How to Enable 1ms Motion Blur Reduction (Quick Guide)

Motion blur is a common issue in video footage, especially when the subject moves quickly. A 1ms Motion Blur Reduction setting can help smooth the motion and provide a more immersive experience. You can find this setting in most monitor settings and software supplied by Different monitor Manufacturing companies.

In this article, we will discuss the motion blur reduction process and how to enable 1ms motion blur reduction. However, for that, I believe that You should also learn about motion blur, refresh rate, and response time.

What is the Response time?

The response time in screens and monitors is defined as the time taken to change screen colors. On most screens, it is measured according to the grey to grey color or from black to white.

This shift time will decide how responsive your monitor is; a delayed response time means that you will find it pretty hard to use online software on the computer as they require less and minimal response time.

For gamers, it is essential to buy a PC with minimum response time. However, response time is classified according to the colors, so for black to white response time, it can be more than 3 or 4 ms, but for grey to grey response time, it should be equal to 1 ms.

Any screen that shows motion must come with a lesser millisecond response time. It will have a direct impact on the picture quality.

What is the refresh rate?

The refresh rate shows how many frames the monitor or PC shows in a time period. For example, if a screen has a 60Hz refresh rate, it means that its frequency is 60 frames each second. It clearly shows how much it will be affecting the motion blur.

Motion blur; what is that?

The term motion blur is very self-explanatory. It means when the frame rate is changing, and new images are coming up, they tend to stay for a millisecond; if this time is longer than necessary, then it will be counted as a blur, which is obviously what we don’t want.

Even in many advanced PCs, motion blur and high motion blur issues. Therefore, to solve it, many computers and PCs come with motion blur reduction technology.

What is blur reduction?

blur reduction

If you feel that after having the best PC still, you are not getting clear images, then the issue is probably in the motion blur of your screen. It is interlinked to the refresh rate and the response time of your monitor or screen.

If you do not have the motion blur reduction feature, then you might feel a strain on your eyes while using the screen.

For those who are still contemplating what it means, if you see a video and you are stuck with a single frame, you say that the image is very blurry. This is what we call motion blur.

It mostly happens when you are watching a video. So to avoid this issue, we have the blur reduction feature in many robust PCs and monitors.

How to do 1 ms motion blur reduction?

Now the issue is to understand a way to enable 1 ms motion blur reduction. The simplest way to get rid of the motion blur is by using a screen with a high refresh rate.

So if you can increase the refresh rate, then you should go for that. It is not very easy if you want to do it on the same device.

The best refresh rate would be higher than 75Hz or equal to 120Hz. It is the ideal refresh rate for gaming PCs.

Enabling the Motion Blur reduction of LG 29UM69G-B Monitor

  • Download OnScreen Control on PC
  • After installing then open it.
  • Click on Game Mode Settings
  • Here you will see the option for motion blur reduction.
  • Enable it, and you are good to go.
OnScreen Control LG

Here you need to notice one thing. The term motion blur is different for different companies. So you must not get confused while enabling it. For example, for NVIDIA, it is an ultra-low motion blur feature, then in Samsung, it is moving picture response time. So you first need to know these terms according to the company for an easy process.

Why do you need motion blur reduction?

Many of you might be wondering why understanding this method was necessary. Well, if you are a gamer or someone who needs to watch videos where the frame needs to change every millisecond, then you might have come across several blurred screens.

This can affect the quality of your game.

The 1 ms motion blur reduction feature will make the video smooth, with more rela effects. It will be more enjoyable at the same time.

However, if the GPU or the refresh rate does not comply with it, you might make your GPU tremble, and it will result in a disaster. So compatibility of the PC as a whole is a major concern in this regard.

Final words:

1 ms motion blur reduction is one of the lesser-known features. Fortunately, it is available on various devices. You can set it as per your requirement and enjoy smooth videos and gaming.


What is 1 ms motion blur reduction?

The 1 ms motion blur reduction is a feature enabled to get a clearer view with fewer blur frames. When you enable it, it strobes the backlight of the screen, thus giving a smooth video display.

Should I turn on the 1 ms motion blur reduction feature?

If you are feeling the strain on your eyes while watching movies or playing games, then you must enable it.

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