How to Connect DSLR to Monitor? ( Easy Method)

In this era of technology, we see each one of us being a fan of taking pictures or making videos either for ourselves or for our social media groups.

We often do this with our smartphones and then apply several filters to give them clearer and sharper effects with different backgrounds, music, text, etc.

There are also digital cameras that allow the lens to pick the images at their best quality. DSLR is the digital single-lens reflex camera that enables the user to take pictures and capture moments more realistically.


We see many people around us who have their DSLRs, and they seem to take professional pictures because their camera allows utilizing different lens options with the same camera structure.

They often come in a huge variety and sources, and the purpose of having them is important with respect to the profession a person is enthusiastic about.

Usually, we see people who are either good at taking pictures, explorers, tourists, students, etc., having these in their kit wherever they visit. The pictures taken from DSLR can then easily be moved to your PC or laptop and saved and shared, or you can also store them in your drive repository.

DSLR connection with the Monitor, TV screen, OR On-Camera Monitor :

In this article, we shall discuss the connection between your DSLR and your monitor’s screen and how you can do it.

As already discussed, DSLR quality images are those which every person would want to save to ensure their perfect memories altogether. So, making a connection between your camera with the bigger screen is nothing but more fun.

Yes, when you get your DSLR connected to the screen, it gets really beneficial to visualize things, whether a picture or a video, more clearly and at an HD level.

As the DSLR taken pictures are superbly real because of the viewfinder in it, a person feels the actual emotion coming from the scene and experiences the beauty of all the features being captured through it.

Connection Requirements:

You must have the following requirements met so that a successful connection between your DSLR and screen can be made:

  • HDMI cable
  • HDMI Mini cable support
  • HDMI IN and HDMI OUT ports.

How to connect the DSLR to the Monitor?

First of all, make sure that the DSLR and the screen are turned off. Then follow the steps accordingly to get the connection done smoothly.

How to connect the DSLR to the Monito
  • You should be using an HDMI mini to an HDMI standard cable as your DSLR-like cannon will be having a mini-HDMI out port in it.

Note: if you do not have a mini-HDMI, then do not worry. You can get an HDMI mini adapter and get it connected to the HDMI standard cable (any side).

  • Look for the HDMI out port in your DSLR and insert the mini-HDMI into it.
  • Connect the HDMI standard to the screen’s HDMI inside.
  • After this cord connection is established, it’s time to look for appropriate settings.
  • Power on your DSLR.
  • Turn on your monitor and go to the Source or input option available in your settings and press it.
  • Select the correct HDMI for your camera input.
  • Press Enter.
  • After that, make your DSLR active and open its View Finder.
  • If you have successfully followed the steps above, you can now see your camera movements on the connected screen.

Things that you can do after the connection is set:

  • You can now take pictures or make videos.
  • You can open up your already taken pictures and videos and see them clearly and enjoy them.
  • This is useful when you have recorded something like a ceremony on your DSLR, and now you can enjoy watching it on a bigger screen with your friends and family.
  • You can perform editing using other applications in your system.
  • You can save and transfer data between the two devices.
  • The audio of videos is now direct from your system.
  • You can shoot new images.
  • You can zoom in with your camera and find the zoomed image on your screen.

The problem that can occur:

It might be possible that you face certain issues while setting up this connection, like you have inserted the HDMI cable perfectly, but still, you are unable to retrieve your files on the screen.


You must reset the factory settings of your DSLR and do the process again, and the connection will be strong this time.


This article discusses in detail the uses of DSLRs and how they benefit you when you get them connected to your monitors.

Establishing this connection is very flexible and requires certain steps to adhere to in a queue. All the needed steps are also mentioned above.

You can now enjoy working with your cameras when you connect them to bigger screens and can make changes accordingly. You can also Zoom in to see the possible details that were ignored previously.

Hence, you can gain several benefits by setting up this amazing connection.


Can you connect a DSLR to a monitor’s screen?

Yes, this is possible. You need to use HDMI standard and HDMI mini cord for this purpose.

How to zoom images on the monitor?

Once the connection is made, you can tap on your camera and zoom on it as you do on a regular basis, and all the effects will be seen on your monitor’s screen instead.

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