How long do Monitors Last? (What To Do To Make Them Last Longer)

This is a question every PC builder would ask or someone who needs a monitor. Well, having such questions is fine, but expecting to get a clear answer might be wrong.

See, on a daily basis, we use various electronic items, such as fridges, Tv, microwave ovens, and irons; but have you ever wondered how long you have been using the same old device every day? And if so, then why was it possible?

We cannot give you a straightforward answer about how long a monitor will last, but we can help you make it last longer. A few simple tips and usage methods can make the monitor last longer.

On top of that, the build quality of the monitor and its relevance also matters. So in this article, we intend to share with you all the necessary information required to understand the lifetime of a monitor.

Brand and Their Monitor Build Quality

Brand and Their Monitor Quality

The first thing that plays a decisive role in discerning the lifetime of a monitor is the brand. If you have bought it from a not-so-known or less trusted brand, then you never know how much time it would stay.

When we say buying from brands is essential for some items, we actually mean the value you get. The top-of-the-list thing that brands provide is peace of mind.

Whenever a buyer purchases from non-branded sellers, he will always feel anxious. Then they provide you with some added services too.

Lastly, a brand will always be conscious about its image, so selling something without customer support or warranty is not the case.

While a non-branded monitor seller will not consider the sentiments of the buyer, and they might not sell to make lifelong customers; therefore, they might not make the best item. It is only a guess according to the general trends, but you cannot be sure about it.

There are cases when the non-branded monitors lasted longer, but most of them did not.

Compatibility of the Monitor

Here again, we would urge you to believe that the branded monitors are way more compatible. See, a brand does not only manufacture for selling a single product. You might have known that a brand like Acer manufactures all the accessories and main products for tech and gaming. You can buy an Acer laptop, a graphic card, or an Acer monitor too.

However, it does not necessarily mean that buying a single article from a particular brand would only go with other products of the same brand. But it only means that the monitors bought from brands are very compatible with all the advanced articles.

For example, if you buy a monitor and it does not have a USB-C cable, then it is not the most compatible monitor you have.

So, if you have successfully bought a monitor that has all the presently required robust features, such as the HDMI ports, high resolution, lower response time, and compatibility with the graphic cards, then it might last longer.

Advancement In Technology

Advancement In Technology

Many buyers say that if the monitor is still working, it’s fine. Well, the working of a monitor depends on the relevance of its use at that time.

You cannot use a 20 years old monitor for gaming. Can you? Of course, by now, it is obsolete. So one has to consider these features of a monitor before claiming it to be the best and long-lasting one if it is compatible. Otherwise, there is no use of an incompatible device that does not go with the current trends.

The way it’s used

People generally believe that they don’t have to clean or take care of their monitors; well, guess what? They are totally wrong here. Many older speakers and even the current ones with inbuilt speakers have them beneath or on either side of the article; dirt can get stuck there, thus damaging the monitor.

Similarly, letting anyone touch the screen will also damage it. So it is necessary to clean the monitor once in a while to make it stay longer.

Energy Fluctuations

Energy Fluctuations

You must ensure that the amount of current provided to the monitor is exactly the same that is required. Otherwise, it will damage the entire monitor system. Even though initially you will not feel it, after a course of time, it might make the monitor go dead.

Shorter Power Cord

Shorter Power Cord

Another way to damage the power switch of the monitor is to place it far away from the power outlet. The constant tension on the monitor power cable will eventually damage it. Therefore, if you are not placing the monitor near a power output, then things might get out of your hand.


dust in monitor

Dust can be the most troubling thing when you are using a lot of electronic items. Thus, it is essential to place all the important electronic items in a well-ventilated area. In case you have not bothered about it much, then be ready to buy a new monitor in a while.

Always seek expert advice.

If you fear that something is wrong with the monitor, and you tend to open it yourself, then soon you will lose the monitor. Thus, it would be better to call the experts whenever needed instead of trying to open it yourself.

How long will a monitor last?

After considering all the points that can affect the lifetime of a monitor, we can safely say that a monitor, if kept properly or bought from a reliable brand, might last for around 5 to 12 years. In some cases, where it is only used for the purposes for which it was bought, it can last for longer too.

As per researchers, a monitor can work for more than 50000 hours, so it means that it will be nearly 10 to 15 years.

At the end of the day, it is the factors and the way of use that will decide the usefulness and lifetime of a monitor.


Finding out the lifetime of monitors is a very puzzling question. However, there are some indirect answers to it, and we have given you only an estimate. As currently, there are several types of monitors available in the market, so for each type and brand, there will be some other basic criteria.

Saul S. Mitchell

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