AOC u2790vq Vs. Philips 276e8vjsb Monitor: What’s the Difference?

While trying to find an affordable yet kickass monitor for our own gaming purposes, we came across two monitors that just plain stole our hearts, the AOC u2790vq and the Philips 276e8vjsb.

And what better way is there to express our sheer awe and amazement of these two monitors than by penning down each and every single one of their specifications, including their brand, display, and even their weight.

These 27 Inch 4K UHD Monitors are absolute beasts for gaming, and You will also appreciate their flat screens since they allow gamers to fully immerse themselves in their games.

With that said, let’s take an in-depth look into why these two monitors are some of the best monitors the electronics industry has to offer.

AOC u2790vq Vs. Philips 276e8vjsb : Comparison

The following comparison includes specs, features, benefits, and disadvantages. Choosing the right monitor for your work will be easier after reading this comparison.

AOC u2790vq MonitorPhilips 276e8vjsb Monitor
Preview:Philips 276e8vjsb
Display:3840×2160 (27 Inches)3840×2160 (27 Inches)
Panel Type:IPSIPS
Refresh Rate:60 Hz60 Hz
Response Time:5ms5ms
Brightness:350 nits350 nits
Ports:DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, HDMI 1.4, D-Sub, 3.5mm Audio Out 2.0DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 2.0, Headphone Jack
Color Support:1 billion colors1.07 billion
Pros:+ Good Design and Color Quality
+ Excellent color gamut
+ Good Image Quality
+ Crisp 4k Resolution
+ Great viewing angles
+ With low input lag
+ Good Response time
+ Bright and precise colors
+ Affordable Price
Cons:60 Hz Refresh Rate
No adaptive sync
60 Hz Refresh Rate
No adaptive sync
Price:Check PriceCheck Price


AOC and Philips are both no joke when it comes to brand reliability as both companies have been operational for over a decade and have continued to serve their myriad customers diligently throughout the years.

So much so that they’re both considered two of the best electronics brands in the world. Gamers especially have massive respect for both brands as both have come up with some of the best gaming monitors in recent memory, including the two we’re talking about right now.

Design and Display

Both monitors boast a Flat screen though which obviously helps keep the player immersed while they are gaming.

The Philips 276e8vjsb’s Desing also helps it occupy a bit less space than the AOC u2790vq, which is a feature worth its weight in gold if you intend to place the monitor in a smaller space.

Now, in terms of display, both monitors are pretty much equal as they both possess a 4K UHD wide view with ultimate clarity and a 27-inch screen that’s absolutely perfect for gamers of all ages.

However, we have to give a slight edge to the AOC monitor as its 4K IPS display with wide gamut coverage and good accuracy make it increasingly easier to view from difficult angles, whereas the Philips monitor is more or less front angle oriented.

Refresh Rate

Unfortunately, neither Philips 276e8vjsb nor AOC u2790vq has any adaptive sync solutions such as Nvidia’s G-Sync or AMD’s FreeSync, which is why they both offer a constant refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Some may consider their 60 HZ refresh rate to be on the lower side of the spectrum but considering the price that both monitors are available for, we’re still convinced these are some of the best budget gaming monitors going around today.


When it comes to a resolution, both brands are at the top of their game as both the Philips 276e8vjsb and AOC u2790vq offer a full 4K display in Ultra High definition and at a relatively low price compared to some of the other 4K monitors on the market.

For readers who want a more precise description of the resolution, both monitors boast a 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution.

Response Time

Until now, we’ve seen how similar both monitors are when it comes down to individual features, including resolution, refresh rate, and display. Well, when it comes to their individual response times, both Monitors have the same response time of 5 ms.

You may believe that a 1ms difference in response times isn’t such a big deal in the overall bigger picture, but the readers who are intimately familiar with monitors would know that when it comes to response timings, a 1ms difference is actually huge in the overall context.

Weight and Dimensions

The Philips 276e8vjsb wins in the weight department as well because after carrying out feverish research, we learned that the total weight of the monitor with its stand is 4.84 Kg or 10.67 lbs.

On the other hand, the AOC u2790vq has a total weight, including its stand, of 5.15 Kg or 11.35 lbs which is considerably higher than the Philips monitor.

However, all of us here strongly believe that the extra weight of the AOC monitor is due to its stand that the actual weight of the monitor itself is equal or almost equal to the Philips monitor.


Last but not least, it’s incredibly important for every potential monitor user to know about each and every connectivity option available in every monitor they come across.

The AOC u2790vq is far superior to its counterpart in this respect as it boasts an impressive 1 x HDMI 1.4, 2 x HDMI 2.0, 2 x DisplayPort 1.2, 2 x D-sub and 1 x 3.55mm Audio Out 2.0 port.

Whereas its Philips counterpart only possesses a 2 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x DisplayPort 1.2, and 1 x 3.55mm Audio Out 2.0 port.

Video Review of AOC u2790vq and Philips 276e8vjsb Monitor


So, there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, that was our article comparing the specification of the Philips 276e8vjsb and the AOC u2790vq and also explaining why they’re two of the best 4K monitors in the market today.

As you’ve probably noticed yourself, there’s not much to split the two monitors, and both boast almost exactly the same specs. Some notable differences though are the lower response time of the Philips monitor and its relatively lightweight.

However, when it comes to extra features such as built-in speakers and connectivity options, the AOC u2790vq has the Philips 276e8vjsb beat dead to rights.

All in all, the choice of monitor always comes down to the customer’s preferences and what they like and enjoy in a monitor. Thus, the final decision on which monitor is better is always going to be yours.


Does AOC u2790vq Have Speakers?

No, the AOC u2790vq comes with a built-in speakers Chip Which Will Help to Connect External Speakers, In addition to a USB 3.0 hub which makes it a cut above the rest of the Quad HD desk monitors out there.

Does Philips 276e8vjsb have Built-in Speakers?

Unfortunately, unlike its competitor monitor, Philips 276e8vjsb does not possess built-in speakers, which effectively means you’ll have to buy the speakers separately if you want the full monitor experience.

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