How do fit two monitors on a small desk?

Have adjustment issues, or are you looking for more space to put your monitors aligned enough?

It is all possible in this world of technology and amazing developments every single day. You name your problem, and the solution is there in each and every corner.

There is an issue where people desire to set their monitors in an area with limited space or are bound to use a particular small desk.

This article helps in getting out of this issue by using the same small desk to fit two monitors or any related devices. So, let’s dive into it and swim with the waves.

Why fit two monitors together?

Before getting into the methodology that can be used to perform this setup, there is a need to know why this is required or, in other words, why to put two monitors together.

Well, as we are aware of the saying that “Necessity is the mother of invention”, there is the actual use of setting the two monitors in a way that a wider screen can be used in a limited space.

People who are coders or graphic designers usually tend to buy such facilities that can help them in setting their monitors screens and use their views to enable them to perform their tasks more effectively.

Advantages of using two monitors:

Most importantly, we must understand the benefits that these two monitors can give us by setting them together.

  • You can easily switch between your windows.
  • You can save your time by opening a particular link or two on one and working on the other screen by using different browsers.
  • Allows multi-tasking.
  • Increase work motivation and improve the overall effectiveness of performance.
  • Provides a better display.

Size of monitors:

It depends on what work you need to carry out from your monitors, and the size determines the space that would be needed to set them well.

If you have two monitors like 27 inches each then let’s say you would want 60 inches of the desk. However, it is now possible to set the monitors on a small desk space using the ways mentioned in the article ahead.

How to get an ideal setup for yourself?

There often arises questions where people are not aware of what an ideal setup would look like.

Seeing different pictures and setting up your room by following one of them is one way to do a setup, while listing down your needs and then setting up the space is something else.

You can get yourself an ideal setup by:

  • Make sure the setup is under proper light.
  • Ergonomics are properly followed to avoid any strain on the eyes, shoulders, or any other part.
  • A proper distance and balanced chair support are there.
  • Monitors, keyboards, and other devices needed are set accordingly.
  • Your armrest is set well to use the mouse easily.

How to manage your desk space?

You must, first of all, manage your desk space accordingly so that it is easy for you to carry out your needed work.

There are several methods to do so like the following:

  • Use less decorative items.
  • Properly keep your wires or use a wire holder gadget on your wall to prevent them from taking space on your desk.
  • You can keep only necessary items on the desk while keeping the other sometimes used in a drawer or some other near area like extra hard disk or USB or chargers and cables etc.

How do fit two monitors on a small desk?

There are a number of ways through which you can achieve this target of utilizing the space of your small desk and setting up two monitors together.

These tips or hacks can be used as per one’s setup and room or needs. The following items can be used for a small desk setup for two monitors:

Using a Monitor Arm:

Monitor Arm

You can use this arm to set your monitors by hanging them. You will use clamps on the monitor’s edges, and they will hold them very firmly, enabling you to free up your desk space completely.

This arm is the best tool available today and allows you to set dual or multiple monitors. It also creates a productive environment as it supports ergonomics.

This will be set on the desk edge.

You can use a Monitor Stand:

Monitor Stand

If you have a monitor and a laptop and you need to work using both, then you can use this stand to place your monitor on it while setting up your laptop’s screen just below it.

You can also use the space beside the stand to keep other items.

Use a Grommet Base:

Grommet Base

You can also use a grommet base which functions as the monitor arm and is used to provide support for setting up two monitors in a limited space.

This base providing your monitors a top position is useful if your desk has a hole as it fits in it. You can place your monitors in VESA point using this grommet for setting up the cables.

Using a proper shape of the monitor:

Yes, the shape and the position in which the monitors are placed are very important. You can set them vertically to keep them in a limited area, or you can even set them in a V-shape so that your desk space can be handled well.

Buy needed monitors as per their screen sizes:

If you already have one monitor but you are thinking of buying another one and you have a small desk space then it is a convenient choice that you think of your size constraints before going to buy them.

You can get a small monitor instead of getting a bigger one and set them as needed.

You follow desk management techniques:

It is also possible that your monitors fit well on the smaller desk, but you are feeling trouble while working on them because of the number of other items that are placed on the desk.

You must keep additional accessories away and use the space for the keyboard and mouse accordingly.

Best method:

While discussing different ways that can be used for fitting two monitors on a small desk, the best approach is the dual monitor stand.

It has several benefits and not only allows the desk space to be worked upon freely but it also makes your workplace look totally changed and fresh by giving it a tidy appearance.

However, you can think of other mentioned options as well and see whichever suits you the most.


Monitors are used in a large scope everywhere, and now people like to work on two monitors rather than one to feel relaxed and save their effort and time from switching between the devices continuously.

The connection can be made easily using VGA cables, and you can carry on with your multiple tasks. Various ways are devised for using a desk space that is small enough to set your two monitors together in this article.

The best way as per our advice is the use of a monitor stand which is available at reasonable rates and is installed in just 10 minutes.

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