What monitors do pros use? Follow them to get the best monitor.

Finding a great monitor and delivering a high-quality experience is not an easy game. Anyone who takes it as a challenge might succeed. The reason for such complexity is the large number of companies trying to excel in the market.

There are numerous technologies, several panel types, and varying monitors. It is pretty common to get confused. However, one shortcut that may take you to the right option is following the pros.

Undoubtedly, it is the gadgets pro-people use that make them what they are. We don’t mean to copy them, but following what they like or have selected for themselves can take us places.

In this article, we will try to dig out some secrets. What is the type of monitor that pros use, what are their features, and why do you need them? So let us get started.

The Size of the Monitor

The size of your PC screen is very crucial in determining the quality. Even though the size is only an apparent feature, you cannot ignore its importance.

For instance, you cannot enjoy your fighting or mission game on a 19 inches monitor, regardless of how great the pixels and response rates are.

Similarly, there is no use in buying a 32 inches monitor if you are only playing games. It will occupy more space.

So while selecting the size of their monitors, one needs to consider the area. Then he should also think about the use.

You need to check what he would do with the monitor. For a gamer, the ideal size of a monitor screen would be 24 inches. Anything lesser than that will not work best for you. It will affect the quality of the game.

Then next, you need to choose a large monitor if you are into designing. If you are a game developer, then it would be better to buy a 30 inches screen. For the safe side, when you are not sure what will be the actual purpose of buying, you must go for a 27 inches monitor. It will be the ideal size for all the tasks.

What Gaming Monitors do pros use?

Gaming and its quality rely on several display features. A slightly incompatible feature can hugely impact your experience.

To avoid any issues, it is very important to first learn about those features. Pros never miss a new technology that can enhance their gaming experience.


Gamers who are professional or semi-professional use ZOWIE XL2546K monitors a lot because of the great image quality and its wide viewing angles. The monitor has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a 240Hz refresh rate, meaning that it provides a high level of detail for Gaming. Players can see everything on the screen without any issues, making it perfect for competitive Gaming.

– s1mple
– NiKo
– m0NESY
– b1t
– ZywOo
– Twistzz
– ropz
– Shanks
– ScreaMAlienware AW2521H

When buying a gaming monitor, the pros would probably look for the following things.

Panel type

Currently, there are three to four types of monitor panels available. The best ones are IPS and VA panels.

For Gaming, the ideal panel would be an IPS panel. The reason to prioritize the IPS panel over VA is its low response rate, eye care technology, and wider viewing angle.

So while you plan to buy a great gaming monitor, do not forget to buy an IPS panel. On the other hand, if you are looking for an affordable option, then the best would be a VA panel.

GPU compatibility

If you are a gamer, then there is no way to enjoy Gaming without a GPU. to build or buy a gaming PC, one needs to add a graphic processing unit. The graphic processing units are of two types they are either G-sync technology and Free sync technology.

So any ideal gaming monitor would be the one with Free sync and G-sync compatibility. A few monitors are good enough to work with both the Free sync and the G-sync.

If you wish to get the best monitor, then go for the all-rounder, which will work fine with all types of GPU.

Power control

The energy star-certified monitors are the best for gamers. As gaming sessions might go as long as 12 hours; therefore, it is essential to buy devices that will consume less electricity.

A wise gamer will always try to save energy and cut down the electricity bill.

Height and adjustments

Even when you buy an IPS monitor, sometimes, one needs to tilt and move the monitor. So it is better to go for devices that are adjustable. You never know when you will need to tilt the screen for a better and enhanced colored view.

Refresh rate

Playing video games means that there will be a new scene every few seconds. It will not work. That is the sole reason why a gamer cannot rely on monitors with a low refresh rate.

The ideal refresh rate for a gaming monitor will be between 144Hz to 165Hz.

Any refresh rate lower than 120Hz will be a disaster. You will face several issues, like blurred and delayed video. Ultimately, it will impact the quality of your game.

Color gamut

The standard color gamut is sRGB. For a gaming monitor, the ideal one would be almost 99% sRGB. The best one would be more than 100 or 100.


The brightness level is crucial when you play games in bright light. Some people naturally don’t like darkness. So if any gamer doesn’t want to play games in a dark mode, then he may go for a high brightness level. The ideal brightness for a gaming monitor is almost 400 nits or higher.


HDR 10 is the standard for any screen intended to show colors. Even though there are various HDR versions available, the safest option will be the HDR 10. While purchasing an HDR monitor, keep in mind that this feature will only work when the brightness is also high.

Contrast ratio

The higher the contrast ratio, the better color display you will get. Therefore, when buying any monitor, be it a Gaming or a regular monitor, do check the contrast ratio.


Connectivity is one of the real issues with monitors. Generally, monitors come with an HDMI port and a display port. A single HDMI port is not enough for a pro gamer. Therefore, a pro gamer will always ensure that there are ample connective ports.

Similarly, there should be three to four USB ports. Also, USB C ports are very much necessary for a gamer to connect to various devices.

Monitor type

For professional Gaming, a curved monitor is better than a flat one. The reason for that is more focus. A curved monitor enables you to indulge in your game. The ideal curve would be 1.5m, but there are some expensive gaming monitors with a 1.8m curve.

In my opinion, they will be too much. The ideal ones are 1.5 m curved.

Frames per second

The 240 frames per second are ideal for any gaming session. Any monitor offering less than that will affect the game quality.


The ideal resolution would be between 1920×1080 FHD to 4k. The higher the resolution, the better it would be. However, in exceptional cases, when you need to play racing games, then you may go for QHD.

Why is a good monitor important for Gaming?

Many times, people believe that they only need to buy all the necessary parts of a PC for a good gaming monitor. Well, that is not the case. The end results will still rely on the quality of the monitor.

Therefore, it is very obvious why you need to get a great gaming monitor. Otherwise, all your expenses and efforts will go in vain.

Moreover, a gaming monitor will ensure that you can easily connect a GPU to a PC. Also, a good monitor offers a higher refresh rate which is essential for watching videos on the screen.

What monitors do pros use in Esports?

They use monitors with the following features for Esports.

  • High refresh rate.
  • Compatible with both free sync and Gsync.
  • HDR10.
  • Higher brightness.
  • IPS monitors.
  • UHD or FHD resolution.
  • Lesser response time.

The following are two of the most popular monitors used in esports:

  • Zowie XL25 Series
  • Viewsonic XG2431 240Hz

Final words

Following a pro to buy the best article is a fine strategy. There is no way one can buy a fine article without knowing what the best users are getting. We have discussed some essential features which every pro user will buy when purchasing a monitor.


Do pros use 24 inches or 27 inches monitors?

Yes, this is the ideal size of the monitor for any professional gamer.

How far do pros sit from their monitor?

One must sit 50 to 55cm away from the computer screen. but there is no single answer to this question as different pro gamers prefer different monitors for different reasons.
However, most pros tend to play their games at least a few feet away from their monitors in order to maximize their vision and gaming experience.

What monitors do pros use, HDMI or Displayport?

Generally, they use the HDMI port; however, in rare cases, a display port is also necessary. However, Mostly pros also use HDMI monitors because they offer a higher refresh rate and can be used with gaming consoles like the Xbox ne and PlayStation.

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