How to Choose the Right Monitor Size (A 2024 Guide)

Are you looking for a monitor and don’t know what size to pick? That will help to choose the right monitor size for your first or second monitor.

When You build a new PC and do not think much about the type of monitor you buy, the size and the type of the monitor play a crucial role in making your PC a suitable digital device for your work.

However, I have devised a plan to help you find the best monitor size. Several sizes of monitors are available, but it takes detailed research and needs analysis to make it a lucky charm for you and your work.

How to Choose the Right Monitor Size

How to Choose A Right Monitor Size

It isn’t rocket science to choose a monitor size. Here are the following Things You need to know.

  • Purpose of Use (Like Gaming, work, home, Designing, Watch Movies, etc.)
  • Availability space (How much space does Your desk or Wall has.)
  • Curved or Flat (A curved monitor feels slightly larger than a flat monitor)
  • Panel Type (TN , IPS , VA & IPS)

So in this article, I will explain each monitor size according to the need and use. The monitor size would be different for a gaming PC, while it might be a bit small for a personal PC. So let us get started.

How to choose A Right Monitor Size

A good Gaming Monitor Size

First things . Many of us rely on laptops, and only a few are interested in PCs. These few comprise gamers, too, as gaming PCs are more efficient than gaming laptops.

The ideal monitor size for a professional gamers is almost 24 to 25 inches. But if you’re Casual Gamers you want a more immersive experience from 32 to 34 inches to a bigger monitor.

The main reason why Professional Gamers want 24 inches. because it be easier for the gamer to have a clear vision.

Otherwise,e a smaller monitor size will affect the quality and concentration. Those who are professional gamers need to think about a bigger monitor. 24 inches monitor for gaming is the minimum limit.

You can go as high as you can. However, while purchasing one, you should also consider a few more things regarding the display and the area available to keep that monitor.

For Home and Office work Use

First, let us explain what tasks you need to do through a PC at home or office.

Well, it can be related to work or studies. While you plan to have a PC at home, you might consider watching movies or playing simpler games.

So, I think it would be wise to have a monitor screen between 24 inches to 27 inches. The 24 inches monitor screen would be great for office work, as no one wants to see a large screen while sending emails. You may also go for a smaller one if it is only for office work.

One more thing, if you wish to have a monitor screen for office use that will be placed in the office, then the screen size should be smaller than or equal to 24 inches.

You must be wondering why that is. When your objective is creating a workspace, saving space is preferable. Therefore, you will need smaller screens.

For Dual Setup

The ideal monitor size for a dual setup would be 27 inches. If I keep the need of any user, who wishes to have a dual-screen, it might come up as video editing or some programming.

As these works would require a lot of focus thus, anyone planning to have a dual-screen should buy the same screen size.

So ideally, it will be impossible to keep two 32 inches of screens on a regular-sized table. Moreover, if you think about having two screens of different sizes, it will also be nearly impossible to focus correctly.

Therefore, it would be better to have average-size screens when it is for the dual monitor setup. However, you may choose the bigger screens, like the 32 inches monitor, but only do it when you have plenty of space. Otherwise, everything would get very congested.

Monitor Size for 4K

If you are a videographer or editor, then it is better that you should buy a larger screen, as getting the 4k resolution would be great only when the screen size is in coordination. For a 4k monitor, the ideal size will be between 27 inches to 40 inches.

For most people, the bigger the screen size, the better it was. However, if you feel that 27 inches screen would give you the same results, then it is fine to have the smaller screen too.

The convenience is why I tell you not to buy a 4k monitor smaller than 27 inches. If you get any 4k monitor smaller than 27 inches, it will be pretty difficult for you to read the details.

While choosing the size, you should also consider the distance from which you would be using that monitor. If it is too much, then the screen must be bigger. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

If you are supposed to sit almost 24 inches from the monitor, the screen size should be more than 27 inches.

If you want to have a 4k HD monitor for gaming, then to get the best of those pixels, you must get a 32 inches screen. If it is only for home and office work, then you can also go for the 27 inches screen.

1440p (Best Monitor Size)

According to experts, the ideal monitor size for a 1440p resolution would be 27 inches. Here the situation is a bit different. If you are buying 32 inches, 1440p monitor, you are probably wasting your money because you will not get the expected results.

Next, if you go below 24 inches and are about to sit seven feet away from the monitor, it will not work again. So it is better to get a monitor of almost 27 inches for this resolution.

Work (Screen Size)

When I say “work,” I mean several things. A few works related to screens and monitors would need you to choose screen size carefully. For example, if you think of having one for video editing, it’ll be better to go for almost a 32 inches screen.

If, on the other hand, your work is only related to writing, then a 24 to 27 inches screen will be great. Then if your work is related to management and finance, you will probably have to read a lot of emails. Thus, to get this done, it will be better to go for a 24 inches screen instead of 32 inches.

For programmers, I would suggest a  32 inches 4k monitor. As programmers need to work for several hours, and the coding they do is often written in a smaller font thus, it is better to choose a higher resolution.

Which monitor size is best for eyes.

Consider the monitor size before buying a PC if you care for your eyesight. According to some research, the bigger the monitor size, the better it will be. Well, this is not the case.

Monitors larger than 32 inches give off more brightness and blue light. Thus, the chances are that it will be slightly harmful to eyesight. So what should you do? Buy a small monitor? Of course not.

The small size monitors are also harmful to eyesight, as they will make it difficult for you to read the text properly. So the only option left for people conscious of their eyesight is the moderate-size monitors. Thus, a 27 inches monitor would be the fine choice for eye concerns.

Frequently asked questions

Does monitor size affect the FPS?

The frame per second has nothing to do with the monitor size. FPS only depends on the screen resolution, PC Processor power, and graphic card capacity.

Do you need a 4k monitor for video editing?

It’s not necessary to have a 4k monitor for video editing; you can also edit 4k video on any monitor, but it’s beneficial for 4k video editing.

So remember, 4k video editing can also be done with other monitors. So you do not always need to buy a 4k monitor for it.


Finding the best type of monitor size would be the one that suits your needs. Every buyer should be aware enough of his needs when purchasing a monitor. The monitor size must be selected while considering the monitors’ needs, space, and use.

Saul S. Mitchell

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