Do you need a 4k monitor to edit 4k video?

When we talk about buying a monitor, we look upon certain factors that will help us in making a worthy decision, like screen size, weight, build quality, supportive ports, and most of all, the refresh rate and resolution.

It becomes important to know that the resolution is up to your expected standards and it will therefore be sufficient enough to cater to your required tasks or not.

Monitors come in various resolutions, and as it increases, the screen size also increases. There are several display resolutions available in the market today, as we can witness from the table below:

 H-PixelsV-linesTotal pixels% Of 4k

In this article, we will be discussing the 4k monitors and their scope of use to determine whether they are necessarily needed to edit a 4k video or can be managed through other means.

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4k Monitors:

The generic monitors with 1080 p resolution are basically offering an HD view for you with being known as the ‘k’ in monitors, and 4k monitors in this regard are providing four times the quality of resolution that the 1k is giving.

So, those who are interested in getting a high-quality view for their images and videos and cannot compromise on it for the sake of their work like professional video editing, filmmaking, gaming, etc., can go for getting this advanced form of a monitor or even 8k one.

Benefits that you can Achieve when you have a 4k monitor:

Different benefits in terms of professional use are mentioned below:

Benefits that you can Achieve when you have a 4k monitor


As the 4k monitors work with 3840×2160 resolution, it is obvious that their pixel quality is much more than the normal monitor’s resolutions. You can easily trust and rely on the quality of images.

Immersion level:

These monitors work by giving a variable refresh rate so they can lead towards the maximum performance that they will possibly extract from your PC.

An example could be the G sync and FreeSync technology in the available 4k gaming monitors. These assure a clear quality of images with a splendid throw of colors heading with their best immersion level.

It will enhance your level of productivity:

As you work on 4k monitors, remember that you get yourself a 32-inch or a higher screen size so that you can feel the actual difference while working in that huge space.

This will automatically increase your level of productivity towards your work, say it to be coding if you are a professional coder and know how the light and dark backgrounds work for you.


You will have the chance to experience a home theater and create the best environment for yourself for entertainment.

Video editing:

You can do video editing professionally with improved quality of colors. As in this trending world of Youtubers and other video makers on various social media platforms, people spend to achieve the interest of their audiences with high-quality videos.

You can now get them at a reasonable cost and set your targets for yourself.

Aspects to consider when editing a 4k video:

While you are editing a 4k video, there are certain know-hows that you must abide by in order to get a successful result.

These include knowing the following facts:

  • You will need a huge disc space:
  • Your resources will be utilized under pressure like CPU and GPU.
  • You need to upgrade the related parts of your system so that the monitor (being upgraded to the level of 4k) can work perfectly with them to produce below:
  • A balanced image color-wise.
  • You can create visual effects.
  • You can export your videos/images easily.
  • Multiple CPU cores, powerful motherboard, and ram capabilities.

Do you need a 4k monitor for editing a 4k video?

Well, the answer to this varies with respect to the demand of the user. If you want the best result for your 4k video and you can fulfill all the requirements mentioned above then you can surely move to buy a 4k monitor thinking about the long-term use and not a single video.

However, this is not a compulsion, and you can easily edit your 4k videos on your normal monitors supporting 1080 p to do the job for you. This is in regard to your budget and your other components’ condition.


The technique used for this is through proxy workflow or offline video editing. In this method, your original 4k video is compressed to such a resolution that it can be dealt with by your monitors like 480 or 720 pixels.

You can then perform the color correction and revert it back to its 4k resolution and export your work. There are several apps available today that can do the job for you.

At the time of exporting the video, these apps ask for the quality of resolution and offer some premium and paid options.


Video editing is now becoming popular as many bloggers, YouTubers and even normal people use it to show their creativity to their friends and social media followers.

Apart from this, people who do video editing professionally often get confused about buying a 4k monitor for serving the purpose of editing 4k videos.

This article explains the importance of 4k monitors and when you should have them, and buying these monitors is not a must-to-do thing for editing 4k videos.


Do I Need a 4k monitor for a 4k video downloader?

Not reality, a 4k video downloader depends on a PC or Laptop, however, if you want to enjoy the quality of 4k, Then you will need a 4k monitor.

Do I Need a 4k monitor for a 4k video converter?

No, It is essential to have a powerful PC for a 4k video converter. In addition, a 4k monitor will help you see the Actual 4k video quality.

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