8 Best indoor tv for Outdoor Use in 2022

You might be thinking about getting an indoor television that works outdoors as well? No effort is in vain. Since some well-known brands are working on it, this milestone is not difficult to attain. About the solely best indoor tv for outdoor use, you may find a lot.

Meanwhile, indoors are available with multiple stipulations, including protection from the downpour and direct solar flare. Also, any exposure to outlying conditions like dust, moisture, and debris won’t be helpful.

Yet some indoor televisions can withstand all adverse effects. On that account, you can use them outdoors nonchalantly. Water-repellent structure and minimum reflection mean you can enjoy your favorite streams outdoors with ease. This article will highlight some versatile TVs to be used either inside or outside without a hassle.

A Quick Guide (About Indoor tv for Outdoor use)

A Quick Guide

If you’re going to place the tv set outside, you must comply with specific caution codes. Although it seems adventurous or pleasing to do yet, care is compulsory. Follow the given directions before putting your indoor tv in the open air.

  • Make sure the television is under a shade avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Use a waterproof tv cover and keep it away from the rain.
  • Don’t put the tv set near the fireplace or outdoor grill.
  • Move the tv inside in cold or humidity to prevent rust.
  • High-brightness TV is always the best choice.

When choosing an indoor tv that works outdoors too, you should figure out the below-mentioned attributes. Given that, whether it’s display size or a specific model, these will be helpful for you to go with the best one. Keep reading for more.

Panel Type

To get the best results, you need a high-performance panel. Out of all the display panels, i.e., IPS, OLED, and VA are the competent ones. The tv set on the patio is required to produce sharp and bright images for a clear view. Moreover, the viewing angles should be comparable, either narrow or wide. The image quality and color must be good enough if visually accessible. In short, OLED panels are well-built to use outdoors.

Brightness Level (Choose High nits TV)

For better vision outdoors, pick a high dynamic range tv set. They offer a reasonable contrast ratio that will upkeep the lively display tone. HDR-based tv will minimize the reflection to a greater extent, providing an excellent vision. However, by increasing the nits of the display, you can get rid of the dark screen. In this way, to alleviate the glare, enhance the brightness mode.

Hence, up till now, the highest screen brightness is almost 350-930 nits. Remember to choose a highly bright display tv in the yard.

Screen Size

The screen size of the tv should lie between 60-80 inches. Choose the large screen for the patio. It will be a fantastic experience for you to have a cinematic vision. On the other hand, a large screen comes with a high resolution used outdoors.

Having a 60plus inch screen can make you feel like you are part of the show itself. Thus, find an epic display system to get a more spectacular and gigantic view of the telecast.


You should go with the best one among all the indoor tv brands that you can use outdoors. Any feature-rich tv set that is well-built and high-quality is something worth consuming. Various brands cater to distinct features in tv sets such as top-grade display, sound, screen size, and resolution.

Also, carefully consider the weight and screen type while choosing an outdoor branded tv. Consequently, it will make you pick a saving grace tv set fit for placing in the backyard.

Top 8 The Best indoor tv for Outdoor Use

An average person may find it challenging to choose the brightest indoor television for outdoor use. We have compiled the list of the Highest Brightness Nit Indoor TVs for Outdoor Use.

Image Product Details
SAMSUNG 55 Inch QLED Smart TV 1. SAMSUNG 55 Inch QLED Smart TV
  • Brightness:Upto 1500 nits
  • Panel Type:Neo QLED
  • Refresh Rate:120 Hz
SAMSUNG 50-Inch Neo QLED Smart TV 2. SAMSUNG 50-Inch Neo QLED Smart TV
  • Brightness:Upto 1910.96 nits
  • Panel Type:Neo QLED
  • Refresh Rate:TBD Hz
Hisense ULED 50U6G 4K Premium QLED 3. Hisense ULED 50U6G 4K Premium QLED
  • Brightness:Upto 600 nits
  • Panel Type:QLED
  • Refresh Rate:60 Hz
LG OLED G1 4k Smart TV 4. LG OLED G1 4k Smart TV
  • Brightness:Upto 870 nits
  • Panel Type:OLED
  • Refresh Rate:120 Hz
Sony A90J 55 Inch TV 5. Sony A90J 55 Inch TV
  • Brightness:Upto 780 nits
  • Panel Type:OLED
  • Refresh Rate:120 Hz
  • Brightness:Upto 565.92 nits
  • Panel Type:OLED
  • Refresh Rate:120 Hz
Hisense ULED Premium 65U7G TV 4K 7. Hisense ULED Premium 65U7G TV 4K
  • Brightness:Upto 744.22 nits
  • Panel Type:OLED
  • Refresh Rate:120 Hz
TCL Smart Roku TV (55S435) 8. TCL Smart Roku TV (55S435)
  • Brightness:N/A
  • Panel Type:LED
  • Refresh Rate:60 Hz

