HP VH240a Vs. Dell P2419H: What’s the Difference?

When there are so many PC monitors to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect one. Especially when HP and Dell are competing to attract more customers by providing almost alike and excellent features, however, by comparing the features of both, you can get a clear understanding of which to pick. There is HP with its excellent sRGB coverage and Dell with adjustable response time speed.

So which PC to go for? To make your life easier, we have made HP VH240a and Dell P2419H comparisons. Let’s have a look.

HP VH240a Vs. Dell P2419H: Comparison

There are a few things to consider when choosing a Monitor between the HP VH240a and Dell P2419H. For starters, both monitors come with 1920 x 1080 resolution, making them good choices for users who want a sharp display. They also have some similar features, including adjustable stand angles, a swivel base, and a range of ports (HDMI).

Dell P2419H has a Displayport, while HP VH240a comes with built-in speakers. If you prefer a monitor with built-in speakers, you should choose the HP VH240a; otherwise, you should consider the Dell P2419H.

HP VH240aDell P2419H
Preview:HP VH240aDell P2419H
Display:1920 x 10801920 x 1080
Panel Type:IPSIPS
Refresh Rate:60 Hz60 Hz
Response Time:5ms5ms
Brightness:250 nits250 nits
Ports:HDMI 1.4, D-SubDisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, VGA , USB 2.0 ,USB 3.0
Pros:+ Affordable
+ Good Ergonomic Stand
+ Vibrant Colors and Wide Viewing angles
+ Good Response time
with Built-in Speakers
+ Good Quality image with Wide Viewing Angles
+ Great ergonomic Stand
+ Low Input Lag
+ Good Response time
Cons:– No AMD FreeSync
– No DisplayPort
AMD FreeSync does not Support
– No built-in speakers & Headphones jack
Price:Check PriceCheck Price


HP vh240a offers a frame that is bezel-less with a virtually frameless widescreen. Moreover, it is incredibly thin. The three-sided narrow bezels enhance the monitor set-up. It is stunning and eye-catching from all angles.

With an eye-catching bezel design, dell p2419, h provides an ultra-thin monitor. Moreover, it is light in weight. The ports are located at the side of the monitor for convenience. However, it does not interrupt the stunning design.

HP VH240a
Dell P2419H

So if you wish to have a monitor with a thin bezel, and want to connect other monitors with it, then the better option is HP VH240a.

Display size and Panel type:

The display size of HP VH240a is 23.8- inches, measured diagonally. Moreover, with IPS screen it provides a 16:9 widescreen. It is good for office use as well as for gaming as that is the standard size of monitors.

Besides the 24-inch standard size dell p2419, h provides an on-screen display menu as well. The feature helps adjust settings such as brightness, saturation, and color. Moreover, selecting an input source is also included in the settings. Apart from that, the panel type of Dell is IPS-LCD.

Refresh Rate:

Hp provides a 60 Hz refresh rate. Though it is not a gaming monitor with the high refresh rate that it offers, you can use it to play certain games. For those who prefer high-quality graphics, 60 Hz is a key feature as it provides better resolution.

Dell p2419h is not coming slow and provides 60 Hz as well. So, here you may get stuck on which one to choose. However, there are other features to consider as well.


Hp vh240a currently provides the most common resolution in computers which is 1080p. For gaming, it is perfect. With a 60 Hz refresh rate, it is a plus point.

Through VGA, dell offers a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is the most common resolution among gamers. Moreover, that is another point that keeps Hp and dell competitive.

There is no difference in resolution between the two competitors.

Response Time:

For office use usually, 4ms is considered more than better. Therefore, a 5ms response rate would be a perfect monitor. Hp vh240a provides this feature so that you can enjoy your favorite game with a fast response time.

The competition still stays lit as dell is offering the same response time. With 5 ms GTG, dell offers a fast response time. A 5ms response rate is ideal for gaming. You can play racing, shooter, or RPG games with perfect response time.

Brightness and Color contrast:

With 250 sd/m2 brightness hp vh240a provides a static contrast ratio of 1000:1. In addition, the dynamic contrast ratio is 5000000:1 with 92.55 PPI. Apart from it, the default color temperature is 6500 K and has a 72% color gamut.

Dell p2419h provides a brightness of 250 sd/m2 with a 1000:1 contrast ratio. Moreover, it supports 16.3 million colors. Backlight and edge light system LED is also a key feature of dell. However, the dynamic contrast ratio is 4000000:1, which is less than hp. Furthermore, the color gamut is 72%.

As the dynamic contrast ratio of hp vh240a is greater, you should go for it.


Hp provides an adjustable stand as well. It can be tilted from -5 to 30 degrees. Moreover, you can rotate up to 90 degrees with a swivel angle up to 360 degrees. The positioning angle is 178 degrees.

One of the key features of dell p2419h  is its stand that is adjustable, and no tools are required to fix your monitor on it. You can adjust the height of the monitor to 133 mm, swivel from -45 degrees to 45 degrees and tilt it from -5 degrees to 21 degrees. Moreover, it can be rotated up to 90 degrees. Apart from that, the stand also has a neat cable system.

So, if you want an adjustable stand with a system of cables, you should opt for dell, while a 30-degree tilt hp is the right choice.

Physical Quality and warranty:

When operating, HP has a temperature range from 41 to 95 F. Which means its temperature remains moderate. The humidity is 20% to 30% non-condensing. The warranty of HP is merely 1 year.

Dell has an operating temperature of 32 to 104 F with operating humidity is 20% to 80%. With 3 years of warranty, Dell also provides advanced exchange services.


HP vh240a provides both HDMI and VGA ports with a VGA cable 1.8 m long. However, it lacks USB ports, excluding the upstream. Moreover, there is an audio jack too. These ports are located at the back of the monitor. At the back, there are also built-in speakers.

Dell p2419h has a good set of ports to provide. Besides HDMI and VGA, there are 4 USB ports available. Two are 2.0 USB, and the other two are 3.0 USB. The 2.0 USB ports are located at the back of the monitor, while USB 3.0 are at the side of the monitor.

Final verdict:

For office-related work HP vh240a and dell p2419h both are good. However, HP vh240a is better as it has some features that stand out. It has excellent contrast with sRGB. Moreover, its tilt degree and swivel are higher than Dell p2419h. The only thing it lacks is the USB ports.

Most of the features of both monitors are alike. However, the HP vh240a stands out regarding a few features that compel buyers to choose it over other monitors.


Is hp vh240a a good monitor?

For office-related tasks, it is a good monitor. At a reasonable price, you get an ergonomic stand, better image quality, and built-in speakers. However, there are more chances of screen flickering. For gaming, you can go for other better alternatives.

Is dell p2419h good for gaming?

Though it is not built for gaming, some of the games can be played on it without any hitch. Such as Rise of the tomb raider can be played on it. The colors of games do not come out to their fullest as in actual monitors for gaming.

Does dell p2419h has Bluetooth?

It is not a wireless monitor, so there is no Bluetooth in it.

Does dell p2419h have speakers?

No. It lacks a built-in speaker. In the budget, you only get a stand and a monitor. You will have to purchase speakers separately.

Does dell p2419h has a webcam?

Dell does not provide a webcam with a p2419h model. With a budget of $300, you can not get it with the monitor. You have to get it separately.

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