How to connect Xbox one to a monitor without HDMI?

Are you a game lover, or do you like to play with new devices and models for more entertainment? Let’s learn more about such devices.

Talking about Xbox One, which was released in 2013 by Microsoft, one of the most competent companies in electronics and machines all around the world.

The Xbox One is a sort of console for playing video games, especially at home. It was launched after the Xbox 360 and consisted of very refined aspects as a whole to be needed for playing games.

This article discusses how you can connect an Xbox One with the monitor but without using an HDMI cable. There are people who would want a much brighter and sharper view using the monitor.

Connecting your Xbox One to a PC monitor or a laptop as a monitor:

There are several possibilities of connecting and using your Xbox One with the PC monitor or either making your laptop more reliably useful by using it as your main screen.

As far as TVs are concerned, they are not portable enough for playing video games, and they are present in the form of flatscreens to be attached to your house walls. However, they can give you a good quality view of graphics.

A laptop’s screen can be used as a way of presenting things as per your desire that the tv or the PC monitor displays, but one benefit of using a laptop is that you can easily carry it and adjust it wherever you want. You can even use them while traveling with your games being with you.

Problems that can possibly occur by utilizing an HDMI cable:

Using an HDMI cable is the most convenient choice when it comes to creating a connection with the peripheral devices, but there are certain issues and must to know ways to build a successful connection.

These include compatibility issues and making sure that the HDMI cable you are using is working perfectly with your monitor. Another one is the proper HDMI input and HDMI output ports.

Building a connection of Xbox one with the monitor without an HDMI:

There are two possible ways through which we can connect an Xbox one with your screen without the use of HDMI. These are as follows:

By using a wireless connection or a Wi-Fi:

To let this work successfully, it is vital that both the Xbox One console and the laptop you are using are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.

This option is suitable to be used with the laptop and not monitor. After they are connected with the Wi-Fi you need to work on some settings to carry on with this process.

You should be installing Windows 10 to be updated and let your Xbox one work smoothly with your DirectX 1 app so that the connection is made more easily. These are available on the Windows store.

Steps to follow:

  • First of all, open the app you have installed on your laptop named Xbox.
  • Go to the settings, and there you need to select the connection option.
  • See your Xbox device from the shown list and connect it.
  • Once the connection is made, select stream.
  • After this, streaming will begin and you can control your Xbox by viewing the graphics on your laptop as well as the audio.

Using the VGA adapter or a DVI converter for conversion:

This is the case when your Xbox one only has HDMI input and output ports, but you do not have an HDMI cable. You can use an adapter that performs this job of conversion for you and makes your life much happier.

Using the VGA adapter or a DVI converter

You can use any of your speakers, such as the Bluetooth ones, for the sound as well. The steps are needed to make this possible are mentioned in detail below:

  • So, a start-up by using the VGA port on your monitor and plug the VGA cable in it.
  • Use your adapter and get the other end of this VGA cable plugged into the adapter to make the conversion happen.
  • Get this adapter connected to the HDMI out socket available on your Xbox One.
  • After that go to settings and if your Xbox is not shown directly then it might be your TV. So, move to the general TV and display options and change the resolution to 720 p.
  • After this, your Xbox One will be streamed on the screen.
  • If you are not hearing any sound then you can use your speakers and get them plugged into the 3.5mm input jack of your Xbox one.
  •  You can use the DVI converter for the same process as well.
connect Xbox one to a monitor without HDMI

Benefits of using a monitor for connecting the Xbox one:

There are several advantages when it comes to connecting these two devices for those who know how to enjoy playing games using video consoles. These are:

  • It provides a great display.
  • Better refresh rate.
  • Supports a wide resolution.
  • Some monitors come with the support of in-built speakers enabling a better experience.
  • They are used for giving a lower input lag.


Xbox one being a popular video game console, is trending because of the options and choices of games and the connections you can make with it.

Microsoft has introduced multiple models as well. You can get it in 1 or 2 TB or even Xbox one S 500 GB. The prices vary for each, starting from $350 onwards.

This article helps in getting a deeper understanding of the ways that can be used to connect the Xbox one with a monitor and with no use of HDMI.

You can read it for proper details and use the related processes. 


Is it possible to connect your Xbox one to your monitor without the use of HDMI?

Yes, it is possible to make this connection happen and all you need to do is use the options that are mentioned in the article above.

Does Xbox one has in built audio support?

The simple answer to this is a No. You cannot depend on the console completely for giving you the perfect audio with the video gaming experience.

How to use audio with this connection?

You would need a TOS link or a digital audio support for it. You can also use your old speakers to serve the same purpose and connect them in the port on your monitor at one end and getting the other end hooked in the Xbox one console.

Can a USB cable help with connecting an Xbox one to the monitor?

Yes, it is surely possible.

How can a USB cable work for building the connection?

You need to turn off both your Xbox one and monitor and then use your USB cable and connect it to the monitor coming from your Xbox.
Turn both the devices on and the Xbox display can appear on your screen automatically.

Does Xbox one have some headset support?

No, it does not come with headset support as it has a Kinect sensor that provides multi-array microphone support and enables voice chat using Skype, etc.

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