Can you play games on a monitor without a PC? (3 Easy Methods)

Of course, it is possible to play games on a monitor without a PC. The only way to do that is none other than gaming monitors. The display is well built to withhold any game from console-based to Nintendo switch operated. In addition, these monitors have considerable response time and free sync technology within. Further, they also contain connectivity ports, CVS preventive coating, and 4K UHD resolution. The IPS panel is Calman verified along with accurate calibrations imprinted.

Aside from the feature talk, the image quality is also A1. As a result, you will have precise, crisper, and sharp visuals to excel in professional gaming. You can also play games with these monitors since every domain is specified for gameplay. This article will find some efficient ways of playing games without a PC. Keep reading the description mentioned next.

Can you play games on a monitor without a PC

How to play games on a monitor without a pc

Gaming on a monitor without a PC – yeah, it sounds dumb, but for real, it isn’t. Therefore, the query is genuine. Here we will answer how to enjoy gaming without a PC question through an elaborative discourse. Regarding gameplay, whether competitive or crossplay, the most important element is the display monitor.

So, it is not mandatory to have a gaming PC if you have a gaming monitor. These monitors are solely for professional gameplay since they are integrated with breathtaking features. Besides, the gaming monitors have rich connectivity options that allow you to connect various devices across the display. In this way, you can play games on a monitor even with no PC.

The connectivity ports play a key role in connecting the display through different mediums like laptops, Macs, and PCs. Not only that, but it is also a reliable method to enjoy gaming without a PC. all you must do is link any device across your desirable port. Moreover, you can use your monitor to operate PS4, PS5, and Xbox series with the in-built ports. But the list does not stop as you can connect your mobile phones and consoles. We have come up with some impactful ways to play games on a monitor without a PC. Scroll down for more.

Using Console (Xbox or ps5)

Using Console (Xbox or ps5)

Gaming consoles are the most optimal pick to experience true gaming ambient. You can play PS4, PS5, or Xbox on a gaming monitor. Just connect it to the monitor and enjoy the gaming to the fullest. Most consoles work effectively at a 60hz refresh rate. However, others like the PS5 or X/S series require more than 60hz. Adjust the refresh rate according to the respective console you’re using.

Additionally, connectivity is another contributing aspect when using a console. First, connect the HDMI cord across the monitor and console. Since HDMI is the easiest to deal with, you better opt for that. Thus, properly plug the power cord into the port, and that’s all.

While connecting the console, remember that it goes differently for PS5 and Xbox. The reason is quite evident since both work at entirely different refresh rates. For PS5, the optimum screen refresh rate is 120hz, i.e., not like PS4. Meanwhile, the Xbox series can update the screen within 60-120hz. For better results, change the refresh rate of your monitor to either lower or high. Consequently, using a console for gaming with no PC won’t be vain.

Using Nintendo Switch

Using Nintendo Switch

Nintendo switch is another reasonable method to play games on a gaming monitor. It is easy to connect and highly efficient for professional gameplay. You can use it anywhere anytime as it can operate without a Wi-Fi connection. This switch comes with many fantabulous features, from voice chat to battery saving and a USB keyboard slot.

Furthermore, you can play any game through this switch even if it is restricted in your region, i.e., by changing location settings.

No doubt, the Nintendo Switch is an incredible device aided with many games. Likewise, with its easy-going and user-friendly menu options, it is easy to connect across the display. Thus, attach the HDMI power cord to both the monitor and switch. Plugin the cable at the rear end of the switch and attach the other end to the monitor’s HDMI. Moreover, you can use a USB-C port to connect it directly to the display.

Lastly, the Nintendo Switch will allow you to stream the gameplay through a monitor. A capture card is a key element in recording and streaming gaming. Hence, affix an HDMI cable to display through this card, and it will capture the video game.

Using Your Mobile Phone

Gaming monitors can work very well when connected to a smartphone. Here the monitor ports are the significant ones. These connectivity ports include DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, and USB-C. For that, HDMI is the most useful in-built port. Being user-friendly, you merely must connect the cable with two devices.

However, unlike the earlier methods that use HDMI, this method uses a USB type C cable. At first, connect the HDMI only if the android version is 4.4 or higher. If your smartphone doesn’t support the Android 4.4 KitKat version, the HDMI won’t work. But most Android phones do support it, so it is not a big deal.

Secondly, plug in the HDMI-aided USB-C cable terminal as one end into the phone or other with the monitor. Now, you can play games through this method non-stop. With high responding time and AMD sync, the game visuals will be free from tearing or ghosting. Also, it supports Bluetooth over the audio signals.

Finally, with a mobile phone connection, you can play games, stream, or capture the combat. It will provide you with crystal clear and wide visuals and in-depth image detail. In addition, the only struggle you must do is to connect the HDMI or USB-C across both devices, and the rest isn’t a big cheese.


Summing up the whole gaming with no PC discussion, it is obvious that one can easily play games on a gaming monitor even without a PC. However, it is only possible if you have a cross-connected device or console. You can even play games on the monitor when connected to your smartphone.

Further, through a reasonable device, you can capture or stream your gameplay. In the case of the Xbox upgraded series, immediately set up the refresh rate and screen resolution. The long and short of it is that you can have an incredible ultra-wide gaming experience even without a PC.


Can you play games on a monitor without a pc?

Nope. It is not suitable to play games on a monitor without a PC unless you have a display device. It can be a gaming console like PS4, PS5, or Xbox. On the other hand, you can also connect your android phone through the monitor. Remember that gaming is possible only if your device is duly connected to the display. 

Is play games on a monitor without a pc good?

Yes, playing games on a monitor with no PC is good enough. There is no hassle in playing games if you have a reliable console or Nintendo Switch. It is because these gaming devices offer something more than a PC does. A gaming monitor is a phenomenal mode to capture or even stream your gameplay. It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing solo or in a team; your gaming monitor fits the bill fully.

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