1 – Hisense ULED 50U6G 4K Premium QLED

Hisense ULED 50U6G 4K Premium QLED


Brand: Hisense | Size: 50 Inches | Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 60Hz | Display Technology: QLED | Brightness: Upto 600 nits

Have you renovated your resort’s living room and are looking for a high-end tv? Why not go for Hisense ULED, which comes with 50U6G technology. Further, the tv enables viewers to enjoy a sharp and bright visual. Also, you get to see accurate colors through this excellent tv due to quantum dot color.

You will enjoy your viewing experience even more with the budget-friendly model’s extra features. The Hisense model comes with a VA panel, too, which makes your viewing exceptional in both dark and bright rooms. The built-in smart interface is yet another interesting thing about the tv because you can download tons of apps and spend quality time.

It is not ideal for wide seating arrangements due to the narrow viewing angles, which prevent people from viewing the TV from different angles. The 50 inches of screen size makes the tv ideal for many viewers. In addition to that, it comes with a 2160p resolution, which is ideal for watching movies.

Moreover, the TV features motion enhancement technology that most of the latest designed TVs have. Even better, Hisense wants to make 4K ULED and quantum dot color available to everyone, so it’s a plus point if you buy a TV from this brand.


  • The Hisense tv has a premium display
  • No quality issues witnessed
  • It comes with easy audio and video settings
  • The tv comes with excellent picture quality


  • Limited to 60Hz refresh rate
  • It doesn’t support any other variable refresh rate.




Brand: LG | Size: 48 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 120Hz | Display Technology: OLED | Brightness: Upto 565.92 nits

Do you plan to replace your old TV with a new one featuring infinite contrast? Opt for an LG OLED tv that comes with a self-lit OLED. Moreover, the tv has 100% color fidelity which makes it more user-friendly.

As a gamer, you can also get the best gaming information from the series. With a screen size of 55 inches, this TV is perfect for many people. The best part about the tv is its resolution which is 3840 x 2160. The incredible refresh rate is 120 Hz. Whether you are watching a movie or a tv show, your content comes to life with 8 million tv pixels.

The brilliant colors and contrast that the LG tv portrays steal the show. Sound and picture adjustment happens automatically, so you don’t need to change the settings now and then.

The a9 Gen4 AI processor makes your life easy as it helps in easy detection of scenes and eagerly understands the algorithms so that your content looks no better than the premium content. However, if you intend to play games on TV, the game optimizing feature is always there, which helps you access all the games on TV.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • It comes with a future-proof HDMI 2.1 connectivity
  • Perfect for gaming with additional gaming features
  • You get to exposure a home cinema experience


  • WebOS does not possess some of the useful apps
  • The sound quality is not up to the mark

3 – SAMSUNG 55 Inch QLED Smart TV



Brand: Samsung | Size: 55 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 120Hz | Display Technology: Neo QLED | Brightness: Upto 1500 nits

Is your old television abandoning you, and are you in search of a new, reliable one? Samsung 55-inch class neo is the most suitable choice for you. Moreover, quantum matrix technology details your night view to a great extent. No matter what you watch, you always watch quality and premium content through this tv.

The tv features AI-based deep learning, which makes the tv technologically advanced. You get to see billions of colors through this high-end TV. It enables you to view rich colors with high contrast. Even more, the vivid colors make your content worth watching.

This TV offers beast brightness nits up to 1500 Hz, making it the best Indoor Tv for outdoor usage.

You will make an excellent decision if you watch action movies and sports on this Samsung 55-inch tv because the 120 Hz motion Xcelerator turbo transforms a blurry picture into a clear one. The high-quality sound lets you experience the best viewing experience. The sound goes with the action on your tv screen.


  • It’s easier to access different apps with Alexa built-in
  • The box contains some essential accessories
  • The tv portrays high picture quality
  • Comprise excellent brightness


  • Streaming is hard on the tv
  • Tizen apps do not work smoothly

4 – Sony A90J 55 Inch TV (XR55A90J)

Sony A90J 55 Inch TV (XR55A90J)


Brand: Sony | Size: 55 Inches | Resolution: 4k | Refresh Rate: 120Hz | Display Technology: OLED | Brightness: Upto 780 nits

Are you looking for a tv with revolutionary tv processing technology? Sony A90j is the ultimate choice for you. The 4K resolution tv lets you view billions of colors and unveil the accurate colors. Your human eye will get a good treat after watching videos on this incredible tv.

