How to Remove Fingerprints from a Monitor Screen – DIY Monitor Cleaning

Do you feel tacky, irritated, and agitated seeing fingerprints off your computer monitor?

Having a clean monitor screen is important for a great viewing experience. Fingerprints can build up over time and leave smudges and marks that can be distracting.

But don’t worry, getting rid of fingerprints is easier than you might think!

In this article, we’ll guide you through different techniques and give you step-by-step instructions to help you get a spotless monitor display.

Whether you like DIY solutions or prefer store-bought cleaners, we’ve got you covered. So say goodbye to those annoying fingerprints and get ready to enjoy a crystal-clear view with these simple tips and tricks.

How to get fingerprints off the Computer Monitor Screen at Home

Surely working at home has its own pros and cons but cleaning the monitor every now and then is quite problematic. Fingerprints tend to be really sticky because them being oily and greasy.

You wipe it once from one side of the screen and you see a splash of grease scattered all over the monitor. That’s the problem with fingerprints. Though cleaning your monitors isn’t too tricky but using the correct method can do wonders.

Let us get into the ‘dos’ of cleaning the monitor at home first:

  • You should switch off your monitor before you jump into the cleaning spree.
  • Use a soft material to wipe off the dust and finger prints.
  • Avoid spraying water directly to the screen, instead, use a slightly wet cloth to clean off all filth.
  • Using a spraying bottle to make your life easy. You can also put in some vinegar in the water to remove hard prints from the screen.

How to get fingerprints off Monitor/TV Screen Using (Microfiber cloth, Distilled water, and Screen Cleaning Products)

There are numerous other ways that can give you a glittering screen, be it your TV or Monitor. You can easily find some of the products at the comfort of your home while a few can be purchased from the market.

Microfiber Cloth

Using a tissue or a hard material to get those marks off your monitors can actually be a problem for you instead. These hard clothes can actually give more scratches rather than wiping them off. A microfiber cloth is the best thing to have happened to all of us. The softness of the cloth easily removes all greasy marks and leaves your screen fingerprint-proof.

Distilled Water

Distilled Water

Nothing better than being old school and not using any fancy substitutes to get those nasty fingerprints off your screens. Distilled water is one of the best ways to taper off all greasy, oil marks without putting in a lot of effort.

Tap water is a mixture of many materials that can hamper your monitors. Distilled water has no contaminants proving it to be a safer substitute to plain water. Just sprinkle a dash of it on a clean and soft cloth to erase all oily marks from the screen. It’s a proven solution to getting rid of those nasty fingerprints.

Screen Cleaning items

We have shortlisted 5 products that can make your life easy and clean off your computer screens in a matter of few minutes:

Screen Cleaning items
  • iRoller: A light weight and a compact roller that wipes off all the fingerprints easily. The best part is its reusability. You need to rinse it with tap water and you are good to go.
  • Calyptus Natural Screen Cleaner: A screen cleaner kit with a towel and a spray that rub away all the dirt from both your monitors and mobile screens.
  • Whoosh Screen Cleaner: A great innovation with a plant-based formula that can easily resist all kinds of greasy finger prints. Spray it on a soft cloth and clean your monitor to get that perfect shine.
  • icloth: These are simple wipes that absorb all the dirt and leave your monitors/tabs/mobile screens finger-prints free.

How to get fingerprints off Macbook/Laptop Screen

We all know the weightage of owning a Macbook, don’t we? And with all its pricey components, you sure want to clean your MacBook/laptop screen aesthetically so as to not damage it. Although people may have found their unique ways to clean their Mac screens, we have shortlisted some of the ways that can help remove the dirt, dust, and fingerprints making it look absolutely new.

  • Before you start with the whole process, plug off your laptop.
  • Lay the laptop in a way that the screen is placed on the floor.
  • One of our recommendations to clean those filthy fingerprints is to use a screen cleaning spray with a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution (IPA). They have no smell and toxic ingredients that may harm your Macbook screen.
  • Keep an old, soft towel to clean any residue and then spray the cleaner on to the towel first. This step will stop you from over moisturizing the screen.
  • Rub the screen from left to right or in a downward direction from the dampened towel but do not mound in a lot of pressure on the screen.
  • Now use a dry cloth and remove all the lint from the screen once more.

You now have a super clean Macbook screen with no greasy fingerprints or dirt stuck on it.

Things to Avoid to Cleaning Computer Screen

While cleaning your computer screen is not too tedious – a task, there are certain things to avoid that will keep them safe and not bring any physical damage to you. As computer users, we are sure you want to know the safest ways that can eliminate the risk of any damage to your screens. Hence, we have prepared a shortlist for your easy read here:

  • Our market is brimming with various types of screen cleaners. Use the ones that do not contain any Dangerous Chemical as it’s a strong damaging component.
  • Evade using house cleaners for example, cleaning bleach or glass cleaners. They will totally destroy the surface of your screen.
  • Avoid ammonia at all costs.
  • Do not use a hard material to rub the dirt or fingerprints off your screen, especially itchy cloth pieces.
  • While cleaning the screen, do not let the moisture go into the edges of the screen. The moisture can ruin the laptop keys easily.
  • Do not put a lot of pressure on the screen. LCD/LED screens are more volatile and delicate and so they need to be handled with care.


Living in any part of the world and not seeing dirt/fingerprints on your monitor is one of the rarest things. But this is something you don’t need to get scared of because getting fingerprints off the monitor is no rocket science. You don’t need a specific cleaning instrument to get rid of those nasty imprints. Just follow the leads to keep the monitor sparky!

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