How to Get Audio on a Monitor Without Speakers?

If you have been using a PC since childhood, you know the struggle to connect speakers with your PC. Currently, we have two types of monitors available in the market, the ones that have the speakers, and the others without them. The inbuilt speakers are often not as good as the external speakers.

Therefore, many people prefer having a monitor without speakers so that they can attach external speakers and get the audio of their needs and choice.

It happens mostly with gamers, as many gaming monitors do not come with powerful speakers. These speakers are not up to the mark to give you a real-life effect of video games. Sounds are essential to help you get the feel. Similarly, many monitors come with an amazing color gamut, but they do not have powerful speakers at the end of the day. Thus, rendering the monitor useless when it comes to watching movies.

But the only solution to make any monitor an amazing device that provides some loud and clear sound is to attach them to external monitors. In this article, we intend to share with you the methods to do it properly. So let us get started.

Check Your Monitor First.

The very first thing to do in this regard is to figure out if your monitor has the audio input jack or not. Unfortunately, there are several monitors still being sold in the market that do not come with the audio input jack. It clearly indicates that the user will need to go through a long process to extract audio from the PC.

However, if it has the jack, you can save time and follow the method mentioned below. We will see what should be done when there is no audio input port too.

Find Monitor Audio jack

Get the Speakers to Connect with the Audio jack.

It is the simplest way to connect a speaker to your monitor. All you need to do is get the audio wire, which has the round plugs at both ends. Make sure that you have bought the right size of the plugs. In most cases, when you buy the speakers, they give them with the audio wires too.

Now plug in the audio wire in the monitor’s audio input/output jack and the other plugin, the speaker. This is how you can get audio.

Try using the HDMI connection (HDMI Audio Extractor).

This would work when the monitor is without the input jack. So you need to follow these steps to get some results through this activity.

HDMI Audio Extractor
  • The first thing to do is get an HDMI splitter. The reason for that is to separate the audio and the video signals. As HDMI ports are used both for audio and video thus, you can use them for the audio in this case.
  • Then get an HDMI audio extractor. It would be the most efficient device to carry out this method. Ensure that you have bought it from a reliable company; otherwise, you might damage your PC. one way can be to get the one that comes with your Xbox or PlayStation.
  • Install or update the sound driver. If you have an old monitor or PC, then you might not have one. So you should download one or ask some professionals to help you in this process.
  • Now click right on the output device, which can be a speaker in this case, and choose it as the primary audio output. This is it.

Connecting an audio device from Xbox or Playstation

If you are unable to do anything for the sound output, then borrow the sound connecting cable from your friend. If that is not possible, then search for your playstation or Xbox, as they always come with a sound connecting port.

All you need to do is get an Aux cable, like the one you would use to connect your mobile to your car’s audio system. Now connect the Xbox with your monitor with that aux cable. This would be the simplest way to use your Xbox or playstation as a speaker for your PC. You do not need to connect any other thing with the PC except the Xbox.

Try Bluetooth speakers

Use Bluetooth speakers

Thanks to the advancement in science and technology today, we can easily connect devices without even using wires. The last and the most fun way to connect your monitor with speakers are wireless.

All you would need for it is the wireless speakers. Bear in mind that wireless speakers are more expensive than regular speakers. Before purchasing one, you should check them by connecting them with another PC at the shop, as many wireless speakers are only compatible with mobile phones.

Now, once you have turned on the wireless speakers, go to the settings of your PC. There you would see an option for connectivity to devices. Select that option, then open the Bluetooth settings.

Turn on the Bluetooth, the PC will scan for the available Bluetooth devices, and then you will need to select the speakers. This way, the speaker would be connected to the PC. Try playing some sound on the PC to check the speakers.

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