32 inch vs 27 inch Monitor: Which Should I Choose?

When it comes to choosing the perfect monitor for your computer, the display size is usually the first thing that comes to mind.

But you also need to consider the space available at your desk and the purpose you plan to use it for. Whether you’re a gamer, a video editor, or a coder, there’s a monitor out there for you.

And if you’re setting up an office, you’ll want to take into account all the ergonomic factors to make sure your environment is optimized for productivity.


This article will compare the monitor display sizes of 27 and 32 inches to see what size suits which user.

32 inch vs 27-inch monitor: Which is better for whom?

It has been seen that monitors with display sizes below 17 inches result in poor productivity. So, bigger screens result in greater productivity. With larger displays, you can view all of the details on the screen at a distance, which also helps reduce eye strain. Although 27 and 32 inches monitors come in the big screen category, the difference of 5 inches does have an impact. Both 27 and 32-inch display sizes have their pros and cons. Now we will see which monitor is best for which tasks.

For Gaming:

32-inch-vs-27-inch-monitor for gaming

As gaming is all about details, a gamer will never wish to let any single detail be missed. But does it mean that you need a wider display as a gamer? No, not at all. You need to go for a range that fits perfectly your focal point.

Many professional gamers prefer to play on 24-inch monitors because 24-inch monitors are a standard for gaming tournaments. The display ranging from 24 to 27 is considered best for gaming as this size helps the eye easily focus on the screen. A size greater than 27 inches is not recommended for gaming as for such a big display, you will have to move your head towards the right and left, resulting in a poor gaming experience. 32 inches is too large for gaming as you can not focus on the complete display and thus can miss the necessary details, as they can go sideways. 

However, if you’re gaming on a console like PlayStation or Xbox just for fun, then a 32-inch or bigger screen would be ideal.

For Work:

The monitor’s display size should be chosen according to the type of work, i.e., you might be doing a data entry job, writing emails, or formatting and editing documents.

27-inch and 32-inch monitors are both large displays suitable for work. Still, the people engaged in research need to look for authentic sources and keep those sources open simultaneously as they are to do an enormous reading from a number of those authentic sources. Opening multiple windows simultaneously and viewing them side by side makes it easier to read, compare and quote the sources as more data is visible at once.

Hence, for writing or editing, the larger the display, the better the visibility of various sources. 32-inch monitors help you open more than one program window side by side, reducing the hassle of switching from one window to another.

A 27 inches monitor screen is suitable, But if your work does not require you to switch tabs frequently, you only need to look for things once in a while.

For Video Editing:

monitor for video editing 32 vs 27 inches

For video editing tools, the bigger the screen, the better the productivity. For video editing, the thing that matters about the monitor is that it shows you the correct colors because if the colors shown to you on the screen are not the actual colors, the editing which you will have spent hours and hours of hard work will be of no use. So to buy a monitor for video editing, you need to consider many factors in combination with the monitor size.

For Watching Movies:

monitor for watch movies 32 vs 27 inches

Nothing matches the experience of a widescreen when it comes to watching movies. That is why we all prefer going to cinemas, right? We all know that watching the same film on a small screen will not be as entertaining as it would be on a large screen.

So when comparing 27 and 32 inches for streaming, one will always go for the bigger display, i.e., a 32-inch monitor.

For Programmer:

32 inch vs 27 inch Monitor for coding or programming

Programmers are often seen sitting in front of a bunch of computers and doing loads and loads of stuff. It is because programmers need multiple windows to be open simultaneously, and also they need to run different codes at the same time.

For programming, monitors with bigger displays are encouraged because viewing the code and the documentation side by side makes it much easier to work and thus increases efficiency.


Are 27-inch monitors too big for gaming?

27-inch monitors are not too big for gaming, and they are perfect: not too small to miss the real feel of the gameplay, nor too big to not let you focus the whole screen.
But the thing you must be careful about is that the standard for gaming tournaments is 24 inches. Once you start gaming on 27 inches, you will not be comfortable with a 24 inches monitor, so you should stick to a 24-inch monitor if you plan on being a pro gamer.

Is 32-inch monitors good for gaming?

Experts do not prefer long hours of gaming on large screens because when You play games on a 32-inch Display, you cannot see the entire screen, leading to you moving your head and getting more tired.
In contrast, if you play gaming with your friends on the console or PlayStation, you will enjoy gaming more on a 32-inch or bigger monitor.

Is a 27-inch monitor too big for work?

A 27-inch monitor is not too big for work; a 32-inch monitor has preferred because the larger the display size, the greater the productivity.

Is a 32 inch monitor too big for a home office?

It depends on the type of work you are doing in the home office. If it is some data entry type work, you can do fine with smaller monitors. No need to go for such a wide display. But if you are doing some research-related tasks, a 32-inch monitor is best.


Although your work environment determines the upper limit to the size of monitor you can place, the type of your work determines what size suits you best. For entertainment, like watching movies, a bigger screen is better, whereas gaming requires a moderate monitor size.

But if you need the monitor for work, you must go for the larger size of the monitor as it will accommodate all of your different program windows visible on the screen simultaneously.

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