You get to experience pure blacks, high peak brightness, intense contrast, and natural colors through this 55-inch tv. The bright OLED picture takes you deep inside the realism. The sony tv is known as a google tv that tends to browse 700,000 plus tv episodes and movies.

Regardless of where you live, you can now watch your favorite movies without leaving your living room. Furthermore, Alexa is always ready to help you whether you want to change the channels or adjust the volume; Alexa does it for you. Interestingly, the XR motion clarity lets you watch your favorite sports without letting you experience any blur.


  • Ideal for PlayStation 5 users
  • The sound comes with the video
  • Ensures cinematic experience from home
  • It comes with phenomenal picture quality


  • The tv is expensive
  • It comes with a slow file manager

5 – SAMSUNG 50-Inch Neo QLED Smart TV

SAMSUNG 50-Inch Neo QLED Smart TV


Brand: Samsung | Size: 43 – 98 Inches | Resolution: 4k | Refresh Rate: TBD Hz | Display Technology: Neo QLED | Brightness: Upto 1910.96 nits

Is quantum matrix technology widely spreading among TVs? You are the one lagging, then surely equip your tv lounge with this great Samsung 50-inch class neo tv. Moreover, you can enjoy both scenes, dark and bright, due to quantum matrix technology.

Even better, the neo quantum processor ensures you a 4k resolution on every watch. The best part about the tv is that the object tracking sound makes things much simpler to understand. Meaning the audio is always with the action. Isn’t that interesting? In addition, if you use NextGen tv, you can surely access high-quality content within your tv because of the built-in tuners.

With its high brightness of 1910 Nits, the Samsung Neo QLED Smart TV is one of the most attractive indoor TVs You can use Outdoor.

You will always experience the 3D vivid sound while watching anything on the Samsung tv. Also, you will never experience motion blur due to the 120hz motion enhancer. If you love playing games in your leisure time, this Samsung model is perfectly your match as you will never encounter lag, tearing, or stuttering.


  • Always get to see optimized pictures.
  • A wide viewing angle lets you view from all angles regardless of the seating arrangement.
  • It comes with a 120 HZ refresh rate.
  • Works with several applications such as Amazon Alexa, Bixby, etc


  • The tv comes with too much blooming
  • The tv has poor viewing angles

6 – TCL Smart Roku TV (55S435)

TCL Smart Roku TV (55S435)


Brand: TCL | Size: 43 – 85 Inches | Resolution: 4k | Refresh Rate: 60 Hz | Display Technology: LED | Brightness: N/A

Does your tv lounge need a 55″ smart tv? Why not opt for the TCL 55-inch smart tv, which fulfills all your viewing needs. Not only viewing but easy voice control also makes your day. Even more, amazon Alexa and google assistant help you find the movie titles you are looking for.

Isn’t the TV worth buying? It is just a matter of using your voice instead of typing, and you are already there. The versatile 4K ultra HD delivers the best detail and great visual exposure. Also, the tv features HDR, which ensures bright and rich colors to enable you with a realistic view every time you watch your favorite content on TV.

So now you can stream thousands of movie channels, tv shows, and whatnot. Also, you will not have to face those complex menus as everything is just right in front of you. You can access the entire TV because everything is at your fingertips. Yes, it is that simple!


  • It comes with exceptional picture quality
  • The tv contains a great value for money
  • Built-in smart features make the tv user-friendly for many users
  • The tv has an excellent quality


  • The tv does not support HDMI 2.1
  • Signing up for the ROKU account requires your credit card number.

7 – LG OLED G1 4k Smart TV (OLED55G1PUA)

LG OLED G1 4k Smart TV (OLED55G1PUA)


Brand: LG | Size: 55 – 77 Inches | Resolution: 3840 x 2160 | Refresh Rate: 120 Hz | Display Technology: OLED | Brightness: 870 nits

Are you more of a speaking person rather than a typing person? Buy LG OLED Alex built-in tv that allows you to speak up when looking for something on TV. Typing may take a few seconds of yours, but you instantly get your results when you speak.

The OLED Evo tv promises you a bright and clear view no matter what you watch. Even more, the tv comes with a gallery design as it looks like scenery that is put on your wall without any gap in between. Your home surely turns into an art gallery. The brilliant OLED display makes your content look real with 8 billion tv pixels.

Also, you will get to witness billions of rich colors and high-end contrast making your viewing valuable. The a9 gen4 AI processor helps you adjust sound and picture automatically.

Moreover, the latest processor increases your viewing capability by learning algorithms to detect different scenes. This makes your content more interesting. The hands-free voice control feature allows you to control your tv with your voice. Isn’t that an innovative approach?


