Does your monitor Overheat? How to fix it?

Does your monitor overheating, and are you looking for a way to fix it?

Anything that runs on electricity can heat up, but each product has a set threshold. Once the device heats up more than that, be ready for damage.

In the case of monitors, it can be worse. There are multiple reasons why a monitor would overheat. However, the result of this heating up would be the same most of the time.

Is your monitor overheating

Nevertheless, if you are wary that your monitor is heating up and behaving abnormally whenever you turn it on, then chances are that it’s overheated.

How to know if your monitor is overheated?

When you use your monitor for a while, then it’s normal for a monitor or any electrical device to get warm when you use it. However, when you touch your monitor and feel it’s producing too much heat, it may be abnormal overheating.

To answer all such confusions, we are here to guide you. Here are a few things that would occur if your monitor is overheated. However, these are not always a sign of overheating.

  • Touch your monitor back; if you feel it’s hot to touch, it may be overheating.
  • Always Check your room temperature first because Room Temperature may cause the monitor to get hot.
  • Suppose you are not using recommended power cable for the monitor. In that case, it may be caused by the monitor overheating because the monitor is not getting a proper power supply to work.

Why is my monitor overheating?

There are several causes for that, and it would vary from model to model. But we will try to answer the most common reasons for this monitor overheating phenomenon.


As time passes, the tiny compartments in your monitor tend to have dust build-up. This dust build-up is one of the primary causes of overheating in all electrical devices, including monitors.

Vents Blockage

The vents are designed to keep monitors cool. Dust or ash can settle down in these vents if not cleaned timely. To remove this dust, you would need canned air. Otherwise, blocked vents would damage your monitor circuit board.

Monitor air vents block

Outer temperature and humidity

There is bad news for people living in hotter regions. They need to invest in some air conditioners and coolers to keep the external temperature normal.

Hardware Issue

If you tried all these steps and still your monitor getting overheating, then it may be a hardware issue.

In that case, you need to contact your monitor manufacturer or hire a professional repair service for further assistance.

How to fix an overheating monitor?

So far you would have understood the simple common mistakes and habits that are leading to this overheating issue. To resolve it, one needs to follow these tried and tested ways. But first, You need to turn off your monitor.

Use canned air

The next thing is using canned air. You can easily purchase spray bottles of canned air. These are the best option to clean the dust build-up in your monitor Vents. While using the canned air to wipe away all the dust, ensure that you have not placed, the can too close to the monitor.

Try changing the power modes.

Whenever you need to go somewhere while working, it would be better to adjust the power setting of the monitor. Keep it at the lowest brightness level. Thus, the temperature would not rise extraordinarily.

Put your Monitor in a cooler place.

You must immediately change your location if you are sitting in a crowded space with no ACs. Crowded spaces are more likely to make the computers get overheat.


Are monitors supposed to get hot?

Yes, just like any electrical device, it’s normal for monitors to get warm or hot during use. However, if you feel it’s getting too hot, Then there will be some technical issues, and to avoid any serious complications, users should fix the overheating monitor.

Final words

An overheated monitor is a sign of a less maintained or old monitor. One must either replace such a monitor for a smooth workflow or try to fix it with effective measures. Otherwise, you may either damage Your Monitor.

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