Can you use the monitor as a TV? Step By Step Guide 2022

Have you ever considered using your PC or Gaming monitor as a TV? In this article, we explain how you can use a monitor as a TV.

If yes, then this article is all about knowing the possibilities of making this possible and encountering requirements to have it done smoothly.

A good thinker will often tend to think of multiple solutions to achieve a certain target. Keeping this in mind, a computer screen can also work for more than expected.

Turning your monitor into a TV is absolutely possible in some ways (mentioned below), however, there are certain must-to-have devices for this amazing transformation to be done.

Can you use the monitor as a TV

How to Use a Monitor as a TV?

To make your monitor get converted or be used as a TV or even a smart TV, (the latest technology surely allows it), you must make sure that the additional input and output devices are present.

These will be responsible for showing the stuff required on screen and giving proper audio. Several monitors support HDMI ports, but checking them with the built-in speaker is also necessary.

We shall be discussing significant ways through which we can use the monitor as TV below:

Using Chromecast:


One of the most common methods of changing your monitor view as a TV view is chrome casting, which is now available in every smart TV.

This chrome cast is supremely possible for HDMI supporting monitors and those with speakers. You can do this by plugging in the Chromecast in the HDMI port on the monitor and doing the settings by tapping Set Up.

After the connection, you can use a TV remote for changing options on the monitor.

Using Tv Box:

A TV or a Cable Box is another method of making your monitor useful and seeing all you want to see on the TV with various channels.

Supporting features include an HDMI port and in-built speakers. For this, you need to have this cable box and insert it’s one of the ends to the HDMI input source of the monitor.

Similarly, connect the second cable end to the cable box’s HDMI output, and you are all done!

Using Android Box:

 Android TV Box

An android TV box or a streaming guide for showing various sorts of entertainment is becoming very popular nowadays. This set-top box or a tuner is widely recommended if you are willing to make your monitor your TV.

The HDMI slot is needed to set up a connection with this android TV box. You can enjoy various subscriptions and other related stuff through this.

Nvidia Shield TV Pro, Amazon Fire TV Stick are some of the top-rated android boxes available.

Using Roku:

Roku is another streaming method through which your monitor can be transformed.


It restricts to ensure that the monitor supports HDMI input and has audio configurations either through the built-in processor using headphones.

For this connect Roku with some source that has power, this can be done through USB and then get it connected with HDMI cable.

Use this cable and connect it with HDMI slot in monitor and though home page change settings and use it with Roku remote.

What are the Advantages of Using a Monitor As a TV?

We have discussed several methods through which we can make use of your computer’s monitor as a TV screen.

But why is there a need to do so, and are there any hidden benefits that people go for setting their monitors and buying suitable remaining products with them?

Some important advantages of using your monitor as a TV are discussed below:

  • When we look for screen in TV we consider the size of screen as well, however more than the screen, monitor can provide a sharp view than TV.
  • The pixel density of monitor is more as compared to TV, for instance, a TV with 40-inch of screen size providing 40 pixels per inch limit whereas a 27-inch monitor screen can support a higher pixel-density view of about 140 pixels per inch.
  • TV can provide an input lag rate of less than 20 milliseconds but if you want your frames to work quickly for you without input lag then monitors can work this better. You cannot stream movies and sports with this speed on TV.
  • The response time changing with the change in colors on your screen will be much better in monitors as compared to the TV’s screen.
  • Monitors have better refresh rate capabilities as compared to TV screens which can be either 60Hz or 120Hz. Their range can become a benefit in monitor.

If you are looking for an enhanced view on-screen, then using a monitor as a TV is suggestable.

What are the Disadvantages of Using a Monitor As a TV?

Apart from learning the noticeable advantages of making your monitor screen a TV screen, there are also some cons to this transformation.

Let’s see what they could possibly be and how they can affect the overall structure. Important disadvantages in this regard are as follows:

  • In terms of audience view, we can say that it will not be a smart move to convert the monitor screen into a TV one as the view would be limited in accordance to more people.
  • There are possibilities of not having an HDMI input support or a suitable headphone support in your monitor. This could lead towards connectivity issues and will create a fuss for buying needed requirements first.
  • Picture quality will be affected if you compare the two, as TV compresses the images shown.
  • It will get difficult for a non-technical person to make this setup correctly if using an additional support.
  • You may get to see limited channels or sources of entertainment of you are using a cable box to make a connection.
  • The extra rays of radiation always emitting out of the monitors is not a healthy solution for risking your life while having fun.
  • There will be limited battery issues if the connection you have built is on a laptop’s screen.
  • Using a TV directly can prevent you from buying headsets TV boxes or external needed speakers.

The need is to determine your targeted watchable outcomes while comparing the two.

Can I use Gaming Monitor as a TV?

Gaming Monitor as a TV

Yes! you can use your gaming monitor like a TV. However, it is suggested to note the differences mentioned above before you do this.

A gaming monitor has a better refresh rate with a low rate of input lag, and they provide better response time which makes them more suitable to play games on rather than using them as a TV and not having the desired results.

As a gamer, a sharp response with good pixel quality is needed and is achievable with monitors.

Difference Between Monitor and TVs

Between monitors and televisions, there are a lot of differences, but the most important ones are their inputs and outputs, their size, and their price.

A monitor typically has one input and one output, while a television typically has two or more inputs and outputs. Also, monitors are usually smaller and less expensive than TVs.

Can you use the monitor as a TV – Conclusion:

With the growing advancement in the 21st century, we see solutions to almost anything in terms of technology and so it is also possible to use your monitor as a TV.

Several ways discussed in detail in this article can serve the purpose. However, a noticeable difference between the screen presentation of both the means has also been shared.

If you have HDMI input support and built-in speaker capabilities in the monitor, it is effortless for you to make it a TV. It, therefore, truly depends on your requirements and purpose for making this change.

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