  • It comes with high fidelity speakers
  • It comes with high-quality immersive sound
  • The tv is rich in colors
  • The tv is worth buying


  • The picture quality is not worth it
  • The tv has a heavyweight

8 – Hisense ULED Premium 65U7G TV 4K

Hisense ULED Premium 65U7G TV 4K


Brand: Hisense | Size: 55 – 75 Inches | Resolution: 4K | Refresh Rate: 120 Hz | Display Technology: OLED | Brightness: 744.22 nits

Are you looking for an Alexa-compatible tv? Hisense is the right choice for you. If you are a gamer, then gaming on this tv is as smooth as butter. Besides, the TV features a quantum dot that enables you to view billions of colors and experience the accurate colors on the screen.

The size of the tv lets you enjoy full-throttle gaming, action-packed movies, and full-on sports. Also, you can enjoy uninterrupted gameplay because of the advanced gaming tech feature. The high-speed HDMI inputs let you play any game smoothly.

Moreover, ultra-motion plays a vital role in eliminating all types of digital noise which may impact a moving object. Meaning everything you watch on this tv is crystal clear. Even more, the 120Hz refresh rate is the cherry on the top.

The Dolby vision lets you expose the cinematic experience for whatever you see or hear. The 4K HDR content makes your day. You will always feel like you are in a cinema while watching this TV content.


  • Hands-free voice control
  • Easy tv controlling features
  • Support google assistant and Alexa compatible
  • Promise a cinematic experience


  • It comes with a low input lag
  • HDR gaming is not excellent

What are the Advantages of Indoor Television?

Indoor televisions are the best choice so far. They are durable and easily usable at the same time. The indoor tv set is worth considering as packed with many features. Whether it’s cold or a bright sunny day, the indoor tv is discrete from all. Indoor television has some incredible advantages, which you will discover here. Dig into the details mentioned next.

  • Ahead of all, the indoor TV works best at room temperature and in severe ones. Consequently, If the weather suddenly changes, you won’t have to worry about the tv present indoors. An ideal indoor television can endure 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit temperature.
  • Further, the indoor TV will operate incessantly in a highly lit room. It is so that whatever is the light intensity, indoor tv provides a reasonably sharp image with an appropriate brightness level.
  • The indoor-specific television is not open to the outdoors air constituents, so it lasts longer than the other ones. These are protected from the direct encounter of smut or soot outdoors.
  • Moreover, they can also withstand a bit of dampness at room temperature. Almost 35-50% humidity level is safe for indoor tv. Thus, whether it’s a heavy downpour or mist, the tv will function smoothly irrespective of all.

What are the Disadvantages of Indoor Television in Outdoor Use?

It is important to discuss the demerits of TVs installed outdoors. Your Tv set may probably wear out within no time if not maintained for open-air use adequately. The dirt, smut, or moisture is likely to affect the outdoor TV adversely. The TV set may lose endurance from rusting to internal machinery damage. 

  • Firstly, direct exposure to sunlight on a sunny day is highly harmful. In addition, the UV radiation will increase the inner heat content of the tv, resulting in severe damage to its working. In the outdoors, if the TV is close to any heat source like a grill or heater, then it may shut down instantly due to overheating.
  • Secondly, in case of a downpour or even a drizzle, the tv set installed outdoors is potentially on the verge of chaos. It is because the dampness is a killer for it. Despite fixing the waterproof cover, the moisture seeps through the casing continually. Ultimately, the set will exhibit a distorted image on the screen.
  • Thirdly, the outdoor placed tv sets are not very long-standing compared to the other ones. The reason is that they are more open to the air components incorporated with grime or dust particles. These reduce the brightness level and damage the internal tubes or other electrical components, causing short circuits or more.

Final Words:

Summing up the whole discussion, indoor tv can use in the open air if protected wholly. Nowadays, outdoor tv sets are appealing to the masses. Therefore, they can be pricey for you. Anyhow, if you can’t afford that, just use the former one too.

Further, place outside the indoor tv set affixed with safety covers and waterproof material. Many tv brands are endorsing top-quality tv sets that are indoor-specific but can install outdoors too. You can pick anyone that suits you well. Enjoy your favorite tv streams, either sports or live telecast, anytime on the patio.

Hence, enjoying fun outdoor activities on your deck is possible without sacrificing your home’s luxuries.


what are the best Indoor TVs for outdoor use?

To choose a TV that is suitable for outdoor use, you need one that has a high brightness panel, such as the SAMSUNG QN55QN85AAFXZA and QN50QN90AAFXZA.

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