How to Set Different Wallpaper on Dual monitors? (Simple & Easy Way)

Having Different Wallpaper on Multiple Monitor setups is always a good idea to avoid confusion while working on two different tasks. It’s easy to set different wallpapers on windows. You can easily use dual monitors, each of which has a different wallpaper.

If you have been changing wallpapers on your monitor, then this method would be very easy for you, and I believe that you already know the answer, but it is only the fear of losing the entire dual monitor setup that stops you.

Steps to set a different wallpaper on a monitor in dual monitor Set-up

Method 1

To change the wallpaper on the monitor, you must go to the display settings of the PC. For that right, click anywhere on the screen, and you will see two options at the bottom of the options bar: display settings and personalizing.

You can either change the display settings to get a different look on the monitor or select the personalizing tool.

Now, you must choose the background, and you can add any image to the background. There you will see an option for choosing a pic, select it, and you will get some options like set for monitor one or set for all monitors.

Method 2

The next option would be collecting several pictures in a single folder on your monitor. Say you want a different wallpaper on monitor 1; there, you must save a lot of wallpapers, especially when you need something different. Otherwise, by following method one, you would only succeed in having the regular old wallpapers.

Now, once you have created a folder with some photos, potentially the new wallpaper, all you need to do is open the picture, or you may right-click on the picture.

Upon clicking on the image, you will see several options. One of them will be to make it wallpaper. That is how you can make your wallpaper.

Next, you must set the image specifications according to your needs and the monitor style. Choosing the right image with good and high resolution is very important.

Method 3: For Windows 11

  • You need to search for the settings in the windows search bar.
  • Then select the “personalization” option.
  • Then you would see the option” background” on the right side.
  • Once you have selected a picture, Just Right-click on the wallpaper.
  • You will see two options Set in monitor 1 and Set in monitor 2.
  • You can choose any of these according to Your Needs.
Set Different Wallpaper on Dual monitors in windows 11

What issues can you face while changing the wallpaper of dual monitors?

Now, from the above-discussed methods, one might think that changing the wallpaper of the dual monitor setup is very easy.

You can change the wallpaper, but sometimes, the PC windows will not let you have any control over it.

Except for Windows 8, the other windows are not very supportive of this idea. For example, you might be unable to decide if the wallpaper would be changed on the primary or secondary monitor.

Secondly, if the image is not compatible with the monitor, chances are that the wallpaper would rotate after every few minutes on the screen, which would be way more annoying for you.

Even though Microsoft had this option to personalize the wallpapers on dual monitors, this was unavailable in windows 10. It was very disappointing for the multi-monitor users.

How to make wallpaper fit your monitor?

How would you know which image is a fine choice for the monitor’s wallpaper?

For me, the answer to this question depends on several aspects. The first thing is the OS. For Windows 11, there is a different method for windows 10, and you would see a slightly different way.

Let us explain each one of them one by one.

For Windows 10

  • In the windows search bar, type of background settings.
  • Then in the background settings, you would select an image option for the wallpaper.
  • Select any image you want.
  • Then select a fit. In Windows 10, there are multiple options. Like if you wish to have the image in the center or stretched on the screen.

For Windows 7 and 8

  • Right-click anywhere on the screen.
  • Then you would see options. Select the personalization option.
  • There the option of “background” would appear.
  • You can select any image or color of your choice for the wallpaper.
  • Then you can set the fit and orientation of the selected image.

Final words

Someone who does not change the wallpaper very often might feel that changing wallpaper in a dual monitor setup is difficult. Well, through this article, we have sorted this issue for you.

However, learning about the windows and OS you are using is essential to make this process easier for you.

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