How to clean monitor screen safely?

The screen is a very sensitive and fragile component of any system. Being the most useful aspect, it is exposed to dust and dirt very easily.

Cleaning a monitor’s screen is a must-to-do thing for you, at least whenever you feel the vision is unclear or needs to be brighter enough, or you face certain difficulty in reading things.

It’s not only important for your system but it’s for your own good to protect your eyes in the best possible way and enjoy a clear screen view for yourself.

How to Clean Monitor Screen Easily
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This article discusses how you should clean the monitor’s screen.

Best way to clean monitor screen:

There are several types of methods that can be used to clean your monitor screen safely and make them all good and back to their fresh look.

Types of cleaning:

Cleaning can also depend on the type of residue remaining on the screen or left there for you. If they are just the dust particles scattered around, then you can consider them cleaning through a microfiber cloth, and it’s done.

If the screen has some scratches or smudges, then you can consider using a blend of some available sprays in the market to get them done for you, like Windex electronic wipes, Endust for electronics. These are specifically designed to treat screen-related issues.


When you are done with dust cleaning, and now the problem is the appearing marks on the screen, you can use distilled water and a microfiber cloth combination.

  • The first step is to make sure your system is off and cool.
  • Then spray the distilled water on the microfiber cloth and make sure that the water is not runny enough and will not drip on the screen when it is applied.
  • Apply this cloth on the screen for cleaning finger marks or scratches in one fixed direction. This can be from north to south or from east to west.
  • Once the screen is damped with it, you will see it will be drying out on its own.
  • Use another dry side of the cloth and rub it on the screen.

So, distilled water and microfiber cloth is the best way.

How to clean the monitor screen at home?

People often try cleaning the screens of TVs or monitors at home using several home products or already available sprays present.

What not to do?

There are certain don’ts that must be known to every individual before trying to clean the monitor’s screen at home.

However, this is not the correct approach. You must not use the items that you use for your windows or glasses like several windows, or all-purpose cleaners are available in every home.

Sometimes, people also try using dish soaps or gels, which can quickly clean away all the food particles or spots that we can see on the monitors’ screen.

What to do?

As mentioned earlier, there are ways to do the process safely, like distilled water. This water is specifically suggested so that no minerals can even accidentally enter or create damage to your screen that is present in the tap water.

Similarly, the cloth needs to be the softest, and even pressure should not be applied while cleaning.

Another solution:

If the screen has spots that are not cleaned even though distilled water and a microfiber cloth or the sprays are available, you can try making your own solution easily at home.

For this, take 50 percent of white vinegar (not any other vinegar or apple cider vinegar) and 50 percent of distilled water and make a spray.

As it is suggested not to spray directly, use the cloth and do the same process as mentioned above.

How to clean the monitor screen without microfiber?

There can be other possible means through which you can get your cleaning done smoothly, but it depends on the type of screen it is and how much dust or particles are disrupting your visuals.

If you feel that you do not have a microfiber cloth or there are urgent means required to do the cleaning for your screen, then see the screen that whether it is LCD or non-LCD, and see what you can do.

Compressed air:

Usually, the dust particles on the screen and even on the keyboard of your system can easily go away through compressed gas or air.

There are many reliable ones available in the market today that can easily do the job for you. These include Fellowes, Dust-Off, etc. These can even be ordered online now.

Cleaning dusters and brushes:

Mostly the screen is not an issue, but the corners are tough to clean thoroughly. It requires excellent stuff to do that perfectly.

There are different brushes available in the market that can clean the corners of the screen for you. These include Oxo Good Grips brushes for cleaning. One of the best of all that one could really ask for.

New sponge:

One other useful trick in this case of cleaning the screen would be having a new sponge and slightly dampening it before you apply it to the screen.

One thing for sure is that either the sponge or cloth, none has to be in the dripping form in this case.

Final Words:

Monitor’s screen cleaning becomes a must when the screen is covered with dust, food particles, other spots, and strains, and it is causing a blockage in your views.

There are different approaches which are followed for cleaning your screens properly. These include using a microfiber cloth and spraying it with distilled water, and then applying it in a continuous motion on the screen.

You can use available sprays in the market and some dusters which tend to work for electronics only. It is suggested to not use alcohol-based products and do direct contact with the screen while cleaning it.


Can you clean the monitor screen with alcohol?

There are mixed reviews on using alcohol on screens or not. Some find it good enough for screens and a quick way to get the cleaning done, while others find that it causes further damage.
The results appeared later and not immediately. Well, no, you must refrain from using alcohol and ammonia-based items for your screens.
As new screens coating is not suitable with them so avoid Nail-polish remover etc.

Can I clean the monitor screen with water?

Yes, you can use water to clean your monitor’s screen, but there are limitations in this regard that what kind of water you can apply.
As we know, that excess of everything is bad, so applying it in a dripping manner can damage your machine. It is only suggested to use distilled water and apply it to the microfiber cloth before you get it moving towards screen cleaning.

Can you clean the monitor screen with a glass cleaner?

It is usually asked by people that can we use our glass cleaners for cleaning our monitor’s screen. This is because of the reflection that they can see of themselves from the off-screen that they see in the glass.
Well, non-tech people will consider them mostly the same and will be making this mistake, but ‘No’ glass cleaners are not for screen cleaning. So, use a spray specifically for this.

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