Is a PC required for a Monitor? (5 Best Alternatives to PC You Can Use)

Well, this question might sound very weird and problematic. But it still exists. Those who have gone too far in the tech world might find this really stupid, but those epically living in developing countries are unaware of it.

So we are here to answer this eerie question.

Before we tell you if you want a PC for the monitor, let us explore the answer. Have you ever seen a monitor used for something other than the PC?

Well, you might have. Therefore, the answer is you do not always need a PC for the monitor. You can use it with a PC or any other device that would provide the visuals. It can be a smart TV setup or a playstation.

What does a Monitor do?


So the first thing to consider is the type of work monitors would do. So by default, Using Device Display Ports, monitors can display anything. It is the main and sole function of the monitors.

It is also known as the video display terminal. It is an output device. If you have studied computers a bit in your school, then you know the difference between an input and output device.

It provides the required interface to the user. The PC will be the software, and the monitor will depict it for the user.

Can you use a monitor without a PC?

So the question is, can you use a monitor without a PC? As the tech devices principle clarifies, you need an input device and an output device, and then you can run the show.

The monitor is an output device, and here the PC is an input device. Together they will create a system.

Now wonder if you can change the input device? In this case, there can be multiple input devices. For example, a playstation, a security camera, or a simple TV connection?

So it is pretty evident that you can use a monitor without a PC.

Is it possible to use a monitor without a computer?

You can use a monitor without a PC in the following scenarios.

Connecting it with the Smart TV device

Smart TV device

Many people who do not want to buy a television are using a monitor as an alternative to a TV screen. In this case, there is no need to buy a PC. Simply get a monitor, and you can set a TV in your home.

It sounds very simple, and you might wonder why people not only buy a monitor for TV. Well, the issue with it is the quality and resolution. The TV screens are far more advanced than the monitors that are used with a PC.

With Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security cameras are the direct input devices; they come with an entire setup. You will need a DVR and a lot of wires to connect the security cameras. To make the security cameras display, you will need a monitor. No, you don’t necessarily need a monitor with an entire PC for it.

However, if you want some advanced functions, too, while you keep an eye on your surroundings, then you may attach a PC with the monitor.

With playstation


Playstation is again an input device. You play games on it; to make it work properly, a good output device is required. In this regard, you can try using the monitor, many people do the same, but as they often do it with a PC too, therefore, they never came across the idea that it can be done without the PC.

However, computer monitors are not a  very good option to play games on through playstation. Instead, you can choose the TV screen.

With Old Technology Like DVD


I know we are too young for that, but sometimes, there will be only CDs to play. How many computers and laptops do not come with a CD ROM? So what would you do in that case? Of course, you will need to get a DVD.

So to make things work, along with the DVD, one will need either the monitor or the TV screen. However, to set all this up, you do not need a PC. A simple monitor will be enough.

Android Phone Using Chromecast


You might want to watch the things you are already watching on your phone, on a big screen. It is possible without a PC. Just get a cable that can connect your mobile phone with the monitor, and you are good to go. No need for a PC here.

Can I use the monitor without a PC CPU?

Many people are confused; how come the monitor would work without a CPU? When we say that a monitor can work without a PC, it means everything that a PC has. It also comes with a CPU. 

A monitor is designed to give you the result of the input. If the input device, such as the DVD or a gaming console, can work well without the CPU, then there is no issue in directly connecting it with the monitor.

Lastly, please remember that any input device that you connect with the monitor should have a CPU. In the case of a gaming console, it should have its own processor; otherwise, the monitor will not work.

How to connect a monitor with a device without a PC?

Now, the question arises, how do they do this?

As it has been a confusing thing; therefore, not many people understand how to connect a monitor directly to an input device without a PC.

For that, one needs to observe the monitor very carefully. You will see that there is a display port on the back side of the monitor. Here you will have to connect the display cable to the input device. To get the results.

Eeyore DVD and gaming console has one. The same goes for security cameras. There is not much hassle for it. All you need to do is find the right cables and ports. You can read the manual too.

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