What does RTS Mode mean on a Monitor? (Benefits of RTS Display Profile Mode)

With a variety of choices in selecting a monitor on the basis of desirable tasks like for work, managing data, coding or gaming, etc., there are now also several modes for performing these activities.

In this article, we will be sharing our thoughts relevant to the gaming monitors, which are designed specifically for giving great quality performances and improved refresh rates.

Having said that, we know that now you can enjoy playing games in numerous modes like with changing music and lights, recorded form, online, and much more.

Throughout years of research, The Monitor manufacturers continue developing new display Profiles in various gaming categories, such as RTS, FPS, or car racing. As a result, users will be able to enjoy an amazing gaming visual experience and will be able to enhance their gaming abilities.

real time strategy game play

One of these modes includes the RTS mode. Let’s learn more about this.

What does RTS mean on a monitor?

In a monitor, considerably gaming monitors RTS refers to one of the strategies that the gamers may need to adopt while playing games with others and creating an environment where they can live every moment.

RTS stands for real-time strategy or is often known as the response time stabilization kind of mode used in modern-made monitors.

Using this mode on monitors can reduce distractions while playing games by bringing more clarity.

Advantages of RTS Mode:

  • With more prominent aspects in gaming monitors (when RTS mode is turned on), it helps you give a step ahead of players with standard monitors.
  • Gives you a high resolution.
  • Less input lag, ensuring more abrupt actions.
  • These monitors support many ports and devices and often have built-in speakers.

Disadvantages of RTS mode:

  • They can be more expensive than other monitors.
  • They might not work for longer life.

What is RTS mode on a monitor?

RTS mode is a Powerful Display Profile mode that has been designed to bring more flexibility in games that may need some sort of fast response or even when you are into videos that require fast and responsive speed.

It also helps in causing low input lag, and it actually adjusts the refresh rate of the monitor by managing the overall screen appearance of the images being displayed currently. Thus, making the performance much improved and helping the user to enjoy every moment more deeply.

This particular model is useful when you are a regular gamer. This mode is very useful when you want your fellow players to play simultaneously with you rather than waiting for their turns sequentially, like what happens in turn-based strategy.

So, you can enjoy games in real time! Hurrah!

When you switch your standard monitor mode to the RTS mode, there will be a quick change in the way the colors attract you by becoming much more vibrant. The adjustment in saturation will alter, making you behind the scenes look more different.

You might notice that now all the objects are more clearly visible enough for you. This all happens due to the changes in the contrast and overall brightness of the monitor. Now you can witness your opponent’s units more closely.

This even leads the sharpness to raise its standards and enables the clarity of the tiniest of the items in the game to get more focused for your eyes. This, by all means, will help in enhancing the performance and making the experience of playing games more refreshing for you.

What is RTS setting on a Monitor?

You can manage your games well if you are using the RTS setting on your monitors. So, you can enable or disable both of them.

enable the RTS setting

How to turn on or enable the RTS setting?

  • First, You need to Select the “Screen-Resolution” after right-clicking the desktop.
  • Select “Advanced-Settings” and then the “Monitor Settings” tab present.
  • Under these settings, set the refresh rate by getting into the “Screen Refresh Rate” drop-down menu. And then, Choose the option and select apply.
  • Now you can see your RTS game, and then you can see the “Graphics” tab and Enable RTS Mode.
  • You can also save settings through F10.

What is the Difference Between RTS and FPS Games?

As discussed earlier, there are several modes running on your monitor as per your choice. One mode is RTS and is used to let more users play the game in real-time. In FPS, this is quite the opposite.

RTS Vs. FPS Mode in Monitor

RTS games that have earned their popularity in 2022 include Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, Driftland: The Magic Revival, Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Age of Empires IV, Starcraft 2, The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-Earth, and few others.

It stands for First-Person Shooter. These are more popular among gamers to enjoy playing many casual games rather than the serious ones being played in the RTS mode. These may include Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, DUSK, Metro 2033, Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus, and Team Fortress 2, some popular FPS games.

Moreover, this genre of playing games has earned around 15000 + gamers who professionally use FPS to have their entertainment dosage.

RTS Vs. FPS Mode in Monitor:

Some monitors have a setting called RTS mode that allows users to control scrolling speed and image visibility. In contrast, FPS mode controls how often the monitor refreshes its image and stabilizes the frame rate.

People are often found to be a fan of RTS and FPS games and use them as per their preferences of the types of games that they usually play. You can get the fastest response time and clear view of your enemies even in darker scenes, which makes them all interesting to use.


With splendid changes in the view of the games and in the experience of the gamers, RTS mode is a good Display Profile to get enabled and play different RTS games.

However, if you are not an RTS gaming fan, then you might not need this mode as this mode enhances the overall screen performance and controls the process of games while managing changing colors and other small details.

You can now enjoy this mode easily.


What does RTS stand for the monitor?

RTS stands for Real-time strategy in monitors. Through this, the users can enjoy a simultaneous experience of playing games in real-time.
The real-time strategy brings a lot of benefits to the player giving you superior and steady views of your items in the games with quick responses to your actions bringing so much thrill overall.

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