WQHD vs QHD Monitor Display: Which is better

Have you ever wondered what will happen if you end up buying a PC with all the amazing components but with the wrong monitor that does not support those components? It will make you feel stupid as it will be a total waste of money.

Unfortunately, not many people consider the display type and monitor while buying a display screen/monitor. Our main focus generally stays on the processors, motherboard, GPU, and RAM. Only wise people would consider the display, so if you have considered it for quite some time, you know that several types of monitor screens are available. However, for a layman understanding the differences between all of them would be near impossible. Using various types of monitor screens can only help you find out the difference between those display types.

In this article, We are sharing with you the minute difference between QHD and WQHD, Both have the same resolution 2560 x 1440p but the only difference is the name. Some companies use the term QHD, while others use WQHD. However, Most Companies Use WQHD or Ultrawide labels with 3440x1440p Resolution monitors. Many buyers say that they get confused between the two. However, some smart people have cracked the code and now know the minimal difference between these two types of resolutions.

What is a pixel?

What is a pixel

So whenever you are studying screen resolutions, it is essential to understand the unit pixel. It is the tiniest unit of information you get to see in an image, either moving or still. The number of pixels in an image decides how clear the image would be. It is like someone is telling every detail about something.

There is a different or same color of every pixel on the screen, the pixels assume the color according to the given information. So any screen that has the standard or high definition that is HD pixels will give you clearer images.

WQHD and QHD Display comparison:

QHD is also known as WQHD2560 x 1440p
WQHD is also known as Ultrawide or Sometimes QHD3440 x 1440p

What is a QHD or Quad high definition display?

Now coming towards the common type of display which we often see. So the quad high definition display is the 2k display. Yes, you read it right. Many people confuse it with a 4k display, which it is not.

The resolution in QHD is 1440x 2540 pixels. It is considered a 2k HD resolution, and it is undoubtedly better than the 1080p resolution. To explain it, even more, let us start off with the name of the display type. The word quad means four, so this name was given to it by comparing it to 720p, which is four times more than the 720p resolution.

So if you are a gamer or someone who needs an amazing display, then having a QHD would mean that you are getting a great display.

Compared to the FHD displays, the QHD displays are far sharper, and you get more color accuracy.

What is WQHD or Wide Quad high definition?

As the name implies, the wide quad high definition display means that here they have extended the effect of QHD. It is the same 2k display with 1440p. However, the only difference is its use for the wider screens.

The WQHD is created for the panorama view for large screens. As many people prefer having their TV screen as their PC monitor or need to buy larger than 27 inches monitors for various types of tasks, in that case, the WQHD would be the best display for them.

The WQHD display has 1440×3440, which is more than the normal QHD.

What is the Difference Between WQHD and QHD?

What is the Difference Between WQHD and QHD

The only point of comparison between the WQHD and the QHD is the number of pixels. Although both the Quad high definition display and the wide Quad high definition display have the same numbers of pixels on the vertical side, for the horizontal side, the wide quad high definition display has almost 880 pixels more.

It was to make this display suitable for wider and larger screens to give them the panorama view.

To make you understand its visibility, let us give you an example. You must have seen screens that are black on the horizontal sides, and it is mainly because they are not WQHD and the screen does not support the picture which was taken with a panorama view.

If you are buying a 16:9 aspect monitor, then you must check the display type. Many companies are fooling buyers, as most of the buyers do not understand this minute difference between QHD and WQHD.

Which one is better for gaming?

Gamers prefer large screens, mainly because online gaming has now transformed, and most of those games are action games. So to play action or arcade game, the gamer needs to keep an eye on all sides of the game. To do so, a large monitor would be inevitable. One needs to get a screen that is bigger than or equal to 34 inches. In such cases, the WQHD would be better.

However, we cannot take it as the final word because there are various games that are fine on ambler screens. So if you are interested in a 2k display, and want to have a 24 inch and 27-inch screen, then the QHD display will be fine for you, As a first-person game or fast-paced character game, QHD Display is a Great Choice.

Is WQHD better than QHD?

We cannot give a final statement for this, as it depends on the situation and the type of screen. If you are using a big screen, then the WQHD would be preferable. However, if it is a small screen, then you can consider the QHD only.


Are QHD monitors good?

QHD monitors are great as they give more pixels than 1080p and 720p. But in the end, one should consider his needs and then decide.

Does PS5 support WQHD?

Unfortunately, the PS5 does not support 2k displays. It only works with a 1080p & 4k or FHD display.

What does WQHD monitors mean?

The WQHD monitors mean wide quad-high definition monitors. These are a variable version of Quad high definition monitors.

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