the rest.

The contrast ratio is almost 20 times higher than the average monitor. Now those who do not know much about the contrast ratio, it is the color contrast that will make darker colors dark and lighter colors light.

It is a crucial aspect for gamers, editors, and designers. Overall, if you only need a monitor to watch movies only, then again, one should choose the IPS monitors.

Deep blacks

Depe blacks are also to support the color brightness and display. You might observe that there are several monitors which give a greyish color to the darker shades. It is really confusing for gamers. Therefore, one should understand that there is a crucial need for it.

Response time

How would you start playing an online game or doing an online activity on your monitor if it has a very high response time? You will definitely waste time.

To avoid such situations, one must buy a monitor with lower response times. The best one, in this regard, is the IPS panels. They have the lowest possible response time. One cannot stress its importance enough.

Safe for eyes

According to studies, IPS panels are great for long-time users. People working from home through computers must get an IPS panel for their PC.

The reason why it is good for the eyes is its wide viewing angles. One does not need to stress their eyes to get a better look at the screen. Similarly, the color ratios are also on point. All these factors make it easier for the user to look at the screen.

Who must buy an IPS monitor?

Now the question is, do you need an IPS monitor?

Well, the answer lies in the properties and features of an IPS panel. In my opinion, anyone who has to look at the screen for several hours should buy an IPS panel. It is safe for the eyes. Also, you get a better display.

Secondly, it would be ideal for gamers. Anyone who wishes to improve the gaming quality should get an IPS monitor.

Additionally, people working for editing and video graphics need deep black. They must also choose IPS monitors. Next, those who are buying a PC for security purposes to connect their security cameras must also buy an IPS display, thanks to its wider viewing angle technology. It will be easier for them to keep an eye on.

What is a VA Monitor?

If you cannot help, but need a higher contrast for work, then nothing would be better than buying a VA panel. A VA is the abbreviation of vertical alignment. It is available for LED panels and sometimes in LCDs.

VA Monitor

The major difference between an IPS monitor and a VA monitor is the alignment. In the IPS display, the liquid crystals are aligned parallel to the glass, while here, it is aligned in a perpendicular position to the glass.

Where IPS monitors are usually used for PCs, VA panels are common among TVs. The reason for it will be discussed ahead in this article.

The benefits of buying a VA monitor?

Coming to the point, why would you buy a VA monitor? There are several reasons for that; it is only that not many people are aware of the VA panels. Here are a few obvious reasons to get the VA monitors.

High refresh rate

If you are into video editing, or you play only online games. Where a slight blur can lead to loss, then go for a higher refresh rate.

As compared to the IPS monitors, the VA monitors have a higher fresh rate. It is essential for online gaming and projects. Most of the time, even the best monitors with a high resolution are unable to deliver clear and sharp videos. It is mainly because the refresh rate is not up to the mark.


Then comes the price game. Keep in mind that not everyone is capable of buying the best IPS display. So the next best option for them would be a VA panel instead of a TN monitor.

These are moderately priced. No need to splurge on these monitors.

Those who need a monitor to watch videos. If or wish to use their PC monitor as a TV screen, they must get the VA monitors.

Who should buy a VA monitor?

Honestly, if you are buying a monitor for general use, then there is no harm in getting a VA panel.

Similarly, those having a limited budget should also choose the VA monitors; they are pretty affordable as compared to the rest.

For gamers, the VA monitors are not the ideal choice. These are not as good as IPS panels when it comes to response time and color accuracy. Therefore, gamers must avoid these.

Final verdict:

If we compare the IPS and VA monitors, it will become pretty obvious that IPS monitors are better. But, for people who can afford it.

IPS monitors are great for gaming. Those with money can buy these monitors very easily. For general use, the VA monitors will do fine, and they are also available at very reasonable prices.


Are IPS panels better than VA?

There is some debate over the superiority of IPS panels over VA panels when it comes to picture quality. IPS panels offer a wider range of colors and are often considered more accurate than VA panels. Additionally, IPS panels are more resistant to motion blur, so they can provide a smoother image. However, VA panels can offer high contrast and are often cheaper than IPS monitors. Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs and preferences and which panel type you prefer.
It depends on the user. For a gamer and editor, an IPS monitor is better.

Are VA monitors good for gaming?

These are not the ideal choice for all types of gaming. So if you’re looking for a monitor that will give you the best possible image quality while you’re playing your favorite games, a VA model may be the perfect choice for

Do all VA monitors have ghosting?

Yes, There are some VA monitors that have minor ghosting and some that have noticeable ghosting; it depends on the monitor model.

How long do IPS monitors last?

It depends on its use. If handled carefully, an IPS monitor can last for up to 4 years or more.

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