Dell s3220dgf vs Samsung g5 Odyssey Monitor: Which is Better for you.

Devices now come with a variety of options, from being smart to being portable enough. All have their own charisma and specs that make them popular among the brand which it specifically originates from.

In this particular article, we will be discussing two such amazing monitors that will surely grasp your attention. These can be used as per your need, of course. However, this article shares details of Dell s3220dgf and Samsung g5, and in the end, it will get easy for you to decide among these.

Dell s3220dgf vs. Samsung G5 Odyssey: Comparison

Let’s talk about them, including their brand, cost, size, and resolution quality below:

For convenience, we will share the major pros and cons of the two monitors we have been discussing so far and with a Specs Comparison.

Dell s3220dgf Samsung g5
Display:2560 x 14402560 x 1440
Panel Type:VAVA LCD
Refresh Rate:165 Hz144 Hz
Response Time:4ms1ms
Brightness:350 – 450 nits250 nits
Ports:DisplayPort 1.4, HDMI 2.0DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0
Pros:+ It has a 32 inches display.
+ Its 7.7 rating recommends it for overall use.
+ It has a better refresh rate.
+ It is best for gaming.
+ Supports a good ratio for contrasts.
Cons: It is very heavy.
It is expensive.
The portrait mode is not available.
It has poor support for ergonomics.
It’s not suitable for a bright display.


In every one thing or other, we consider the brand as our topmost priority to know whether it will suit us or it will be reliable enough or not.

Similarly, in terms of monitors, the brand becomes our major concern when we think of various requirements that we desire to fulfill from our device like RAM, speed, processing power and battery timing, etc.

The brand of model S3220DGF is Dell, while for the Odyssey G5 LC27G55T, it is Samsung. Both are very competent when compared as a brand as they are one of the biggest names when it comes to electronics.


The display is an important feature when all you need is to have a great and high-quality screen for performing your tasks.

Both have huge differences in terms of display or screen size. For the Dell S3220DGF, the display is about 32 inches, and for the Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55T, it is only 27 inches.

So, if you can compromise on size, noticing that other aspects are well enough for you, then you can opt for Samsung. It is available for $349.36 on Amazon.  A screen for the Dell model is more, so its price is which is $499.99.

Design & Features:

The additional features supported by the monitors, apart from their generic design, help in determining the suitable choice.

Both of the mentioned monitors have a curved design, and they can be mounted on walls. However, you can also purchase the 32 inches Samsung in a flat configuration. Its 1000R panel helps in reducing the strain level while you are playing on it.

The curve radius for the Dell S3220DGF is 1800R, and its weight is around 10.9 kgs. However, the weight of the Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55T is just 4.5 kgs.

Build quality for both is decent, with G5 supporting VESA mounting.


The resolution plays a vital role in bringing up the sharp quality images while you are working on your monitor’s screen. It helps the pixels to focus and display vibrant colors forming the best graphics.

The resolution of both of these monitors is similar to 2560×1440. Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55T supports AMD FreeSync Premium, and inspirational HDR10 graphics are superb to show you the blend of colors with movements in games.

The Dell Odyssey G5 LC27G55T gives a direct backlight feature and gives a QHD view of its graphics which is 77% more than what you can get from a Full HD view.

Response Time:

The response rate determines the strength of time that will be taken by a system to switch between black to white or to another color. It is 4ms for the Dell S3220DGF.

As compared to the Dell monitor the Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55T is really fast when it comes to changing the colors and displaying quality images.

It takes about 1ms of response time and performs at its best with such a great resolution. You can imagine the speed at which these colors play their roles and get those frames moving in such a quick span of time for you.

Refresh Rate:

The better or more the refresh rate, the more the improved quality of pixels will get on the display. The maximum refresh rate for the Dell S3220DGF is 165 Hz which is really great.

On the other hand, if we talk about the Samsung Odyssey G5 LC27G55T then its max refresh rate is 144 Hz. However, it has a variable refresh rate which states that it can alter during its display span of time.

However, the variable refresh rate for the G5 uses FreeSync technology to avoid any sort of misalignment between the working of frame rates and refresh rates.


Ports are useful for connecting with multiple devices and saving your money for additional link establishments. The ports supported by Samsung G5 include:

  • Display Port 1.2
  • HDMI 2.0
  • USB 2.0

While the ports for Dell include:

  • DisplayPort
  • USB-A to USB-B cable
  • HDMI


If you are looking for a gaming monitor, then the monitors mentioned above can be used for this purpose. It depends on the space you want to allocate to your monitor and the refresh rate at which you desire it to work.

The pros and cons of the two monitors are also mentioned in this article to help you decide more. With significant differences in size and price, the decision is in your court. You can list down your needs and choices.


Is Samsung g5 4k?

No, it is not a 4K monitor, and you cannot even downscale some video to this level of display.

Did Samsung g5 have speakers?

It does not support speakers. You can use an additional setup for this purpose with it.

Would dell s3220dgf have Bluetooth?

No. But they can support you as you can connect your speakers through its available jack with Bluetooth using your PC.

Would dell s3220dgf have Wi-Fi?

No, The dell s3220dgf Monitor doesn’t have Wifi.

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