IPS glow – What is it and how can you reduce it?

Monitors come in a variety of designs and models. Each belongs to its own specific brand and inherits some common yet unique properties from its predecessors. There are different panel types used in monitors, and IPS panels are also one of them.

IPS panels are used in LCDs in a way that, between glass surfaces, liquid crystals are placed. They provide better quality displays than LEDs.

In this article, we shall be discussing IPS glow which is elaborated on ahead. However, IPS glow is somehow related to IPS panels which are used in monitors that are all-rounders in other ways.

What is IPS glow?

IPS glow comes in those screens or displays of the monitors that use IPS panels. Most people are not aware of this phenomenon and often ignore it.

However, it is quite obvious when you start noticing the corners of the monitor displaying some sort of glow mostly on a black or dark picture. This is known as the IPS glow.

It is not such an issue or a problem with your monitor instead, and it is the drawback of getting a monitor screen that comprises the IPS panel technology or the In-Plane Switch Technology.

This glow is due to the glowing of some pixels at the backlit around your corners. Many people who note this phenomenon late or when they get totally aware of it become unable to ask for replacement etc.

It is usually minor in some cases, and in various cases, it is most prominent when you try to see something in a dark area.

What does IPS glow to look like?

As the name implies, IPS glow is some sort of glowing at certain spots of the screen. It actually forms when the IPS panels are made. It is also based on the model type and screen size on which you are experiencing this type of glow.

There is a probability that not all monitors face the same level of IPS glow, and it changes as per the design of the model. It is also noted that the angle at which you see this glow makes it look change every time. In this case, the distance of the monitor also matters.

Do all IPS monitors have IPS glow?

As this glow usually occurs at the edges of the screen and is caused by the use of IPS panels, it exists somehow or the other in every IPS monitor.

However, it’s not the same for all IPS monitors, and changes as per their size, quality, and brand can be extreme in some monitors while it can be just a minor effect in other ones.

Usually, when layering at the backlight and the layer at the front gets misaligned, or the pixels throw some extra light at the edges you can see this happening like when the finger is pressed.

Is it normal to have IPS glow?

It is quite common for monitors that use IPS panels and mostly ignored by people who have limited use. The glow is variant in its form and can be greyish, brown, yellow, or light blue.

We can think of it as a disadvantage of such monitors. You can see whether your monitor has an IPS glow or not as it varies on the basis of the different types of qualities and formations.

For checking, you need to either put some darker background or make your room highly dark so that even lamps are off because it is mostly observed in the dark.

Is IPS glow bad for eyes?

If the tendency of IPS glow is quite strong, then it can be harmful to your eyes, and you might need to fix it or, if possible, change it.

This is because they can shower two times the blue shades that we can see for green and red ones. There are also Nano-IPS which try to control this problem existing.

On the other hand, if you feel that the severity is a minimum of IPS glow, then as a whole, they are better to use than LEDs for eyes.

So, it depends on what category of glow your monitor is showing.

How to reduce IPS glow?

There are various methods of reducing the IPS glow, and this especially becomes important when you see that the glow is taking place in the light as well.

Not only risky for the eyes but also a hindrance in your display while working, so you must look for solutions to cater to this issue. Following are some advisable efforts.

Set your room lighting:

Your ambiance lights really affect the way the IPS glow looks to you. As already mentioned, it is changed for different angles and lights.

IPS glows more visible in the dark, so you can overall improve the lighting of your room or the area where the monitor is placed. This can reduce it.

Glow reduction through angle changing:

To reduce the IPS glow, you can also try adjusting your angle and tilting the monitor a little more vertically. This will ultimately change the way the IPS glow works.

Set the brightness level:

Often people keep their brightness at peak when they work on their monitors. You need to work on it and lower the brightness, which can ultimately help you to reduce the IPS glow. The ideal level, in this case, is 120 cd/m.

Other means include:

  • Loosening of the outer panel.
  • Using replacement option in time.
  • Change your color settings.
  • Try to look at the screen for some time to balance your view.
  • Keep the monitor at quite a distance so that not being too close to the screen can help you more effectively.

Final Words:

This article covers the major causes and the ways the IPS glow takes place in our IPS panel monitors. It also discusses the different severity of cases and what one should do to check for its presence as a whole.

There are several ways of covering this IPS glow, and you can look for them in detail by reading the article above. The IPS glow is not such a big problem but if it gets worse then it is a must to take some precautionary actions.

You must look carefully when you go to buy these monitors. As an additional setup, you can also rub a microfiber cloth on your screen or reset your monitor settings. It is important not to get too worried about it and look for possible solutions.


Can IPS glow get worse?

There are mixed reviews of the people who are suffering from the IPS glow issues, and some say that it is not much bothering, while others suffer a lot as the glow covers all four corners of the monitor and can even disturb sleep.
To be on the safer side, at least go for possible means through which you can reduce this glow.

Is IPS glow a problem?

It is more a defect or a drawback of the monitors using IPS panels, mostly the LCD, than a problem, but if it causes eye strain or disturbance in what you are seeing or working with, then it has to be resolved.

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