How to Connect PS5 to Monitor with DisplayPort?

There are many people out there who are very fond of gaming, whether they do it being professional or just for entertainment purposes. The advancing technologies and upcoming models in terms of various specs and needs of the user’s gaming field have also flourished.

Keeping this in regard, PlayStation 5 has been supporting the great resolution and display with enhanced quality and performance of up to 4K 120 Hz. This ensures a superb gaming exposure to the people who use it.

In this article, we will be discussing how you could connect your PlayStation 5 to the monitor, specifically through the display port.

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How to Connect PS5 to Monitor with DisplayPort

PlayStation 5 connectivity to the Monitors:

There are often chances that for gaining the best gaming opportunities and living in the moment while playing on PlayStation 5 gamers would need to connect it to their monitors.

The process of establishing this connection is not difficult at all and is as easy as connecting the PlayStation 5 with the television. However, connecting to the monitor can be done with the help of a display port as well.

Usually, monitors can present a more entertaining and joyful experience than televisions as they enable you to get powerful refresh rates. This will be less or near only one millisecond, thus providing high-quality performance as a whole.

Display Port:

The connection of the PlayStation 5 with the monitor can easily be established with the help of an HDMI input port and cables, but the display port will also serve the same purpose.

The preference is done by the gamers to get more sharp quality video and frames movement. As a display port can help in providing high resolution and amazing refresh rate, therefore, this connection can serve many benefits.

The display port uses the support of a single cable so that the audio and video transmission is completed successfully, and you can carry on with the input by means of your graphic cards or high-end monitors made for gaming.

How to connect Ps5 by using a display port with the monitor?

To fully feel the gaming activities and have fun through PlayStation 5, it is a must to have set your Ps5 monitors so that they can be connected and used accordingly.

As this port is used as an alternative approach to HDMI, the resolutions supported by the available HDMI to display port converters include the following along with their refresh rates.

  • 4k@60Hz
  • 1080P@60Hz
  • 1080P@120Hz
  • 1080P@144Hz

Items that you should have to make this connection:

You will need the following requirements in order to carry out the steps mentioned below so that the connection can easily be built. These items are:

HDMI to display port convertor
  • An HDMI to display port convertor. (Make sure that the HDMI is active, which means that we need a converter that can work by using the external source of power)
  • Display port cable.
  • A monitor that has the input port of the display.
  • A console of Ps5.

Steps or guidelines for building this connection of Ps5 to Display port using your monitor:

The steps are directed as follows:

  • First of all, you need to take your converter cable, and as you are working with the active connector so you can plug in the USB cable to the USB port.
  • Take the HDMI connector on the connector cable and get it hooked into the HDMI port of the Ps5 console.
  • Next is to attach the male display port cable with the female Display Port using your convertor.
  • Now, connect the other male display port cable’s end to your monitor’s female display port input area.
  • After this, you need to get the USB cable that is present in your active converter to be attached with the USB ports present in the PS5 so that this can help in bringing the power source for the cable being used.

Settings after connection:

Once the connection is made there are some settings that need to be changed and managed for bringing your games to your monitor’s screen from the Ps5 console.

For this follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your Ps5 Menu.
  2. Select Screen and Video.
  3. At the bottom, you will see an option Enable 120 Hz output, open, and set it to automatic.
  4. Then go back and select Saved data and Game/Apps Settings and open Game Presets.
  5. See your Performance or Resolution Mode and set it.

That’s it. You are done!

4K Monitors suitable to go with your PlayStation 5:

As mentioned earlier, monitors need to be compatible enough to go with your PlayStation consoles. Among these, the best includes the following:

  1. M32U
  2. PD3200U
  4. S2721QS
  5. M228U


Are there any display port available on Ps5 for providing connection to the monitors?

There is no such kind of port that you can see on your Ps5 for bringing up an easy connection with your monitors. There is an HDMI port present only.
However, it is possible to establish a successful connection with the monitor using your display port. The process has been mentioned in the article above.

Are there any disadvantages to using a display port In PS5?

Well, yes there is one that usually the adapters (mentioned above) used in this process will be helpful to connect HDMI 2.0 with the display port 1.2.
This limits the connection features of HDMI 2.1 and rejects the use of several other consoles.


Monitor through its capabilities of showing great resolutions and powerful refresh rates is more useful in terms of working with images or videos. It has also become popular to play games using Ps5.

You can easily build a connection between your monitor and the Ps5 console using the HDMI setup, but one other way out is also by using the display port. Being an alternative, it can be connected to the steps mentioned in the article above.

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