Acer xfa240 vs. Asus vg248qe: Which is better?

Finding a gaming monitor? It seems as easy as searching for a regular monitor, but in reality, it is a hard nut to crack. You might need to learn a few things, among them, there are reviews and comparisons, so here we are with one.

Whenever you would head out for the gaming PC accessories, both Acer and ASUS brands would show up. They have specialized in the gaming niche, and rightfully so they would have a wide range of products.

Acer xfa240 vs. Asus vg248qe

Acer xfa240 vs Asus vg248qe: Comparison

In this article, we will compare Acer XFA240 and ASUS VG248QE; both these monitors are nearly the same, but there are a few features that are different, and these are the ones that will make it a hit or miss for you.

Display:1920 x 10801920 x 1080
Panel Type:TNTN
Refresh Rate:144Hz144Hz
Response Time:1 ms1 ms
Brightness:350 nits350 nits
Ports:DisplayPort 1.2,HDMI 1.4, DVI , 3.5mm audio In/OutHDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2, DVI, 3.5 mm Audio In/Out
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price


You might not be surprised by it, because Asus and Acer have been manufacturing sveerla similar displays for the same price.  Everything is the same, both have a 24 inches display. You will not feel any difference while using the screens.

However, the aspects and ratios are different, the Acer monitor is different and wider. It also has thin bezels. While the Asus VG248QE comes with thicker bezels, and an elongated side ratio.

Refresh Rate

Here again, they come with the same refresh rate. Both have a 144Hz refresh rate. You can easily use these as a gaming monitor for racing and aiming games. There is no difference when it comes to the refresh rate.


For me, the Acer XFA 240 has a better and ergonomic design. When you see it as a gaming PC monitor you would realize what I have felt. On the other hand, the Asus VG248QE comes with a long monitor shape, which might not suit gamers.

Then the Acer monitor is a bit higher than the Asus monitor. However, both these monitors can tilt, and swivel very easily.

One additional feature that might make you think about the ASUS VG248QE is the holder for the cables. To decrease the amount of possible mess on a computer table, this cable holder is very essential. In terms of strength and sturdiness. The Acer monitor is not very strong, however, the ASUS monitor feels stronger. For the VESA mount, the ASUS monitor seems more compatible, while the Acer monitor would need to be made compatible.


Both have the same resolution. It is 1920×1080 for both these monitors. One does not need to compare this feature. But just for the sake of this article, we are mentioning it.

Response Time

The GTG response time for both these monitors is 1 ms. It is in fact ideal for gaming. So if you want to purchase either of these, it is safe for gaming.


The ASUS monitor comes with one HDMI port, and two USB ports only. It is in fact not enough for a professional gamer. I was expecting a display port too.

On the other hand, the Acer monitor also has one HDMI, one DVI, and one display port. Here the display port is available, and it would make a lot of difference for the buyers.


If you wish to have a monitor with good sound quality, then it would be better to go for the Asus VG248QE as it comes with some advanced speakers. However, both these monitors have two speakers, but the software used in the Asus monitor is advanced. It comes with stereo RMS speakers. While the Acer monitor has simple 2W speakers. In comparison, the ASUS speakers are better.


G-sync technology is still in trend, and many people who are thinking of getting a gaming PC to know how important it is to buy a monitor which supports both Free-sync and G-sync. Among these two monitors, the Acer monitor supports both the free-sync and the G-sync. So if you have any plans of switching to the G-sync then the Acer XFA 240 will be the best for you.


The Asus has got you covered, and you can get a three-year warranty with this monitor. Sadly the Asus XFA 240 does not come with a warranty. If you are afraid of investing money in a gaming monitor, then it is advisable to go for the one with a warranty.

Final Words:

I hope you enjoyed reading this Acer xfa240 vs. Asus vg248qe Comparison They both have the same features and specs with only a small price difference.

Frequently asked questions

Is Acer XFA 240 G-sync?

Yes, it is a G-sync monitor.

Asus VG284QE 4k?

No, Available in 1080p Only.

Does Asus vg248qe support 144hz with HDMI?

No, it does not support the 144Hz HDMI directly. You may get this through a dual-link DVI port.

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