Hp 24mh fhd vs Hp vh240a Monitor: What’s the Difference?

Rain or shine, HP monitors are the renowned ones out of all. From image quality to speedy processing, they are genuinely outstanding monitors.

Hp 24mh Fhd Monitor VS Hp Vh240a Monitor: Comparison

The two most efficient monitors of HP are HP VH240a and HP 24mh FHD. not bragging, but these two are the best ones in terms of sharpness, panel, and connectivity. Further, both share the same response time, so you’ll enjoy a quick pixel shift. Due to these breathtaking features, it will be hard to go with one monitor. As per our testing, both monitors are tough competitors in terms of quality.

Display:‎1920 x 1080p‎1920 x 1080p
Panel Type:IPSIPS
Refresh Rate:75 Hz60 Hz
Response Time:5ms5ms
Brightness:250 nits250 nits
Ports:HDMI, DisplayPort, and VGAHDMI 1.4, VGA, USB

To help you with it, we have come up with a comprehensive compression. In this article, you’ll find in-depth info regarding the top-grade monitor. Therefore, before picking any one of them, you should carefully go over the calibration charts or merely the cost. Keep reading for more.

Hp 24mh fhd vs Hp vh240a Monitor


HP VH240a monitor has an ultra-slim design that isn’t only cool but also functional. In that regard, you will have a full-fledged image view with no distortion. The micro-edge design is duly efficient for seamless signal transmission. Further, it will be a unique addition to the dual or multi-monitor setups. Besides, the HP 24mh FHD monitor consists of an elegant micro-edged design. Its ultra-thin finishing adds style and space to your workspace. Since both are equally beautiful, you better pick the one that suits you best.

Panel Type

The panel type of HP VH240a is IPS. Packed with a 23.8 inches display, this monitor panel is wide to show detailed images. Further, the IPS panel has an anti-glare matte, which is exceptionally good for reducing CVS. This monitor comes with a back-lit LED panel incorporating 2million pixels and a 16.7million color collection.

Since it is feature-rich, the image will probably be precise and of top quality. We have an HP 24mh FHD monitor on their side, having an IPS panel type. This IPS panel delivers an incredible image view with a full HD display. Thus, its indelible visual representation owes to the monitor panel. In brief, the dominant one here is the HP VH240a monitor.

Refresh Rate

The HP 24mh FHD is a real pro for the refreshing rate. With a screen update rate of 75hz, it caters to top-quality images. Moreover, this will alleviate the display blurring and give smooth signal transmission. It updates the screen in no time, thus optimal for competitive gaming. Apart from that, the HP VH240a monitor has a screen update rate of 60hz. It creates a sharp and crisper image which offers less eye strain.

Further, this monitor has a high processing speed, i.e., very responsive. The higher the refresh rate, the higher the performance will be, given that the former one is A1.


The screen resolution of the HP 24mh FHD monitor is 1920x1080p. Meanwhile, it works exceptionally well at a 75hz update rate. Not only that, but this high-definition display will also offer a crisper image along with a greater pixel per inch ratio. The HP VH240a monitor comes with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p at 60hz.

Thus, the display resolution is quite good as it gives off zero input lag. You’ll get a sharp and detailed image at this pixel density. In short, the HP 24mh wins over HP VH240a in terms of greater pixel volume; otherwise, the latter is the real champ.

Response time

Both HP VH240a and HP 24mh FHD monitors have similar response times, i.e., 5ms. This feature will lessen the image ghosting duly. On that account, you will perceive a highly smooth image. It is a very crucial factor in gaming monitors. With that, the information will load shortly. Most monitors have a narrow range of responding rate, i.e., from 5ms to 1ms.


The display brightness of HP 24mh FHD and HP VH240a is 250 nits. Generally, the screen is luminous enough to show up the very details of the image. These monitors are significant in video editing, photography, and videography. The rational brightness level is best for making the virtual signals high definition and bright.

Moreover, this brightness of 250nits is ideal in gaming or programming. You can also adjust the screen radiance to any desirable degree. As a result, there is a tie between both monitors, as they offer almost the same brightness level.


HP VH240a gives a wide desk space as it is convenient to adjust even in a small workspace. It comes with ergonomics adjustments aided with height and tilt stand. In addition, this monitor serves to offer a wide image view as its pivot-based stand adjusts in 3 directions. The stands are detachable with high flexibility. It also has a swivel clockwise at any viewing angle.

Contrary to that is none other than HP 24mh FHD, a VESA mountable monitor. Its display has an all-inclusive stand that is height adjustable and tilts adjustable. In this way, you’ll have a pervasive image view through the ergonomics settings. Jumping to the conclusion, the winner is HP VH240a. 


Both monitors are rarely distinct from each other in terms of quality. They fit the bill from widescreen size, IPS panel type, and built-in audio speakers to high-quality ports. Not only that, but their adjustment stands also make them the best choices so far.

Thus, it will be hard to go with one. However, they differ a bit, which is the optimum benchmark for their quality. The screen refresh rate, dynamic contrast ratio, and DP impart a huge impact since one lacks while the other doesn’t. In conclusion, it is crystal clear that HP VH240a wins over the HP 24mh FHD monitor.

Ports (HDMI, DisplayPort)

Regarding connectivity, the HP VH240a is above all. This display monitor provides top-notch connectivity across various devices. It includes HDMI and VGA ports that are HDCP-supportive. Thus, for either MacBook, laptop, or PC, the data transmission won’t be a hassle. Furthermore, it also contains HDMI and AC power cables.

Hp 24mh fhd and Hp vh240a Monitor ports

On the other hand, the HP 24mh FHD offers rich connectivity options like VGA, DP, and HDMI ports. This monitor has multiple ports for smooth data transmission. Although both have a broad range of ports, the HP 24mh FHD monitor is the winner.


Summing up the whole HP monitor discussion, it is quite evident both are the optimal monitors to use even in gaming, programming, and business. Although they have some loopholes, the quality is not a joke. They exhibit a highly accurate image with exquisite eye care technology.

Either its feature-rich HP VH240a or high-performance HP 24mh FHD monitor lacks something the other doesn’t. At last, follow your heart and choose one that meets your criteria for a high-end HP monitor.


is the hp vh240a good for gaming

Well, It’s a decent gaming monitor, but not the great one. The HP VH240a monitor has a 23.8 inches wide display with a 60hz refresh rate. On that account, the image you perceive will be quite crisper and precise. Its IPS panel integrates a back-lit LED system that will deliver a quality gameplay view. Additionally, the 1080p resolution is another important factor that makes it a preferable gaming monitor. The connectivity ports are up-to-the-mark. With no external cable management, you can easily connect the PC, laptops, and gaming consoles. Finally, this cost-effective monitor is the best pick for professional gameplay.

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