Can I use a TV as a Monitor?

Using a digital device, like a PC, or laptop is imperative nowadays, no matter if you are a school teacher or an engineer. Each one of us is bound to use these devices. However, there can be situations when one of the components of your PC might not support and put you in trouble. Here we won’t be telling you the possible troubles, but we intend to share with you an answer to one of the most asked questions regarding monitors: “if you can use a TV as a monitor?”

Well, if you see your TV, then it is more or less like a monitor. Most TV screens come with several ports too, and most of them resemble the ones on a PC monitor. All these facts make one wonder if they can use the TV in place of the monitor.

The simple answer to the question is “Yes” You Can Use A TV as a Monitor but not every TV is compatible with your PC, therefore, one has to check a few things before connecting.

Things to check before connecting a TV as a PC monitor

The main purpose of connecting your TV screen with your PC would be to get the same enjoyment, but it will only be possible when some of the features of the TV screen will be compatible with your PC and needs.

HDMI and VGA Port (Main Thing):

The TV can be used as a monitor, but you need to ensure that the Tv has HDMI or VGA or ports to connect it to a PC or console as a monitor.

Lag time

So the first thing anyone connecting their TV screen as monitors must check is the lag time. TV screens usually come with a greater lag time, thus they are incompatible with PC. However, to find the lag time you can read the details about the tv given on the Tv manual. The ideal lag time to use your TV as a PC monitor would be less than 12 or 10 milliseconds. It would be a rare chance, but if luckily you are able to find such a TV, then it would be fine to connect it as a PC monitor.

Pixels per inch

If you have a 4K TV, then it would be a great match for the PC monitor. But when connecting an older TV, one must consider the spread of pixels. If it is lower, then you will have to bear a blurry screen, thus making it unsuitable for you.

Differences Between TV and a monitor

Differences Between TV and a monitor?

Even though both the TV and monitor look alike, and the only apparent difference is in the sizes, there are still a few technical differences. Before we explain to you the method for connecting the TV to your PC’s monitor, we think it is also necessary to know the primary differences.

Aspect ratio

Monitors have a lower aspect ratio than TV. That is why when you watch the same movie on your TV it is way bigger and more prominent than the one watched on the monitor.


TV screens are always larger than PC monitors. You will not see TV screens available as small as 20 inches but can easily find a 22 inches PC monitor.

Refresh rate

Even though the TV screen is bigger in size, it is not as great as a PC monitor. The main reason is the refresh rate, you might not get the best refresh rate for a gaming laptop on a TV screen as TV would often have a 60Hz refresh rate, and that is relatively lower than an average laptop.

Input Lag

Just like the refresh rate, the input lag, that is the delay, is also different. In a TV the input lag is pretty high, and it is why the TV screen is not always the fit choice for a PC. On the contrary, the PC’s monitors are more responsive and one can easily rely on them when they need to connect several devices while using a PC.

Pixel density

In a monitor the pixel density is really high, however, for TV they do not focus on the pixel destiny. So when you will be using a TV screen as your PC screen, then you must think of placing the screen a bit far; otherwise, it will be hard for you to differentiate between two different objects on the screen.

Price range

The bigger the size and higher the resolution, the dearer an article will be. Therefore, the TV screens are a bit more expensive than the PC monitors.


Both the TV screens and PC monitors come with a wide range of resolutions. But when it comes to TV screens, they are more efficient and have amazing resolutions. 

Why would you connect a TV monitor as your PC monitor?

The main reason why people often wonder about connecting the LCD/LED as a monitor is the screen size. If you are among those, then you must not purchase just any TV for the PC monitor. However, if your case is about need, as your existing PC monitor is not working. Then you should analyze the features of the TV first.

Can I connect my PC to the TV screen?

Surely one can connect TV as a PC monitor, but there are a few things or features that would make it possible. The most important thing is the HDMI cable port, most TV today have that HDMI port.


Using a TV instead of a PC monitor can be exciting, as you get a larger screen. However, to do so, one should check a few features to get the best results. Otherwise, all their effort would be futile and a waste of time in the end.


Can I use a TV as a gaming monitor?

Yes, but here again you should check the features of the TV if they are compatible with gaming. For example, if it has a higher resolution, pixel, and refresh rate, then you can easily use it in place of the PC monitor.

Can I use a TV as a monitor for my PC?

Yes, you can use it as long as you have the HDMI port in the TV.

Can I use the TV as a monitor for my Mac mini?

Obviously, if you can use the TV for PC monitors, then you can also use it for Mac mini.

Can I use a TV as a monitor for my laptop?

Yes, you may use the TV as a larger screen alternative for a laptop.

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